Uniform Rectilinear Motion URM solved exercises 02

Uniform Rectilinear Motion URM solved exercises 02

hello everybody welcome back to
profesor10demates and profesornativogratis is this new video and the
question is the following a car leaves ponferrada traveling to Santiago a
constant speed and this is very important constant speed okay I’m going
to underline it a constant speed of 30 meters per second if the journey to
Santiago is 210 thousand meters how long will it take to get there
so as always the first thing we’re going to do is write down the data that we
have V the velocity or the speed if you prefer 30 meters per second the distance
is 210,000 and we know that we have a problem of
URM uniform rectilinear motion because the question says that the the co speed
is constant as constant speed and the unknown factor is T is time so do you
remember the triangle which always helps us we have s at the top and a bottom V
antique this time we want to know T the time and so we know that s divided by V
is the equation T equals s divided by V and knowing this the only thing we have
to do is write the equation again using the data so 210,000 divided by 30 and we
take an inseparable friend our calculator and if your calculator works
7000 seconds and as always as we do everything correct always we give
ourselves and okay if you’ve liked the video if it’s been used
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vulgarities calm and we’ll see each other in the next video
okay bye

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  1. I had no idea about this, math in english is going to be super helpful, unfortunately I'm in my last year of university but I wish I had these free english math classes when I was younger!! You both are doing an amazing and generous job, so thank you so so much for that!!

  2. Creo que después de haberme sacado el bachillerato tengo que volver a este canal a agradecerte todo lo que indirectamente me ayudaste, gracias a ti le empecé a coger mucho gusto a la física y a leer y estudiar por fuera de lo que me obligaban, nunca se había despertado ese interés en mi, pero es que era realmente curioso entender cómo funcionaban las fórmulas en los movimientos .
    muchas gracias por la labor que haces por extender el conocimiento

  3. Hola profesor podria hacer un video de «diferenciar monomios de polinomios con sus grados» esque ando apurado para la recu

    Un saludo

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