Vic Mensa Wears Confederate Dress In New Video

Vic Mensa Wears Confederate Dress In New Video

you hey good evening boss hogg on a Thursday
evening this is the star report all right late night start tonight busy
busy day hearing Atlanta GA and I was at the gym I took it to the next level let
me just say that I’m now um I’m uh what is this way Baalak ripped that’s
what I’m on now huh I’ve stepped it up and I sent my trainer an email Paul he
did not get back to me with regards to creatine I think I’m I think I’m really
ready to get like it’ll buff anyway welcome to the show that never ends I’m
charged tonight I feel really good and I’m gonna talk about some things vic
mensa in case you don’t know he’s trying to get his weight up vlad
featured box if you have not seen it please go there before you call in
tonight I need your opinion I’m a man of a certain age I don’t want just like you
know come at the younger generation I like to see the babies grow but you’ve
got to tell me if that’s next level or if that’s bullshit that he’s doing he’s
got a confederate dress on vic mensa rapper out of chicago he’s gone through
some changes within his early journey he was wearing that the locks at one point
you know and he was sitting on a everyday trash with GG academics and he
was threatening to well not threatening he said he was gonna smack him with
something yada yada yada uh then he shaved his hair now he’s on
well he’s got a new video part me he just put out today wearing a confederate
dress and heels her stilettos is this the next level or is this just bullshit
please educate me I’ll give him a chance again just posted today on his YouTube
channel vic mensa the spelling is right there on the other screen and also Tyler
the Creator is he doing too much another young artist who I I really support him
because he did he took down J holin you know we got bears who I
really just can’t stand Wow let me not see that because I don’t to make it
personal it’s never personal I just I’m not in support of DJ calories just it’s
a minstrel show you know but anyway so um Tyler the Creator was recently on hot
97 that’s the station in New York City for those who don’t know
Funkmaster Flex good man Tyler did a a freestyle he’s talking about gay love or
butt sex and he included Funkmaster Flex within this second this second time that
he went in that direction it even flex was like whoa whoa whoa
so is Tyler doing too much and the reason why I’m asking is he doing too
much is because he he’s popping now he had the number-one album he’s on tour
you’ve heard me say I want to go see him live here in Atlanta when he comes to
Atlanta theater September or October I forget but um I don’t know if I want to
go now if he’s gonna be you know doing that type of stuff on stage and he might
just say we’re a gay audience tonight you know yeah whoa oh you know well and
open is he doing too much other things I just want to point out before we um get
into the nuts and the bolts of the show tonight thank you for the emails three
people sent me Tom McDonald this is a white rapper he’s got a new track called
out a new track out cold if I was black yes I’m up to speed on him I’ve been
watching his YouTube channel off and on over the last seven or eight months I
don’t know I don’t know you know um there are black
people that cosign him not that I have to hate on him objectively not that I
have to cosign him but his message it’s a little twist at times but he has the
right to express himself so so you’re sending me the links I’m not just gonna
flip out God’s wack it’s trash no he’s of the now he looks like Eminem 2.0 to
me to be honest with you you know he looks like one of
babies and that’s not a bad thing and I guess there’s a message to what it is
that he’s saying but truthfully I don’t know I’m just I’m not really concerned
but yet but thank you I got your emails also folks we have to drag Nicole Murphy
harder Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife and let me tell you why it’s not just that she has
been pictured you know wherever that was off of the coast of Italy some little
island kissing a married man that’s not the reason why she needs to be dragged
now she needs to make a public apology to her daughters I don’t Eddie Murphy
have a teenage daughters so it’s not about you know you know us getting at
her so much you know just because of what she did but you know what what is
she teaching her daughters is that acceptable behavior keep me posted
again I just I saw her on TMZ she’s hiding in the pictures yada yada and I
also saw at least her a light in her ass up like a Christmas tree go ahead Lisa
Raye Hulu to you girl all right also um I don’t know if nomads Nick is available
to call in yet I don’t see him in the queue but folks sugar Shea and I were
having a conversation today Shea has been sat down for two weeks by a
supporter and sugar Shea swears that no man Nick is a white guy pretending to be
black now for those of you longtime supporters you know everybody who comes
on the mic here at some point you have to show yourself to the audience we just
don’t give people props and and and you know big them up and allow them to have
the platform and that goes for Jason and a host of others you know most sent me a
picture with him and his family and it’s white but you know sugar Shea is a she’s
gonna start a campaign is Nomad Nick pretending to be black so Nick if you’re
out there send me a picture man do something all right
anyway um all right so that’s tonight’s show and I’m also gonna be promoting the
the reality TV show that I spoke to you guys about yesterday it’s in the making
Eastern TV if you want more information that’s where you go eastern TV and I put
the link in yesterday’s show with regards to the casting I am assessed
thing for this particular show okay talk about that more right phone lines open
them give me a second um you turn this phone off somebody’s texting me already
please I think change the number it’s getting to be too much of a headache you
know you tell people don’t text me when I’m doing this
good evening 908 are you up to speed rapper vic mensa out of chicago i know
we hey what’s up man did you see the video the same big message that was
calling him at this table this turn right right yeah I think he had a piano
choice was to go to our out because emphasis xxs the xxx situation like his
career was practically done everyone basically came at his neck he really had
