Uniform Circular Motion Example 1

Uniform Circular Motion Example 1

Josh is driving around this curve at constant speed the curve is a radius of a hundred meters and he’s driving with a magnitude his velocity as a magnitude of twenty meters per second for us to find the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration and its direction so for part a The magnitude of the Centripetal acceleration is given by V squared over R So this is simply equal to his magnitude of his velocity is 20, so we have 20 Squared divided by the Radius which is 100 meters and This is equal to 420 squared is 400 divided by 100 this is equal to 4 Meters per second squared, so this is the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration, so we could express it like so Okay for part B Where has to find its direction well the direction the centripetal acceleration will always be towards the center of the circle So we could we could write the words you know towards the center of the circle and that would be sufficient Towards Center of circle But we’re going to define we’re going to add to this we’re going to Define a direction We’re going to say that towards the center of the circle is defined by unit vector. O hat lowercase o hat so this is equivalent to lowercase O Hat like this, so this is unit. It’s as a unit vector pointing towards the center of the circle so then the centripetal acceleration as a vector is equal to 4 O hat and that’s in meters per second squared So this is the answer for part a and this would be the answer for part B Okay, I’m gonna step aside and give you a clear screen shot

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  1. Hello Saul, I just wanted to let you know i just took my first college physics exam and i used all your videos on kinematic equations of motion, elevator problems, etc. I don't think i could express my gratitude for your clear approach to explain everything and the time and effort you put into it. thanks a lot. I hope to make videos like this for organic chemistry because is a class i excelled in. thank you for the inspiration as well.

  2. Hello and thanks for your kind words. Glad it worked out. Organic Chemistry is definitely not on the horizon anytime soon but I'll keep that in mind for the future. Peace!

  3. I meant you've inspired me to make videos teaching organic chemistry because it was a class i did well in.

    I was wondering if you have any videos on applications of newtons laws and frictional forces? i tried finding some but couldn't.

  4. hi i know this video is 6 years ago,and maybe theres no chance of you answering my question,,but can you upload a video or explain in a reply the foces that work on a car driving on a junction(and its acceleration)

    thank you,and great video👍

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