Unnies gather around Seoul station with their uniform on? [Sister’s SlamDunk 2 / 2017.05.12]

Unnies gather around Seoul station with their uniform on? [Sister’s SlamDunk 2 / 2017.05.12]

(A train station always gets you excited) Chaeyoung! Is that the school bully look? Oh, come on. You dressed too normally. Didn’t you play a role like this? I did. (She was in “Sassy Girl Chunhyang”) You saw didn’t you? If I cover my face… Do I look like a high school student? Yeah. Totally. If you see my face, I’m like a college girl? (Oh, come on) (Here comes Yewon, Somi and Jinyoung!) What’s this? – Sook. / – Sook. You should’ve dressed like real high school kids. Sook, that look is from the year nineteen something… Nineteen? This is how high school kids these days dress! The slippers are right but the pants are a miss. – It’s Minzy! / – Hello. Hi, Minzy! You seem really busy these days. Yes, these days… (Minzy is busy promoting her solo track “Ninano”) Since we’re all in high school uniforms, it’s like we’re all the same age. You’re all wearing school uniforms. There’s a special reason. Our leader Minzy… Huh? What’s going on? I spent more time singing and dancing than I did hanging out with friends and going on field trips. The only thing I ever wanted was to get some spicy rice cakes with my friends after school. That was my wish. In the movie “Sunny…” – Yeah. / – They’re all… – Right! / – So noisy… – Right. / – I’ve always wanted to… Do something like that. Thanks to Jinyoung and Chaeyoung… Getting to the 7th level on the quiz show. – The brain! / – Wow! The gift was going on a trip. Didn’t we talk about going to Paris? We leave for Paris from Seoul Station? (Why are we here to go to Paris?) What if we’re going to practice now? It may not be Paris or Italy, we’ll go to Korea’s second biggest city, Busan. Didn’t you say you wanted to go to Busan? I was in Busan for 4 months to shoot “Haeundae.” I know a lot of great restaurants. I came back from Busan yesterday. I also know a lot of great restaurants. I know a few basic ones too. – Restaurant! / – Restaurant! ♪ A fabulous restaurant ♪ (Meanwhile at Gimpo International Airport) (Jinkyung rushes out of the airport!) Let’s not take a car. Let’s take the subway. What time does the train leave? 9:50. What time is it now? – 9:30. / – 9:30? We can get there in 20 minutes no problem. Korea’s subway system is very advanced. – We’ll just have to see. / – Try to be positive. Be positive… I woke up… At 5 a.m. at Jeju-do, got on a cab at 6, arrived at the airport at 7, boarded the plane at 8… (Running) (The train is about to leave soon!) No… This can’t happen! I’ve been dreaming of this trip. Let’s go. Hang in there. Run. We have to get on this. We can’t miss this. (The subway just happened to arrive!) For real? (Whew, we made it) I go to Busan all the time. The train? There’s one at 9:50. – What time is it now? / – 9:50. We have to get on now! – Really? / – It’s 9:50. Gosh! I’m so excited! I’ve never got on the KTX dressed like this. Me too. Right? – It feels… / – I have no reason to. – Really new, right? / – Yeah. This is bad. What’s going on with Jinkyung? Does it depart precisely at that time? Or is it board by 9:50? The departing time. The conductor would just depart even if he saw someone running after the train? I guess you have another minute or so. 9:51? Sook. I’m on my way so just wait a bit. I’m about to get off at Seoul Station now. I’m almost there. Sook, I got to run so I’m hanging up. Yeah. – Run. / – Okay. (Run!) (Her second time running this morning) (Jinkyung actually has some energy this time!) (Huffing) (Has she lost her mind?) (Of course, she’s out of breath after 10 seconds) (Her breathing gets louder) (Just aged 3 years) I’m sorry. Excuse me. I’m so tired… (I’m going to make this trip) I see the end… (Were there always this many escalators here?) Hang in there a bit more. Just a bit more… (Huff, cough, gag, hack) (It’s like she’s giving birth right now) (She arrives at the peak) (Finally time to meet the other members!) (Let’s see) (Empty) (Goodness) (She told them on the phone to wait) (5 minutes ago) Sook, I’m on my way so just wait a bit. So just wait a bit. On your way? But we’re already on the train. Alright, I’ll be right there. – How