not no other choice but to go that route that it wants us to go when the career
is not really go anywhere you gotta go that gear out mmm-hmm it’s the only way
to stay relevant and and if you noticed he’s been wearing like woman eyelashes
and I’ll shit like that for a minute I mean academics that already Wow well
truthfully and no shining academics I don’t give a fuck about what academics
things to me I work with him and he’s not that credible to me but here’s the
thing vic mensa now is this a super clout move
is it bullshit me he’s wearing stockings he’s in the bed the eyeliner and he’s
it’s just it’s really creepy I mean and again he’s he’s at the younger
generation so I don’t necessarily want to say oh this is it’s going to hell
hip-hop you know I’m saying it as you just said this song were left well like
I said before he’s been wearing that Island Island shit for bida he stopped
doing it because he wanted to be want to be taken serious as a serious Chicago
rappers like the problem was he no one really listened to his music
unfortunately like he would even sell that much records and he’s on the Roc
Nation so I don’t know if roc Nation’s telling
him he needs to go this route because sometimes you know how it is in industry
they always won’t make they always want to make black when black men wear a
dress well hang on a second feel you know that used to be the saying of how
it goes now you have young black men willing to put on the dresses young thug
and a host of others you know and again Tyler the Creator he’s rapping about you
know but sex up on hot 97 Funkmaster Flex so I don’t think anybody
is yeah forcing vic mensa but you didn’t watch the video I saw the video it’s a
mouth phone at the Flex and saw the create video see I’m about to get you
out of here man Vlad go watch the video I’m gonna put you an old feature
box come on in I’m trying no I put them a hole man I’m
charging zooming off the b12 watch the video glad TV featured box vic mensa
confederate confederate dress and what do you think do you think white people
with would say when you look at that do you think it would give a shit what do
you think the name is hair you see it’s not us it’s not always us they do it to
themselves so to area code 9 5 – good evening 9 5 – vic mensa encasing out to
speed put on a dress in the video blonde wig and heels what say you
vic mensa been doing that for gave me shit for years it’s finally time to get
exposed and what is that nothing is not from Chicago what were we doing this is
is he from like should I go or illinois’s the outskirts where’s he from
i I forgot you know I just I forgot about him to be honest with you
nobody from Chicago claims him I got my guys up in there nobody’s like he has no
little niggas yeah pigmented does this for color like
vic mensa ever since ever since the academics i know you’d want to talk
about endeavors but ever since Ted that was the biggest moment of career sparse
mmm be cannot be where I can demux like have
you seen the video did you go watch the video yeah I watch the video tell me
about the video oh my grades up here apparently I saw
the credits first I was at whose directness apparently vic mensa directed
everything he has a whole artistic outlook he dresses up as is that a
tranny i don’t know what you dressing up as but
i think that’s him in a dress and not a female he’s depicting he’s home sir how
old are you how old you I’m 22 okay that’s vic mensa in a dress let me
get you the fuck out of here no sometimes I jump on stories early and
I’m on this one early but if you’re with me tonight before you call in go watch
the video it’s right there you got your phone just watch it and tell me hey
story this is the New Wave star fallback oh this is bullshit
I’m looking for your uh your input here give me a second I’m also gonna come
here I think I missed a couple super Chesham yesterday gem star a good
evening star walked into GNC with his shoulders touching and the employees
knew they found is sweet a sweet mark star throw that overpriced shit out it’s
no good the way Baalak ripped when I got the other way Baalak and everybody was
saying yo that’s the right shit that’s the right shit if you ask me and let me
say this now again I go to a gym in Kennesaw Georgia I go to a gym in
Kennesaw I’m looking for a trainer I reached out to Paul earlier he didn’t
get back to me I shot him email earlier I gave my number if you ask me I think
I’m ready for the Winnie you know when he is let me looking at live chat see if
you guys know what that is do they still even use Winnie or is that just like
some old shit start knock it off I’m ready to start banging in the quad
so my sister stole that witty yes no leave it alone or is it something new
okay right anyway I’ll part me thank you Gemstar for your a super chat Theo I’m
coming back to you but you better be up to speed v oh come on man he’s been
scroller Joseph good evening sir sends in a super chat Vic NIDA and eeda need
to get the fuck out of here I’d rather see uh okay uh yeah okay he’s
talking about clothes about everyday trash dresses then let’s load to those
good people you just I have nothing against them I don’t to get into that
you know complex gave me their release let’s let’s get past it please okay
let’s go back to our Theo see if he watched a goddamn video Theo I’m gonna
give another chance come on man you spend school with me I was explained to
you people mute that I saw this video mask all the video I thought he was also
trying to refer to that other video what was uh flex or whatever but yes the
video yo the video is crazy it’s crazy but it’s expect this was expect this far
that’s it the guy was irrelevant for a good I want
to say better much you’re a young man how does this affect hip-hop how does it
affect you hip-hop has been gay for years so it
doesn’t really do anything okay this is just niggas Jason this the same famous
people I mean young thug it’s on a young father gonna be more comfortable doing
it in every single music video everyone’s gonna get more comfortable
yeah we gotta get used to it Trey Songz they did it one time did he
did he does it they all do it Trey Songz put on a dress and a wig he
did put on a dress but he had was one feminine type of outfit when yet though
when he came out with anticipation a palooka like yeah with
crazy and did he dress like a one of those characters something the rubber
