43 Replies to “Vape Shop Worker Refuses to Serve Man Wearing Trump Hat”

  1. Store owner is a hardcore super-leftist and mega-SJW. I bet if I walked in with a trench coat he'd scream NAZI or EVIL FEDERAL GOON or something.

  2. A shop owner can and will refuse service to anyone for reasons of their own.
    Don't get butt hurt cause they don't want to service an orange duck ass kisser.
    Nuff Said.

  3. Crazy demon what the hell is wrong with idiot salesman stupid tantrum spoiled kid. How embarrassing. Even the black guy is like what the hell is wrong with this racist salesman demon take over. Only racist there is that crazy demon having a tantrum.

  4. The guy couldn't provide one piece of evidence. That's because there is no evidence of Trump racism because there is no Trump racism.

  5. The ginger REEEEEEEE liberal actually got fired, he'll find another job though with the great Trump Economy.

  6. This MAGA dude is a real motherfucker "I WILL LEAVE WHEN YOU SELL ME MY SHIT". Hilarious, I've worked in roadhouses, they NEVER get this ridiculous and if it does they take their bullshit outside. What the fuck man…..

  7. Trump Supporters: You can't force a baker to bake a cake for a wedding he doesn't agree with! Private businesses can refuse service to whomever they want.

    Trump Supporters: Wait a minuet, people don't want my business because of my personal beliefs? THAT'S NOT FAIR!

  8. I have received a copyright strike after uploading Ian Ferguson's video straight from his Facebook page on the 28th December, which has now been removed from his page and Newsflare now claiming copyright. Someone kindly sent me the link to this channel. I have disputed the copyright strike via YouTube as it was on my channel BEFORE Newsflare began managing the video and publishing it on the 3rd of January. Very sneaky. So if I apply for the 'license' will Newsflare have the strike removed as you have failed to respond to the 'dispute'?

  9. How are you going to copyright strike someone else who put this video up BEFORE you did?! smh
    Surf Wisely.

  10. I hope the clerk was fired. If not, I hope the business closes down. This is not how democracy works. You're supposed to be able to wear and say what you like without being excluded.

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