USDA Animal Care Debuts New Uniform

USDA Animal Care Debuts New Uniform

Hi, I’m Bernadette Juarez, the Deputy
Administrator for USDA’s Animal Care program, and today I’m pleased to share
with you Animal Care’s new uniform. Beginning June 1st, all Animal Care
inspectors and any Animal Care employees who regularly engage with the public
will wear a uniform. We think it’s important to present a more consistent
image to the public and to those with whom we work under the Animal Welfare Act, Horse Protection Act and assist during emergencies and
natural disasters. Our approximately 109 animal care inspectors and compliance
specialists will wear our field attire – that’s the uniform I’m wearing today.
The USDA logo on the shirt is easily recognizable and the cargo pants are
meant for outdoor work. We also have a second meeting uniform that consists of
a white button-down shirt with the USDA logo and either navy blue slacks or a
skirt. You may see Animal Care employees in this uniform at meetings and public
events. When conducting inspections at research facilities, Animal Care
inspectors will have the option to wear either uniform. This change, I believe, is
important for Animal Care as we support Secretary Perdue’s One USDA vision. We
engage with the public and members of our regulated community on a daily basis
and it’s important that we are easily recognizable as USDA employees. In so
doing, we join countless USDA agencies and programs such as Forest Service,
Wildlife Services and Plant Protection and Quarantine, where employees already
wear uniforms every day. We’re proud to serve USDA and we look forward to this
new chapter in Animal Care’s long history of ensuring the humane treatment of
animals under the Animal Welfare Act and Horse Protection Act.

9 Replies to “USDA Animal Care Debuts New Uniform”

  1. They look so unprofessional. A DVM looking like a waiter or a camp counselor. Do FDA or NIH inspectors wear uniforms? That is degrading for medical professionals to wear waiter or camp counselor uniforms.

  2. Who is paying this cost? Oh wait, i think i know the answer already. Why don’t you take these funds and donate clothes and food for the homeless before regulating internal office attire?

  3. My first thought was, what's the cost of these and why uniforms?. In Iowa with our pathetic ag-gag law, I'm assuming this is protecting the very ones who need investigated so again. less is visible to the public

  4. I really do not care what they wear as much as what they do. This agency is a failure in the assurance of animal welfare and have consistently failed in the enforcement , fines, and punishment to those that consistent fail to treat animals humanely- come on APHIS, do what congress and the AWA mandates you do !

  5. Really! What a waste of taxpayer dollars! More emphasis needs to be taken on the job at hand and less bureaucratic Bullshit!

  6. Additionally, as mentioned by some of the others, these "uniforms" will not improve the inspection or compliance process especially given that the administration does not truly value and believe in animal welfare. The program has become a waste of money and time since the inspectors are encouraged to do abbreviated inspections and not document all violations observed at a facility. What a joke.

  7. I wonder how many of you who are posting have ever took the time to speak to Deputy Administrator Bernadette Juarez those of us who have feel far differently about the USDA since she was appointed. She not only cares about the horse but has shown her willingness to work with the Walking Horse Industry. We asked for fair inspections and she provided that. What more can you ask for? By the way nice uniforms very professional!

  8. Do your fucking job!

  9. APHIS is crooked. For example:

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