one time I’m like fuck I thank you for the call man I’m charged man you you
slow me down thank you Miss Alou is vic mensa on his last leg folks he’s wearing
a confederate dress red stiletto heels up and uh up in the bag kicking his legs mascara rouge let stinky he looks like
he’s used to wearing lipstick and he might be you know cross-dressing at home
I’m not trying to clown him I’m asking you is this the new hip-hop wave niggas
now full full-blown full-blown niggas you salute to uh David Bryan price five
one – good evening sir he says evil star that’s me player haters ball host
classic thank you so yeah that was the homie man Dave Chappelle good man good
man thank you for your support okay and somebody else with this if I
was black Tom McDonald I don’t know what to say about that you know what was that
what’s that guy’s name something Vicky Dickies Chris Brown did a video you’re a
year or two ago and I mentioned that and it was acceptable it was cool I’ll
forget the name that track Tim Chris browning some guy and they were saying
nigga nigga nigga all through the video nobody gave me shit so I’m not gonna see
all we gotta get this guy the fuck out of here Tom McDonald no no hey slow to
the homey DJ Gabby I see you sir Gabby I got you email Gabby a longtime friend
he’s hosting a new show called roast a holics he shot his pot pilot today let
me just give you guys the other YouTube channel right now zoom in I got that
napping earlier okay uh or vert cled o r de d k le D that’s the YouTube channel
DJ Gabby he’s got something now called roast a holics battlegrounds
pilot shot in Atlanta GA okay Iceland again right let me go back to the phone
lines and guys if you want to talk about um Tyler the Creator freestyling on the
Funkmaster Flex show I want your opinion I’m not just gonna come at them you know
you guys are the norm now it looks like a crazy reach to me but again I don’t
want to sit here at 55 years of ages their odds thrashing if these will do if
these little niggas is you accepting that type of shit homie homie yeah well
again I’m just looking at it because it’s not just you know okay it’s it’s a
it’s demonic demonic I’ll put that word on I’m good man I’m shaking shaking off
this way Bala crypt and I got some black seed oil I’m about to jump out the
fucking window yeah oh shit me slow down man what was
that gonna tell you guys I thought about something earlier too
give me a cig me a second sugar shake I see Nomad NIC for15 in the queue if if
that’s Nick I’m not sure sugar shake um are you out there
send me a text sugar che starting a campaign guys even though she’s off the
show for a week and a half she’s got left is Nomad Nick pretending to be
black Nick you gotta send me a picture of something ma’am you’re a good guy I
appreciate you holding me down when it comes to uh you know sports and boxing
commentating but we have to see you man you know Jason you as well right let’s
go back to the four lines here area code it’s gonna eat I’m sorry no it’s good
707 area code 707 good evening vic mensa did you see the new video weren’t
addressed yeah john-boy hey what’s up man how are ya okay good man the process
to spend your cash I was gonna take my tires I want to I was hey cool it man
hey I’m seeing the video I think both of while at work and I was shocked tomorrow
I was shocked to my core man but one when he did the freaks out he paused for
a minute while he was doing a freestyle and like he thought as far as what he
was going to say it ain’t nothing you see Funkmaster Flex’s just in shock you
know because he brought him into the I guess that homo are homoerotic bursts
you know well hang on a second because you know flex is a master at what he
does he knows how to play off of it haven’t let it go how do you know let
the audience you know absorb what just happened he’s a master at it and um I
like Tyler’s flow I maybe four years ago he was he was freestyling and I was like
yo he’s got skills but you know he’s now rapping about you know gay sex and I’m
just asking the question is he doing too much because he already got the
Billboard number one fucking you know position he took that DJ Khalid you know
he’s on tour what you can rap about whatever the fuck you
want to rap about but I just I I think he he might be doing too much doesn’t
have to do that right now because what’s name just came out with the whole I’m
gay thing what the fuck little nas ex and nobody nobody gives a
fuck he’s still getting sued by somebody for for ten million dollars uh that was
just announced today tell me right right right but but you see how they’re cater
to a market to where it is the gay market that is spending dollars in terms
of the music so you look at him Maxine I’ve seen that video I was shocked
because you know you see now there’s a trick there’s a train involved in terms
of a homoerotic graph now so now you got the imagery with then with the
Confederate flag with the dress given the I guess the the you know the under
the water type of ideas part the sexuality of black men that is my
opinion you know but it kind of like if it goes over to now they’re trying to
cross over hip hop in my opinion to cater to a more gay agenda you know and
then I hear the last thing so I wanted to say now this actually I thought this
actually took being a controversy with the Confederate client and Kanye because
you know I’m sure you remember when Kanye were they the Confederate flag or
some cult that he’s not I can go back to Ludacris wearing a confederate flag on
stage one of those awards shows or whatever that was but you know I right
yeah I think that the Confederate dress is gonna kill whatever it is that he’s
trying to do matter of fact you know what fuck it let me jump out the window
I think it’s a bad reach for him it’s it’s two bad weeks if it was just a
dress in a blonde wig okay I would say you know okay he’s trying to go there
but they can better address get the fuck out of here
give me last word are you saying Vince or Vic is Beck a big man Tina I’m not a
big fan vic mensa memphis yeah but he’s a big
shaker you know he he got his fame as far as when xx Pantheon died and he
busted the freestyle in front of everybody I think you know thought you
think that you cloud chasin you know he’s trying to go ahead and get himself
money he’s not you know himself in the position where you can go ahead and blow
up – which I doubt that will happen how’s it going with the NBA other NBA 2k
