14 Replies to “Upcycle Glass Jars with Scrap Fabric”

  1. Great idea. I have tons of jars all different shapes and sizes in both of refrigerator bins. When people go looking for lettuce, tomatoes, etc and they pull out my bins, they are like, "what in the world!!!!" I use to save tons of tin cans too but, not in the fridge as they will rust. At my grocery store – I cannot recall the name of the fruit but, the jars are clear and hexagon shaped. Last year I took a Christmas napkin with mini pictures of pointsettias on it in red and white flowers and I mod podge it to the side of the hexagon shaped one and let it dry good. Then I took a very thin layer mod podge and with a thin tipped paint brush went around some of the petals. Then I took my Martha Stewart very fine gold glitter and sprinkled it on the outlined petals and tapped the side of the jar to let the access glitter to fall off. I put a tea light inside on Christmas Eve night and turned off the lights and had a cup of hot spiced tea and sow that little fruit jar added coziness to my apartment. I am glad this video from 2014 hasn't been taken down yet. I stumbled on it by accident. Thank you for a great idea!

  2. there are so so many ideas what to do with jars and fabric as a decorated jar makes a wonderful gift with a surprise

  3. I can't help it, you remind me of Sandy Duncan (actress) so much!! Love her! What a cute and easy project; thank you for showing this!

  4. Good idea. Ooh, it would also be super cute to put beads in one as a beautiful storage of craft supplies as long as I put it somewhere they won't fade too much. We can't have jewellery of faded beads.

  5. Thanks so much! Great idea. I've got a "stash" of jars just waiting for me to
    repurpose them! Now I'm motivated. Great tutorial.

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