39 Replies to “Uh Oh! Another Participant Has Been Disqualified From Pokémon Sword & Shield's T-Shirt Competition”

  1. Artists are constantly being screwed over and stolen from… this is just another example of that.

  2. Cheaters need to be put on the death penalty in there country for this shit damn cheating dickhead bastards

  3. Not sure why people are surprised….. 90% of the competitive Pokémon community cheats in the games and will go to great lengths to justify it. If it’s made them successful thus far, why would they stop cheating?

  4. Shield looks like she is wearing a dress because the top and bottom match the same buttons and color. They might bring some clothes back from XY.

  5. Pokémon's probably too big in that the odds of a contest winner like this properly following the procedure and not getting kicked out are about 10%. Perhaps this can work with Resident Evil 0 HD, but the Pokémon fandom has always been overflowing with just about every kind of fanart, in every possible shade of color and quality.

  6. Disappointed but not suprised :

    This stuff always happens in art competitions, though i dont know why they didnt make it clear plagiarism wouldnt be acceptable

  7. And isn't that design basically the same style they use in Monster Hunter, or is it based on a copyright free style that both companies could use?

  8. When you reported on the Gyarados shirt I thought you were gonna talk about this specific design which turned out to be stolen.

  9. Jim Carrey says…


  10. I guess the worst of the worst looking designs will end up being the winner because they’re the only ones who followed the damn rules

  11. I surprised no did Aegislash in both of his forms for t-shirt design especially since the games are titled sword and shield or escavaliar and bastiodon

  12. never heard of this until now but it seems that humans will never learn from their mistakes why is there always at least some people who don't think about consequences from their actions

  13. I dunno, something about the part where the t-shirt company isn't going to look for another competitor… Feels fishy, mate.

  14. Really, they should’ve checked more carefully before choosing winners. Of course people are prone to cheat. But, I don’t care all that much. I’m not big on graphic tees anyway. I really just want creative clothing options. The recolored shirt/shorts sets in Let’s Go really hurt my soul.

  15. Is it really that hard to follow the rules?! Come on, stupid people! Your actions have consequences!!!

  16. GameFreak should just allow players to download designs from the internet or make their own designs in game b— oh wait, GameFreak are lazy incompetent devs that are incapable of doing something so complicated.

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