how you doing with that stuff online right now
right now promote your channel come on yeah could you talk to me yeah okay
Thank You Man thank you yeah folks I’m a little early on story it just was posted
and I was gonna talk about ASAP Rocky who has been indicted as you should know
I think the court date is Tuesday number nine he wants to get a piece of the
action yeah ASAP Rocky I didn’t pull the note
so let me just say from what I remember just scanning earlier court date is
Tuesday the prosecution is not recommending the two years and as I was
saying yesterday if they cut him loose the court could be liable for some of
the money that he has lost by way of performances if he gets over 100k per
per show so they’re not gonna eat that they’re gonna give his ass a couple of
months in might give three months six months I don’t know you can call when
he’s hey don’t give me a year store I’ll hear you out but now people are coming
at President Trump you know just because he well there’s no bail system in Sweden
in case you don’t know so he clearly was doing too much president Trump but um I
don’t know let me see if this is a Jean Richmond aka number nine good evening
sir is that you every code 203 hey hey hey man hey how you doing I’m good I’m
good unit you and I said earlier you can pound next week yes you’ll be here next
week I’m coming into town next week I would only pray man if you got some good
accommodations for me man that’s all I don’t ask for much just put a bucket
just put a bucket in the back room I’ll do out out and a blanket on the ground
and I’ll work with that Airport so you know we’re gonna have to coordinate so
that my schedule is not you know in disrupted and I’ll make sure that you’re
good but now listen we’re not partying here at my place um I don’t do that here
some let you know right now if you need to go out get yourself a fix right know
something that something this drink oh you know party now not at the house no
all the sudden you know party no oh oh all of a sudden that I’m coming to town
we don’t party at the big guys house Oh what’s going on it’s Thursday night
aren’t you out at were you at happy hour earlier yeah I had a little something to
drink earlier I didn’t want to do too much I want to save it for next week
okay okay I want to save all this I want to save all the stuff to let this beast
out next week okay you know hey did you see the big men set video number nine
holden vic mensa new video wearing a confederate dress blond wig stockings
and stiletto heels did you see that yeah you know what hey I didn’t really like
this Mansi Mansi no guys I’m in Mensa but hey I like them that I like them now
hey hey everybody’s going gay man everybody’s
going gay man just get with it or not necessarily gay but you know gay gay
overtone as you would say sexually free you’re sexually free yes yeah go with it
everybody’s going gay man or you know what let’s just go with it my good
friend HK Edgerton always said but his better flag is a representation of
southern pride southern five men and there are blacks who are proud of being
in the South good what blacks up always blacks in the South have always waived
southern flags now it’s never been shown in the mainstream because it doesn’t fit
the narrative they will not highlight that for show it but they’ve been black
for decades that have honored that Confederate flag the pride of Dixie but
the land of cotton when I would talk about a nigger from Chicago number nine
from Chicago jumping around in the Confederate dress and the track is trash
did I mention that track is track and I’m a rocker old guy trench trash is
believe even entertainer and he knows that shock value though sensational is
himself and people are going to be talking about this dress but like I said
hey man it’s a new day you know okay everyone because of the LGBT agenda
we’re going to all eventually go a little bit gay just a little bit even if
it’s a dress or a wig a little game hey you sent me an email upon me for
interrupting some Marvel what was that some type of a trailer I didn’t get a
chance to watch it I can plot right now what was it you sent me
well basically we’re going into fees for this movie MCU right and basically this
past weekend weekend I just passed was a Comic Con and Kevin Feige a top
executive at Marvel unveiled the next eight or nine movies that will be coming
out in the next three to four years for the next phase 4 which includes a female
Thor which also includes the Eternals which includes a Doctor Strange movie
and also of the new blade was announced it will not be wesley science no it will
be Marshall Ali taking on the role of blade Marshall Holly so yeah I so what’s
that for so I congratulate him that he’s
continuing the the character Wes he’s too old I mean he hasn’t played blade in
almost 15 years I mean it’s time to pass on the torch you know an MCU wants to
make characters and their own anyway they don’t want to bring over an actor
from an old studio they want to read rehash and reinvent these characters
under their own studio so it makes sense okay okay all right so listen you’ll be
in town next week here in Atlanta you and I will connect and anything that
you’re really expecting in terms of business so you just come to party well
you know we could talk business but I’m looking to play you know I’m looking to
play big-time you know I’m looking at I need some I need some time off I need a
couple days from downtown and I want to play I want to have a car you’re only
gonna hang out in my place one night and then you’re gonna be down downtown
playing I guess yeah all right good to talk to them and I go and get your phone
man yes I salute okay Jean Richmond on the check-in he’ll be in town next week
here in Atlanta hold on a second I think okay there’s my there’s my cousin
emailing me threatening me we’ll get back to him later mad about something
that has to do with the whole house in Cape May New Jersey he’s gonna sue me
good evening to syke else ends in a cache at rock nation made him busy
it opened did you mean to say bus it okay Rock nation made him bus it open
Illuminati okay you talking about vic mensa uh psych al is he down with Roc
Nation google it hold on a second I just jumped on the story earlier oh
wait a minute whoa vic mensa roc nation what whoa as a
down with you loominatee now oh he signed back in 2017 why didn’t you
