1. America is not great tell Donald Chump to show his taxes that us flag is Faggety burn that FLAG also america cars sucks roads sucks healthcare sucks . America will Fall… America spends tax payers money around the world to other countries trying to buy friends instead of fixing home.. FUCK AMERICA its well ova due. My German Sheppard pist and& sh!t on the american flag in his cage….. now that's a k9….🐾✒

  2. 30 year Cowboy fan, native Texan, US Marine. The NFL is dead to me. Yes, you have a right to express your opinion. And I have a right to express my opinion about your opinion.

  3. The people burning jerseys because the player got traded I was thinking what if that player goes back to that team keep the jersey and hang it up on your wall don’t rip it just do it neatly ok don’t burn your jersey they cost a lot of money you know and people worked hard to make them but it’s your choice to burn them I’m not saying you to keep them or burn just giving ideas before you burn it ok just saying the jerseys are made to look like the on field jerseys the ones they wear just saying so yeah!!!!

  4. NFL not only disrespected America (not to be political) but they disrespected a creator’s legacy to a pop culture icon by playing that Sicko Mode trash instead of Sweet Victory to pay tribute to SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg at the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show. And that’s what the fans wanted, but nope. I love my country no matter who’s in office and my childhood SpongeBob.

  5. While ESPN had cried fake tears over Italian Hecklers in Italy, ESPN has been silent about the genocide of white people in South Africa!

  6. SO TRUE AGREE 100% ! I've been turned my back on these OVERPAID ARROGANT UNGRATEFUL SOB'S. Instead I watch NLL Box lacrosse just as hard hitting and exciting. the players are down to work blue collar average Joes playing a sport they TRULY LOVE and which they get paid peanuts and also when the season is over they go back to their regular 9 to 5 jobs. Give a shot you just might like what you see. DOWN with the NFL ! ! ! !

  7. Im going to go ham on the next NFL player taking a knee for our anthem for every past vet present vet and future vet.

  8. You get mad when athletes don’t stand stand for your “country”. But no one said anything about what you fucking losers did to Hawaii, and the people, and the fucking culture. Ridiculous

  9. They do realize some of their nfl merch rhey collected could have been resold online for a few bucks and most of them releases toxic fumes

  10. We whites are always being told that diversity is our strength! Diversity is code words for less white people We can no loner ever see a commercial or movie without it being interracial, yet there is no lover between blacks and whites. Time to turn off this bullshit!

  11. Roses are Red! Violets are Blue! As Kaperdick looks at his 2019 Bank Account, he is going boo…hoo….hoo….!

  12. You all do realize that In 1943 the supreme court ruled that no one can be forced to participate in patriotic rituals such as the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem, so calling NFL players to be fired for "taking a knee" in protest amounts to calling for the law to be broken.

  13. Fuck this vid they should all kneel all these FUCKING idiots who think @merica is perfect no it’s not perfect it needs a lot of fixing and I mean a lot I’m keeping all my gear.

  14. Why do conservatives have some need to burn everything they don't like. Books, crosses, tiki torches, jerseys. It's like they're some weird medieval cult.

    And where does that get you nutjobs. And why did this die down in the last year? You guys run out of NFL stuff? Or you run out of matches? I think it is hilarious, as if burning a company's merchandise that you already paid for is going to hurt the company.

    Nike saw a HUGE upsurge in sales and stock after hiring Kapernick to do their commercials. Apparently your whole burning thing was seen by 370 people across the country. The other 320 million don't care about what you are doing at all.

  15. Wait hold up they’re talking about freedom and shit don’t they have the FREEDOM to do what they want and protest tf? Fucking red necks smh

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