Update: (Pad Thai Cloth)

Update: (Pad Thai Cloth)

hi guys pad thai here I want to do a quick update video for you about what I've been working on as far as my Etsy shop and my sewing goes I have a Facebook page now which is the easiest place to reach me that's pad thai cloth on facebook i'm also on twitter at pad thai xi and my Etsy shop is called pad thai cloth i will put the links in the description box as always but i want to give you a little update on what I've been working on so these are some items that I have as of today currently in stock and I wanted to show you guys a few different Stoppers and a few different sizes or lengths I should say so of course I got my Halloween prints will start with X Halloween's coming up this one here is a Big Mama this is a 14-inch has hidden pul and it is cotton backed and of course the cam snaps I basically am doing this pattern that I made because it works you know for me and my body type if you are interested in anything that is a different shape I'm willing to work with you with that but I get nervous with making new patterns on a whim because of you know you have to have the skill set and I'm not that I'm humble enough to say I'm not that confident yet but I usually only put things open I think are you know usable and if I Mark anything as seconds it's because there's a flaw some more Halloween prints I think this is a 10 inch I do the ribbon absorbency markers on the back and all the information I send with the orders of what ribbon color means what this is a liner I think yep this is a light or liner in an 8 inch in the Halloween print look at those pumpkins I love them it says happy Halloween I love this print there's some Halloween ones I got some flannels as well I love this car the flannel print this is so cute this is a 9 inch moderate Antico fleece R on the back of all my pads unless otherwise requested I am now offering an upgrade for zorb or win pro but that is an extra charge and it's on custom orders only this is a heavy 12 inch and it's got the hidden PL but still with the fleece backing it is a heavy absorbency I love this floral print so pretty I've made a couple weapons in this print too and it works really really well for a wet bag such a large print and some more fun items this is the crushed velvet I actually really enjoy working with crushed velvet it's not as hard to sew as I had thought of course the walking foot helps anti-pill fleece on the back and this is a 9 inch moderate my sewing has definitely gotten better I wouldn't say it's perfect but it's definitely better like I said I'm still pretty humble when you have makers out there like you know your craft and and Annabelle's essentials and things like that it's hard to get a little you know too high in your horse about you're selling but I think I'm going to do pretty good if you guys are on my Facebook page and all you'll see that I recently made a whole starter kit for my sister and that was super super fun I did all different toppers and different lengths and it was really really fun and this one is minke 11 inch Mickey this is a moderate I do pretty much the standard like liner light moderate and heavy and if there's any like absorbency you want to add extra or you just send me a Facebook message through the Pad Thai Facebook page I mean I can certainly add more it's just it's easy when you're running a shop it's easier to have kind of a basic guideline and this one all I love the had I love love-love-love whoever gets this is gonna be super super I'm super happy with this so I think you're very fortunate when you if you purchase this know it doesn't have a home yet but the sewing is really good if I do say so myself I did really good on this one and it's a beautiful hand dyed obv you can see the different light it kind of looks different I call this moody this dye job I don't know if it has a real name but that's the name I came up with reminds me of a mood ring this is a twelve inch heavy they longer pads twelve inch and up snap at just between two point seven five and three inches and all the other standard ones are two point five I can add an extra snap setting but I don't include it so any of the ones in the shops just have the standard snap if you want to add an extra snap just send me a message and let me know so that's super fun I'm also doing pad rappers I'm doing two different sizes of wet bag this is a wet bag that I just made this was a custom order it's got like this nautical kind of not print it's a single pocket wet bag its pul lined and I put the little hanging strap on the side with a can snap so that you can hang it over a towel bar or something this is nine by six I believe and this is what I call like the purse size so on camera it looks bigger but it's really not if I put it next to if I put it next to a pad so you can fit quite a few in there here carrying that in your handbag so I do another size to the medium I call the medium-size wet bags I think they're not large enough for diapers but they're definitely suitable for cloth pads like if you're just us storing them in your washer and I have the newest thing I've been working on are these cup bags this one doesn't show so well because the liner is black and it's this fun cat print but they do have some structure to it there's a stabilizing material in there and a little loop to hang on something and zipper of course and this is pretty big this is like four inches high and like five inches so this could definitely fit you know several cups in it or like your cup spots or wipes or anything like that you want to carry around I just thought there was such a fun shape and they kind of you know stand upright like what what a cup would that's that one another one I made this one's in more of a floral print I have very very little of this fabric left if anyone is thinking about getting a custom pad made in it definitely jump on that I have like maybe enough for two pads one pad depending on the length so that's about it guys check out my facebook first sure if you would facebook.com slash pad thai cloth that is where I post photos of what I'm working on all the sewing stuff that I usually create is on there you can send me messages you can post you can comment you know very interactive please check me out on Twitter as well but you know Twitter is not I don't find it as interactive because it moves so fast but anyway Twitter at pad thai 11 and the Etsy shop is called pad thai cloth and I will put the links in the description box below one thing I will mention very quickly before I wrap this up is any I dropped a cup bag any Americans that are looking at the Etsy shop and at Facebook is all my prices are listed in Canadian dollars I am in Canada that's where I live and that is actually really beneficial to you guys in America because your dollar goes a lot farther than ours I think our dollar right now is 73 cents so you know you're only spending 73 cents to the dollar of what ours is so check it out I have a coupon code running for October that is listed on the Etsy page and I'm trying to obviously will hope to clear out the Halloween prints for Halloween if not I'll have to put them on sale because I don't know who wants Halloween prints another time year but anyway and then we'll work on I don't know Christmas maybe and that's about it I have lots of lots of fabrics available getting kind of addicted to the fabric thing so that's on my Facebook page as well all of my available fabrics and I look forward to talk to you guys soon I will of course be keeping up with my regular videos as always fluffy mail reviews I just posted the not long ago my wash routine like all those fun kind of things I've got scrunchies coming I've got more pads coming and I think that's about it so if you guys want to leave anything in the comments below you do so and I'll talk to you soon bye

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  1. I love that floral cup bag! I dont use cups but it looks so cute and fun! Also congrats on opening an etsy shop!

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