guys tell me in your live chat my troll babies Oh horseshit
you’ve Jigga man behind this oh shit Wow there you go
so maybe this is gonna pop maybe he’ll get the right exposure you know staged
and throw the diamond up on a fucking confederate dress stockings and the
heels holy shit okay uh hey Paul thank you man he says check okay um I’ll get
back to you Paul that’s the guy who was up he put me up on the way bollock Paul
I got the rape way Baalak ripped am I ready for creatine or is that doing too
much right hallelujah J good evening sir he sends
in a cash app he says Funkmaster Flex was dick riding know about that I mean I
watched you know I didn’t see the whole interview but in terms of you know
letting Tyler do what Tyler does I thought he let him have his moment you
know but thank you for your cash app okay if someone else does centimeter did
he 49 with Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter yeah yeah oh you know what I need to
mention tonight hang on a second guys I’m doing a lot right now I joined a online dating site last night
I want to tell you about that a little bit later not right now not right now
and I know I’ve done this before but this time I’m gonna stick with it I was
on plenty of fish like I closed that down give me a few minutes because I was
inspired to do this last night women 40 years and over I’m not dating anybody in
their 20s or their 30s females anymore I have to move forward with my life I was
inspired by the art Kelly or Kelly’s one of his girlfriends no extra shit up on
the gram I said holy shit but give me some time I’ll come back to that alright
I don’t make it about me right now area code 862 good evening 862 vic mensa
who’s down with Roc Nation now wearing a confederate dress what see you good
evening matter work you know okay this hop on YouTube IQ notification from you
how are you sir no oh yeah are you tired are you just behind on some shit it’s
actually fuck Ari as the Old West Indians used to say folk re okay you
know what’s gonna happen either your lyrics got it you real good like Jay
Cole or efore nigga and have been doing some bullshit like this it means you
trash you’re gonna be like I so do this stay on mine how old you and what are
you smoking because you sound like you’re grooving how do you right now I’m
20 I’m comparison you good well okay pass
in general okay have you seen the video of vic mensa if not I’m gonna give you
some time alone you know I really do not include this you don’t want to bring
that demonic shit into your world no you good you good no it’s not even
demonicus it’s not it’s not me so why I gotta entertain it I mean why happens
Tina I can seem better things and I mean like I was from old you know people your
age and give me a second folks he’s grooving hang on
people so okay okay never mind vic mensa what do you smoke it what are
you smoking keep it real again you know it was
around after you get out of work you want to relax okay
you know you ain’t smoking when are you wha wet you ain’t smoking wet are you
blowing down the wet hey I appreciate you men and salute you it sounds like
you worked a hard day man that’s why I call this hip-hop
Thank You me salute do you have a good name god bless you may God bless you
okay there is no god but God blessed you I say that out of respect you know all
right all right hold on hold on shit I don’t want to make this about me
right now but I’m zooming off to be 12 the way
Baalak ripped let me put this black sea oil away that’s too much it’s too much
um and let me get some of this shit off my and let me cross it off in a corner
if you and I can talk about her no more nobody gives a fuck
shame on you Nicole Murphy shame on you have you apologized to your daughters
Lisa Ray you ripped you to shreds TI and nelly anybody give a fuck
TI is a great guy Nelly met I met all those guys bow-wow – they were at a
concert last night here in Atlanta there’s video footage ti-ti was looking
at about like nigga what’s wrong with you and t i had on a brand new fitted
and he still had the stickers on on the fitted the hater misses nothing our
nigga still wearing the stickers on the footage or is that like is that coming
back in the style anyway Nelly who’s a good guy Nelly said you
need a hug Nelly hugged Bow Wow I don’t go into that Conway the Machine
released his latest single Eminem is on there taking shots at cannabis and ja
Rule : if you want to I mean I pay attention to all this stuff but let’s
stay focused right now vic mensa folks he’s on he’s on some bullshit okay but
he’s down with the rocks where the area code um no bad neck is that you for 1/5 yes sir yes sir Nick let me just say
early I appreciate you man you you helped me with great commentary but you
have to show your face man you got to send in a picture everybody who comes on
the show at some point you have to show the people who you are are you gonna do
this like a sister no no no no no no Nick it’s either yes and didn’t want
anybody no wait yes you know yeah I have no problems video chatting with you but
I’m not sending in any kind of photo I’ve talked about smashing the cops life
I guess I can’t I’m not playing with my life like that
I’m not letting these haters fuck my money up
not that I’m gonna come between me and an IPL I’m not I’m not stupid like this
other people are like to come on here and snitch on themselves and put a face
to it and that’s cool these people don’t have anything to lose
you know they’re more than welcome to do that now if you don’t if you don’t
appreciate what I’m doing and like we want to help off the machine and help
you know man and like I’m happy to be here on the show I’m happy to help you
in the machine out but if that requires me to send them any kind of traceable
stuff I can’t play that game okay my life I’ve got a lot of great things
going on in my lineage I’m saying well Nick this is a great fucking show don’t
get it twisted so and you know my audience I white hang on hang on you
spoke sir I’m gonna speak now you spoken I’m gonna speak I keep it real with the
audience that’s why I’m still a factor a lot of people may not like me but I’m
respected and if you cannot show your face you cannot show your face it might
be time for us to part ways I say that respectfully man everybody has to show
who they are you just can’t just say something and then not back it up
today’s generation wants receipts I sit here sometimes I got a hold up fucking
