Okay this isn’t the best angle for these dresses,
but like, I don’t have anywhere else in my house. I don’t have anywhere else to do this at. “Hey Sher, how come all youtubers have anxiety
problems?” Because they have to look at themselves 24/7. Well, I’ll watch this footage back and be
like, “I don’t think we’re gonna post that, not going to post that one.” Hey guys, it’s Sher. Happy Valentine’s Day! So today’s video is going to be a belated
Get Ready With Me for Valentine’s Day. I never get to celebrate Valentine’s Day until
after Valentine’s Day because my boyfriend works all the time. Say hi, Ryan! “Blame it on me, that’s what I’d do.” Which is fine with me, I love doing that because
it gives me more time to buy gifts and stuff and like, I’m always last minute with that. That’s getting ready to be a funny story,
so you’re getting ready to see another Get Ready With Me posted soon because I did a
Get Ready With Me for Disney World. 2 back to back Get Ready With Me’s, I know
its a little redundant but I’m filming it anyway. So this year I realized I needed a dress for
Valentine’s Day, I went ahead and ordered 4 online, didn’t think they were going to
get here in time, luckily they did. Barely though, just yesterday, like last night,
barely. Obviously, I’m not going to get to wear them
all to dinner for Valentine’s Day, I’m not going to get to wear them all out, I thought
I would get a little bit more use out of them and show you guys them in this video. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Try-On
Haul of any sort, I thought I would do a combined Get Ready With Me for Valentine’s Day and
a Try-On Dress Haul, so if you want to watch me do my makeup for Valentine’s Day and pick
out a dress to wear, then just keep watching. Let’s get into the video! So the first thing I’m going to do is use
this Neutrogena Radiance Boost Brightening Hydrogel Mask, which I never use masks but
I figured what better day to try to make your skin look a little bit better than Valentine’s
Day? So the packaging says it’s supposed to brighten
your skin, boost your skin’s radiance, and smooth your skin texture. I could use all of that, so I’m going to put
this mask on my face for 15-20 minutes and probably look like a crazy person…for that
whole time. I’m just going to go ahead and straighten
my hair because well, that’s the easiest thing to do. I thought about curling it, but whenever I
try to curl my hair, I kind of mess it up, so I’m just going to straighten it. So the foundation I’m using is just the Maybelline
FitMe Dewy&Smooth foundation, I’ve been using it forever. It’s in the color porcelain. For the concealer, I’m using the Maybelline
Instant Age-Rewind, that’s nothing new, I always use that. For my eyes, I….I don’t even know what I’m
going to do. I think I’m going to do, um…like, a….I
don’t know, basically what I always do, just with red colors? I’m going to be using the Naked Urban Decay
Heat palette. Um, I’m just using “Sauced”. “Sauced”. Um, it’s this orangey shade and I’m just building
that up in my crease so that everything looks more natural. Now I’m using the color “He-Devil”, which
is this red shade, and I’m going to put that on the outer corner of my eye. Okay, I’m going to take a break and do my
eyebrows using the Almay Brow Pencil in brunette. Now I’m going to take the color “Lumbre” or
“Lumbre”, I’m not sure how to pronounce that, I’m going to say “Lumbre” even though it doesn’t
have an accent mark, and it’s basically this coppery gold color, I don’t really know what
you would call it, probably rose-gold, and I’m going to put that on my lid. Alright, a little bit more of a dramatic wing
than usual, I promise that was on purpose. I’ve been using the CoverGirl Intensify Me
Liquid Eyeliner for when I want to do wings or like, bolder eyeliner looks. For blush, contour, and highlight, I’m just
going to be using the Naked Urban Decay Flushed palette. Actually, before I use the highlight that
comes in this palette, I’m going to use the Becca Liquid Highlight in opal. It’s just a really subtle highlight that lays
down a path for powder highlight. For my lips, I’m just going to use the Buxom
Lip Polish in the color Brandy and it’s just this dark purple shimmery shade. I really really like this lip gloss now, like
it’s genuinely the best lip gloss I’ve maybe ever used. Okay, so I threw on some CoverGirl Lash Blast
mascara and some jewelry. I’m going to take that “He-Devil” color that
I put in the outer corner of my eye earlier and take that along my lower lash line so