about… / – I’m getting off. I’ll check what time the next train is and text it to you. I’m going to run so we can all go together. I’m hanging up. You’ll run so we can all go together? Don’t say that, Sook. We can go together. (Jinkyung, good-bye, see you again) Hurry, Inseon! (Jinkyung and 3 staff members left behind) What’s Jinkyung going to do? She’s in trouble. Hold on. Jinkyung could get there sooner than us. – According to this. / – What? We arrive at 12:47. – The next train’s at 10. / – She’ll be in Busan first? – She arrives at 12:37. / – That’s great. Jinkyung will be waiting for us. They don’t know if they can get on at 10. The next train’s at 10:20. 10:20 means… We’ll have to wait for 40 minutes. (Will Jinkyung be able to get on the 10 o’clock train?) Hey, I noticed that you’ve been singing “Right?” at your performances. All by yourself? You’re making money off “Right?” by yourself? You’re terrible. It’s not like that! Split the earnings with us. The track hasn’t even been officially released. We see what you do on SNS. That’s how you saw? Someone showed me. There were so many people in the audience… – I bet they requested it. / – I ask them… “Is there anything you want me to sing or do?” These days they all go… “Right!” They all ask for it. Really? So I asked them if they watch our show and they went, “Yes!” “Then why won’t the viewer ratings go up?” – I asked them that. / – After seeing that… – I wanted to tell you this. / – What? I’m in no position to criticize anyone’s singing but our vocal trainer Jinyoung told you not to sing the song like trot. You were singing “Right” like a trot song! I want to hear. How did she sing it? I want to hear. Go ahead. Sing it just like you did at your performance. For the first song, I usually sing “Love Battery.” “Thumbs Up” for my second song. Then “I Love You, I Don’t Love You” third. (Sing a bit) Stop promoting your songs. Just sing “Right.” Next… (How did Jinyoung sing “Right?”) Just like that! Yeah. (Time for a fact check!) (Singing like trot) (♪ Right? ♪) (♪ I feel like a fish in water ♪) (Jinyoung needs more practice!) I bet you’ll do a remake. Right? I should’ve worn something underneath. – You look so comfortable. / – You should’ve. I can stretch. Look at that! (Envious) Should we go to the market and buy some sweat pants? Yeah! Pants. Be honest. Raise your hand if you were the school bully. Bully? Raise your hand if you were the school bully. (They nervously laugh) I was very far from being the school bully. I was very far from being the school bully. Jinyoung had to think about it. No! No! I wasn’t! I wasn’t! – I bet she was in a gang. / – I wasn’t! No, no! I had a lot of fun in school. – As the bully? / – No, no, no. Your former classmates will reveal the truth. (Will they reveal the truth online?) I did party a bit. The truth comes out. She’s so cute. – Don’t act like you weren’t a party girl! / – Sook! Tell us, Sook. All I did was sleep. – I didn’t party. / – Sook. Did you study, Sook? Huh? Come on. Why would I study? – You always tell Somi to study. / – You always do. Hey, I tell you to study because I didn’t get to as a student. I don’t think studying is my path. How is it not your path? Minzy, how was school for you? I’ve never been on a field trip. – Not even in middle school? / – No. Never even been to a training retreat. Me neither. All I did was practice. I always left after 4th period so I didn’t have any friends at school. (For Minzy to achieve her dream) (She had to sacrifice having a normal life in school) I’d trudge out alone with my book bag and slipper bag. I felt like… I wanted to hang out with friends too. I wanted to run around with them on the track. Or eat with them. I thought about that a lot. You have friends now. Friends. – ♪ We’re friends, right? ♪ / – ♪ Right ♪ – Then… / – Yeah, Yewon. Sure. Let’s all become Somi’s age then. – Alright. / – 10th grade. – Okay! / – 17 years old. What year were you born? 2001. I went to see the 2002 World Cup in a stroller. Pretend not to relate. I feel such a generation gap. Sensational. Let’s all talk informally then. No honorifics. – We address each other informally. / – Okay. Okay, Sook. – Okay, Sook. / – Okay, Sook. (Did I just dig my own grave?) – Okay, Sook. / – Sook! – I… / – Sook! Jinkyung