notes and all sorts of shit I got a show concert tickets because they want they
want to or you have to earn their respect people send in donations that I
don’t demand anything I don’t beg free shit but they respect the grind and I
appreciate that so I’ll give it a last word man but if you can’t say hey here’s
my face we might have to part ways right but like I said once again if you want a
video chat I’d be more than happy to show you my face all that stuff but I’m
not sending anything that can be saved that can be shown to somebody else
that’s not the game that I can play and I can respect your decision that’s your
business okay I tell you what I’m gonna do I’m gonna put you in contact with
Sugar Shane Sugar Shane who’s now got a campaign going and I think she’s got to
go fund me uh isn’t is no Mandic pretending to be black yeah I want sugar
che to verify that you’re a man of color
okay and then we’ll talk again all right start I’m willing to verify for you
no no chaser that’s my ride and again she’s off the air but that’s my ride did
I get I thank you thank you cut him short I provide a service to the people
my constituents my peers the trolls you gotta feed the trolls you know you just
can’t sit back and I I’m gonna bite fucking up my shit you gotta feed the
trolls hang on a second somebody text me it’s probably Sugar Shane yeah I got
that nap in today after I left a gym okay let me go to super Chetan then I’ll
come back to the phone lines and then cash at doing a lot tonight the game is
rigged respect my Lincoln’s boss Nick talk to me since super chat on Tuesday
predicting Puerto Rico governor was going to quit on Wednesday salute to you
big nigga the game is rigged okay so yeah he’s out of here I didn’t even
check gives a fuck but thank you man thank you for your donation
we are sipping respectfully on Tuesday because I went back and I checked all
super chats well did you send it to my other channel
but I got you tonight salute okay full blast radio good
evening in response to the video vixen hip-hop will say Vic’s gay which I’m not
but if I was white they just say he’s a rock star fuck out of here dick Mensa
okay full blast going hard in the paint
you know the whole question of are you or aren’t you gay
that’s not even really mensa and I don’t dump on the young guy
he’s probably a good guy you know I’ve seen some of his other videos I’ve heard
some of his other music I think this is trash that he’s doing right now but you
know um it’s it’s a question of are you cloud chasing to get your weight up you
know now if you’re an admitted cloud chaser or cloud daddy you know then
certain things your audience will say okay
that nigga’s wiling but you had a Chicago little nigga that just it looks
crazy anyway okay I read Gemstar Joseph let me go to cash app folks do the easy
D greening just seen Vic menstral on The Young Turks Oh Jake a man putting in
calls huh got him on The Young Turks yo he might skyrocket off this shit hang on
a second white star G B sends in six dollars and sixty six cents the number
of the beast supporting the Machine thank you sir sir are you up to speed on
the Iron Maiden song the number of the beast all right Peter Bronx bitch you
know that was one of his favorite bands and we used the Bible and that hey um
Satsuki sama six good evening she says check your email about vic mensa
okay she sent in a cache that hang on a second start that video was a whole lot
of trying too hard when you read the lyrics they don’t even align with the
theme of the video failed attempt at shock value yeah I didn’t I don’t have
the lyrics here if someone has got the lyrics did the vic mensa song please
send them to me I guess I got caught up in the visuals and and
I couldn’t like the guy you know I mean and I don’t really know know shit about
him hang on let me go to his YouTube channel he’s jumped around in the
fucking towel and he’s putting on his makeup so thank you Satsuki sama six for
your your donation darling okay and then she says Satsuki also Nicole Murphy can
apologize to her daughters when oh that whore husband of Leila a real concern a
broken apologizes to her for having two kids outside of the marriage and to his
kids for lacking integrity okay I don’t know about all of that I’m just talking
about inacol Murphy because she has been accused before with regards to doing
this type of home-wrecking shit you know or alleged home-wrecking shit no
LisaRaye I don’t know nothing about the husband and all that sort of jazz but
thank you Satsuki some six I just think that Nicole Murphy she’s too old to be
doing that type of shit you know go inside
yeah out there on the fucking beach I’m sorry miss lanell the pool area not the
beach the pool area kissing a married man you know come on
okay he says yeah you’re ready for the creatine let’s get it okay Paul Paul
Brown on the check-in all right I’ll come back to the super chats I’ll go
back to the phone lines 778 good evening seven seven is that Jason seven seven
eight hey what’s up man how are you this one
just coming back from work when I’m sucking up on all the taking you just
catching up on his case are you doing I’m good I’m good good we’re talking
about Tyler the Creator did you see him Punk freestyling pour me on the funk
master Funkmaster Flex show talking about gay
sex Vick menses new video I didn’t know but
I know I know he let it fly border was that I did not watch the Tyler free
stuff but I know I know he’s at the white boys I did see the video friends I
thought he was just wild in that and he’s just wild he don’t give a fuck
where into the Confederate dress yeah and I’ve listened to the show he doesn’t
mention he also had a tug-of-war over earth control with Mike Pence and and
funny funny right I’ve been on his shirt that’s cute that’s cute but you know now
we’ve got a Chicago rapper you know the home of drill music you know jumping
around in stockings and fucking the ready heels man you know rock nation the
Twitter comments are wild and jay-z they’re saying Jake is he’s rolling over
in his grave he’s regretting signing and he’s just pretty much just they’re in
light in the show vic mensa has that sweetness i wanted to take confederate
flag a symbol of hate and just act foolish and just to make it but he
doesn’t understand he everybody can touch his bullshit that he’s burner for
the cloud and you’re not going to do anything to reverse for the Confederate