that it doesn’t look so one-dimensional. I’m just going to throw on some Elf setting
spray and then I’ll be done. Let’s go try on some dresses! I always order a bunch of dresses at once
and then justify that by saying that I’ll just send whichever ones I don’t like back,
but then I end up liking them all, so then I end up keeping them all and spending the
money, so that’s exactly what happened this time. All the dresses are from Charlotte Russe and
they’re all the Fit & Flare style, I think they’re called Skater dresses but also they’re
called Fit & Flare, I’m getting ready to like, try to describe them and I don’t even know
how, okay. So this first dress is really pretty on the
top, it has this like, I don’t know, it’s not lace, I’m not good at describing clothes,
but it has this see-through black fabric on top with rose-gold colored fabric beneath
that. You can see through the lace or whatever you
want to call this, through the design and then the bottom is just black and flowy material,
very pretty, very flowy. I like it. Oh and I’m having a background crisis too
because we just got done cleaning out the basement and all of my studio stuff got moved
into another room for now, so I’m working with what I got. Okay I’m not going to lie, this one is really
tight on me, barely fits, had a breakdown about it yesterday, it’s a dark maroon colored
fake suede material. It has two types of sleeves, um two spaghetti
straps on the shoulders that go above your shoulders and then it has an off the shoulder
sleeve too, it’s this really pretty dark maroon/wine color, suede material. I know it’s not real suede considering it
was so cheap. Very soft, and it was comfortable when I tried
it on, it has a lower neckline. The black and rose gold one was just cut straight
across, but this one has a little bit more of a plungey neckline, except it not really
too plungey. It’s still playing it safe, but you know,
it’s a little bit of a different neckline. The next one is just the one I’m wearing right
now. I guess it would just be like, bright red. I don’t know, it looks pretty red to me. This is definitely a dress I would think of
when I think of Valentine’s Day, I don’t know, it just kinda screams Valentine’s Day to me
because of the color and the pleated fabric. And then on the back, it has this like, really
cute heart design on the back, almost like, a fully open back, which was very daring for
me by the way to order, but I did it anyway, and yeah. And then the last dress is this crushed velvet
material. It’s like just what, a pink? “Yeah.” Yeah, it’s just some kind of pink. I’m not great at describing these, but yeah
it’s some kind of pink color, also very traditionally Valentine’s Day. The 3 pink, and red, and maroon dresses are
very, they scream Valentine’s Day to me. There’s a little bit of ruching right here
on the um, like, chest area or the neckline, whatever you want to call it. This one comes in a lot at the waist. This one’s tight, don’t judge me. “They’re all tight, you’re fat!” Very defined waist type of dress, I love this
one too, this one is another one of my favorites, I really like this one, and um, obviously
I like the red one since that’s the one I chose to wear tonight. Crushed velvet, very soft, very pretty, and
I like it. That’s it for this video you guys, I hope
you enjoyed watching. Like this video if you liked watching it,
and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done that yet. Let me know down in the comments what you
guys did for Valentine’s Day, whether you celebrated it on Wednesday or you waited until
the weekend to celebrate it. Okay, so much hair in my mouth, it’s crazy. Are you serious? That’s the one thing about wearing lip gloss,
so much hair in your mouth. Oh my god, I’m gonna freak out. I’m going to have a freak out if the hair
doesn’t get out of my mouth. Okay, we’re good. Oh my god, it wasn’t even mine! It’s not a joke! Also, let me know in the comments what dress
was your favorite and which one you think I should have picked even though I totally
picked this one and wore it out to dinner just a little bit ago, so hope you guys enjoyed
this video, and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye! Lol, it looks like I’m getting ready to film
a music video or something. Go! “It’s another vlog!” Here, you stand here and adjust. “You adjust it for me!” You’re dumb! “Move!” No, come here! “Get off me.” Ryan, sound off! “I’m about ready to sound off.”


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