needs to be here. I wonder how Jinkyung will look when she arrives. This should be so much fun. – Yeah. / – Yeah. Did it really leave? (She has trouble accepting reality) We need to get to platform 5. Let’s get on that one. This is tiring. (5 minutes before the 10 o’clock train leaves) Let’s at least take this one. (She boards in a hurry) (Jinkyung’s schedule this morning) (Departs for Busan alone at 10 o’clock on the dot!) I felt like I went up and down 3 peaks in the Himalayas. (The director and writer get busy with something) (What are they doing?) I’m afraid there’s some bad news. There are no seats available. (Wha… What?) So… So? We have to go standing. Standing? Sit there for now. The train will be empty until Gwangmyeong Station. When do we get to Gwangmyeong Station? In 3 minutes. 3 minutes? Are you kidding me? 3 minutes… (Geez… Such bad luck) (God grants her more on-air time) (She took a lap around Korea today) I’m sorry. This is my fault. We could’ve gone comfortably. I’m sorry. This isn’t the trip I had in mind. (I don’t even get to party and I miss the members) I bought a straw hat for this trip. We have arrived at Gwangmyeong Station. (She stops talking) (We have arrived at Gwangmyeong Station) (She has to stand out in the hall) (Kicked out of her seat at 10:15) (Pathetic) I know this isn’t the time but I’m pretty hungry. Director, I’ve never seen you look so sad. You even put on a scarf for this trip. You dressed for the trip. I’m sorry. We’re still going. (Sad) I’m sure good things will be waiting for us there. (Nods) I’m sure an exciting adventure will start. Rockfish, flounder, sea squirt, sea cucumber… Sea urchin roe. (Gulps, growls) Did Jinkyung get on a the train? What happened with Jinkyung? I’ll call and ask if she boarded. Yeah. – She told us to wait. / – Jinkyung! Jinkyung, where are you now? I got on the train right after yours. What time? The 10 o’clock train. Good. What time do you arrive? Sook, are you having fun? – Yeah. / – Are you playing games and singing? No, Jinkyung. We’re not playing games or singing. Maybe we should though. Let’s do that. I’m so lonely! I’m so lonely! I’m so lonely, Sook. Jinkyung, we’ve only been thinking of you. And I have to ride standing because there are no seats. (So funny) Jinkyung, I bet you really stick out being 180cm standing like that. Someone just got off the train so I got a small seat in the hall. So I barely managed to find a seat. – So funny! / – She’s sitting on a hall seat. Jinkyung, don’t address me with honorifics. – Huh? / – Jinkyung. Hold on. I’ll put you on with Somi. (What’s going on?) Lay it on strong. Jinkyung, we’re the same age now. What do you mean by that, Somi? We… She became so rigid. We’re with Sook. We’re all the same age now. Sounds like you’re all having fun. She’s so scary! Why are you scared? Minzy, say something. Jinkyung, come quickly. Alright, Sook. I’ll hurry. Jinkyung, no honorifics. Alright, Sook. See you later. – That was so… / – That was funny. (She enjoys some snack after the phone call) Have some. Quench your thirst. (For the cameraman) Don’t refuse. Just eat it. (Being left behind brought them closer together) (Staring!) Where are you off to? – Gyeongju. / – Oh, Gyeongju. – You look a lot prettier in person. / – Thank you. That dancing one. The girl group. You looked fat there. (Pardon?) (Humiliated at 11:00) Ma’am, you just insulted me without warning.

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  1. Chaeyoung is so goals! she looks like a barbie doll even tho she has a son already she's still in shape.

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  3. I remember Jongmin being left behind in 1n2d b4 Jinkyung really is great at variety shows wondering why she never get cast before???

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  5. i just fall in the count that the subtitles are not on, but i still understand what are they saying, AND I DON´T EVEN KNOW KOREAN, WTF

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  7. Just start watching this and i love it..is it still going or it cancel??we need korean channel here in the u.s all this show i see on youtube are so addicted to watch..

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