flag represents I’m sorry that it doesn’t work that way
yeah Jim being real she’s being real hater yeah no Bowl tonight I don’t know
if you heard but Nomad Nick good guy he’s helped me with some sports
commentating we have to have to see his face and he’s reluctant and I mentioned
your name as well yeah you sent me an e-mail a month or so ago and you know
are you gonna show your face because on this platform you have to be honest with
the audience at some point I’ll think about I’ll let you know that’s all right
with you I I probably will be in sort of the only thing is Nick said it and I
never back Nick but I’ve we’ve said some crazy shit but ER I think I’ll do it I
don’t know I think I’m leaning cool this okay
now you’re a white guy in your late 20s and you’re from the Florida area I mean
I want to put your business out here but correctly
Broward County okay well think about it and I’m gonna check with Mirada sugar
shave even though she’s off you know her and I you know we’ve been talking behind
the scenes she’s got a campaign going is a nomad Nick pretending to be black
now you’re not pretending to be black your white boy Keith never never never
say never but here’s the thing Nick has to pretend it sound like a white man I’m
trying to be biased I’m a white guy myself and Nick to be honest especially
I have a mind of an orphan he lied about Mike Tyson being 60 when
he said he was 52 you’re right either side on that show unknown liar that’s
wrong and it favors but I don’t know Komal I mean okay this is nicer fact
good to talk to you man thank you for Jason on the check-in did I mention I
had a good good email exchange with my son today daddy
yes folks I have kids always claimed them kids and it was a nice exchange I
don’t want to tell you the whole details but we changed emails about the
disciples of Jesus all I’m gonna say it was a respectful exchange and it put me
in a good place because I was heading out the door to go to Jim and I said hey
man that was that was nice that you know we could agree to disagree you know just
want to mention that I’m checking things off my listen I’m
gonna I want to talk about dating women now over 40 just give me some time I
need to think about how to uh to plan that out all right
area code – zero – good evening – OH – vic mensa wearing a confederate dress oh
you have to speed what’s that big nigger come on close to the phone man you you
own that speakerphone we need you player we need you we need that ISM from you
yes sir you know you know did you see the video
did you see it man I saw the video but I was like bye
trouble like first off I thought about personal academics about some stuff
academics is saying about their home know that I can respect how he did he
gained a lot of respect hi he generally checked academics right but general how
was your homey feel that they seen you in a dress with make up on a video
starter he had to make putting the makeup on in the bear it just something
about when I see a man with no makeup man you know and they had that people
grab him in the bathroom and right on his face he had a dress on the thing he
was loving it the fleece down with Tyler the Creator
or the Fletcher I’m like come on man like I’m gonna jump in and say I’m still
riding with Tyler that’s my guy I may not go to the concert now because
I don’t have been a whole sea of people like you know hoping to howl about you
know being a bisexual trisexual but you know that’s my guy
Tyler me he can rhyme his ass off you know and he said man a couple years ago
he’s been kissing white boys since 2004 but I just don’t know if he needs to do
that now you know exams is he’s very differences of my although
they actually trolling or they trying to take the crowd chasing but my son pain
man you know I’m forty plus I’m not okay what do I put no dress on when don’t
bake up all man well you do all respectfully too old for that but but I know I go you start but look
yeah may I don’t know what’s not with you
which Nomad people now face up yeah you gotta let your face be known like I said
okay take a picture me like I said weird he just wanted he want a video chat you
don’t want a video tag saying I wouldn’t want a video a woman now you keep your
ass over okay okay all right hang on a second some other things I just want to
mention me cuz you know throughout the day time when I’m busy doing other
things you know and I’m scrolling through Instagram and Twitter I see
certain things and I I still write them down I’m old school I keep a pen with me
I write them down and do anybody see the woman who shot a group of teens black
woman shot a group of black teens they jumped her in a Walmart hit it from
behind Polly the hustling she pulls out the blam er you know bow-bow I was going
up to alternate trying to chase him has she been apprehended ditch did she shoot
one of the girls just ask him the babies you know running up on women sock doing
her shit and they didn’t drop her but they started to tussle you know they
grab they were grabbing her and I guess they didn’t think that she had you know
the blam er in the bag she come comes up out the bag let me look in the loge anybody know I’m
talking about yeah were they strangers or did did she know them were they some
girls dating her son what the fuck was that about black people are entertaining
I say that respectfully entertaining I fuck with the grand report heavy every
day just puts me in a great place okay okay come back maybe it’s not that
deep J Gianna checking greeting sir sends in
a super jet storico can we get a go fund me what is it retirement page set up for
NAS after yet another lackluster album can’t blame Kanye for this one
hashtag Lost Tapes boo I did not hear the new NAS album I’m gonna find the
time because that’s my guy man he’s he’s still a factor good man we’ve had
multiple conversations Thank You JD I’ll check it out but you say it’s trash okay
power bottom on the check-in hey boo I’m starting to get jealous first okay
you moved che up in up in our beach house now you and Jean Richmond aka in
them and I will be sleeping together in the same house
what weekend No number nine teen Richman’s coming into Atlanta next week
and he’s staying near the downtown area and then he called me today saying hey
man something with my arrangements can I stay at your house you know for the
first night and I said uh yeah but but there’s no partying allowed in my house
