Vászonszatyor csillogó textil és bőrfestékkel // Fabric & Leather paint Glitter

Vászonszatyor csillogó textil és bőrfestékkel // Fabric & Leather paint Glitter

TEXTILE BAG WITH FABRIC AND LEATHER PAINT GLITTER The flexible, well-coating paints for fabric and
leather are available now in glittery version They are available in 50 ml bottles,
in nine sparkling colors You can make patterns by the glitter paints in themselves,
and they are also perfect for stencil techniques Or you can use them to add sparkling effect
to an already painted pattern Slide an adequate size cardboard
into the black textile bag Paint a white circle to the middle of the bag by
fabric paint, and use fabric medium to decoupage… a winter picture here, torn from a napkin. The fabric
medium will be transparent, flexible and soft after drying Make a stencil self-adhesive and
put it above the round pattern… cover the near unnecessary parts by masking tape Apply a thick layer of rainbow color fabric
& leather paint glitter to the stencil by a spatula Spread a little blue color on top of it Then take the stencil off Repeat the same under the round pattern,
turning the stencil upside down this time Wait until drying, and then put another
stencil to the left side of the bag Apply thin paint now by brush to
the stencil with round patterns Use silver, rainbow, gold and
graphite colors alternated, blurred Mix the colors bravely Try to spread the paint in even thickness Fill only a part of the stencil,
lighter and lighter near the edges The outline of the created pattern will be blurred Put the stencil to the other side now,
and paint the four colors the same way After drying of the stencil pattern,
apply silver color fabric & leather paint… to create sparkling spots on the
snow spots of the napkin picture Also make red sparkles onto the berries on the branches Cure the paint on the completed bag by ironing from
the backside, so it can be washed by gentle wash

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  1. Nagyon szép lett:) Valahogy mindig kitaláljátok,hogy épp min töröm a fejem,mit kellene kipróbálni. A natúr színű vászontáska már meg van, de a bátorsághoz még gyűjtöm az energiát:) Az ilyen videók mindig megerősítenek!!

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