24 Replies to “US Fabric & Craft haul with Loriann | Hobby Lobby & Joanns | SEWING & CRAFTS”

  1. Great haul ladies! Glad you were able to stock up Claire while you were here in the States, and you picked up some great fabrics!

  2. Hey girls! I rarely see anyone with my name with the same spelling . Loved the video!! ❤️🤗❤️. By chance is your shop near Harwich? Thanks for the smiles!

  3. Both of you look like you enjoyed each other!! I was at the same Hobby Lobby sale last week. I went to ALL the stores where I am. 😊😁 I was very nice.

  4. Didn't know about the end of the bolt pricing at Joann's. They have never offered that to me. Wondering if that is something new. I used to work at So-fro and they did that. Hobby Lobby is my favorite, and the staff there are very nice. Thanks for showing what you got.

  5. I had a blast ladies! Anytime you want to come back I will be more than happy to be the worst influence possible! Come to America, where all of your mason jar needs will be met!

  6. I found you from Nikki's video. She was talking about your shopping day so it was fun to see what you bought and see which stores you liked best. For your cactus fabric (which I love and agree about the flowers ) could you sew little flowers on? Maybe find one on your sewing machine and then pick your favorite pink? I think it would be fabulous. Glad you had fun and hope you can do a bit more shopping.

  7. Love watching your channel. Glad you had a good shopping day with the girls. Where in Oregon is Laurianne from? And I watch Nikki also. So nice to see the sewing community get together here and in the UK

  8. I nearly bought £50 worth of fabric from Hobby Lobby’s website, including the striped floral jersey, for my brother to bring back to the UK for me but they wouldn’t accept my UK card which was probably a blessing in disguise. But next time I go to visit him I’m definitely going!

  9. Some fantastic fabrics and the snail tape measure is gorgeous so cute . Looks like you are having a fantastic time .

  10. Wow – a girl could get a big head from all those loving comments below! Claire – I think you wound up with my two patterns by accident. Please enjoy them or pass them on to someone who would love them. Such fun to see you (and Nikki) and have an amazing Italian food with you for dinner. Larry and I are STILL eating the leftovers. Seriously, that was a lot of food. I’m going to chop up the rest of the veal scallopini and veal Parmesan and put it in a big pot of soup. YUMMY! My new (used) wide format printer will be here today! I have so many A0 patterns to print. Oh boy, oh boy….

  11. Really enjoyed your shopping trip and felt very envious that you had so much choice! Great to see the three of you together too😍 enjoy the rest of your family holiday Claire x

  12. Lots of fun things…. like your idea.. you should use fabric markers to draw on the little flowers 🌺 on some random cactus 🌵

  13. Gday Ladies. Really enjoyed watching you both with your hauls. Thanku for sharing all your holiday fun. Anna.

  14. Great fun girls and I'm not jealous at all 😞😉….such bargains 👍. Thanks very much for sharing your haul 😁💝😘

  15. You have some beautiful things there. And how lovely to see Loriann again. We are very blessed in the sewing community peeps.

  16. Good start to the day,watching you andLoriann,such a lovely lady.I hope you have allowed for your baggage allowance.When I flew back from a trip to Cambodia I had to pay £400 for excess baggage. I had so many clothes made ,it was worth it though.The pattern prices are amazing and I think you were very restrained.Keep up the good work Claire and thanks for taking us on holiday with you.😀

  17. Great haul and so glad you enjoyed shopping here. And Loriann is so awesome! Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

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