you know but thank you for your super chat power bottom it’s a crazy name Alfred good evening sir sends in a cash
app fuck Nomad Nik hashtag tip drill magazine okay that’s the homie tip drill
magazine for everybody who remembers checking in from lo Haiti I think that’s
where I first heard al al from typical magazine he always used to say never
show your plate to a nigga that’s hungry tip throw magazine okay okay and Nico on
the check and fuck Nomad Nick let me talk sports fuck that bird okay
holler at me shoot me an email let’s see who see what you got you know if we can
work together quad do remember when you argued with Bobby Brown nephew what is
this okay cue you a quad do member okay are you saying that’s who you are sir
thank you for your um Kashyap if that’s you shoot me an email it was his name Bobby Brown’s nephew I
forget was it out I forget they had some some crazy reality show going and I
saved the texts no that was a Twitter Twitter DM somebody reached out to me
and they wanted him to cut to call into the show that was the Star Chamber was
it live indirect I forget and I said well okay well I’m talking about Bobby
Christina and then he didn’t want to talk about that yeah that’s why it went
left not because I was on some bullshit because I try and be respectful to all
my guests but thank you sir for your cash at that that’s you because somebody
actually arranged that interview I didn’t call them for those who give a
shit babies out to me I said okay well here’s the number call in every clip
five four zero hold on what the fuck I’m doing too much
good evening five four zero vic mensa a new video have you seen it wearing a
dress thank greenie what I’m announcing that
shit functioning that shit man and my face looks crazy crazy man
he ate I mean he always represented a different side of Chicago’s like other
than like what she keep them was doing but managers out here looking wild man
and I understand people talking about like respect other people sexuality but
don’t nobody respect the heterosexual man right yeah our heterosexuals being
discriminated against that’s the real question but go ahead yes sir I mean
that’s the things that like it’s okay to show all the all the craziness
well you just kiss with a woman and shit they charge they tell you you gay
bashing you just kissing a woman no but that shit was Tyler the Creator that
he’s always a buffer he always be like it that younger shit is shit for like
like shock value cockroach have you seen Tyler the
Creator in concert I want to see him man but I just I don’t want to you being a
whole fucking just a weird vibe you know he did some crazy shit on here according
to Wikipedia vic mensa is from Chicago I would have assumed he was from the
angles little suburban areas on the outskirts like that ho ass niggas named
Youngberg you know yeah yeah yeah you see your boy chump you see what they
found the chump put that uh like they put that shit up
in the seal behind him at the little fucking eagle eagle holding the golf
clubs yeah we have to laugh he’s crazy when he talks
I admit that but you know that’s my guy yeah
I mean he’s entertaining you said you said black folks is entertaining but
that motherfucker he is an entertainer right there
totally if you asked me you know and I’m probably not the first one to say this
you know Trump is the hip-hop president yeah everybody before before like before
I became president shit everybody when dick ride in front before he became
president in the hip-hop arena he had over 50 references in different rap
songs now he becomes the boss baby but everybody you know aspires to be now
it’s a problem right yeah yeah okay so you can’t show your plate too big in
this home hey thanks for the call man salute thank you okay and folks make
sure you put respect on tip drill magazine the guy’s name is Al from lo
Haiti that’s where I got that from never show you a plate to a nigga that’s
hungry got a Florida little Haiti all right hold on a second I got an email
here okay that’s my Italian cousin now now he’s copping a plea now he wants to
talk I got the house and then to talk about but I oh I’ll get back to him
later um I don’t talk about this tonight but
I’m charged I’m doing a lot my energy is really great
I watched half of this new Netflix documentary called the great hack I may
want to talk about this tomorrow I fell asleep on it twice to be honest with you
but you know just for those who pay attention to stuff like that many of you
do I did watch half of it today I was just I was so fucking tired when he came
in from the gym but uh I do what half of it hey let me also put
something on the screen here and take time because I’m assisting with Eastern
TV and for those of you who know what Eastern TV is about you can google them
they’re behind Love & Hip Hop and other very famous reality shows Eastern TV so
and and that I was on one of their shows the gossip game back in 2013 I had a
good time as crazy show anyway on the screen right now you will see casting do
you live with your ex or ex-wife or husband let me say that again
casting do you live with your ex wife or a husband if you are a person you live
with your ex wife or your ex-husband for whatever reason for purposes of sex you
have kids together and you’re trying to you know make ends meet there’s a new
reality show that they are putting together and you don’t have to be in
Atlanta you can be in any state so I put the the email address in yesterday’s
show and I will try and put it in tonight’s show as well or you can just
reach out to me and I will forward your information to Eastern TV but that’s no
reality show and I’m assisting them with trying to get people on the show okay
that’s all I want to say all right somebody else has hit me here via email
okay Rober i’ll get back to you I got you okay okay here’s the vic mensa
lyrics oh shit hold on now is are these the lyrics for I don’t think those are the lyrics for
this new video whoever just sent me this you sent me some different vic mensa
lyrics i don’t think that’s for this song that we’re talking about tonight
but uh thank you stars shooter on the check and via cash
up good evening i’m telling cats to pulled a skirt down now it’s it’s
lighter okay okay thank you for your support I can’t read this one oh okay
you got it made LLC sends it another cash at fuck you
Jason hashtag tip drill magazine okay going
hard in the paint has to hold me out Samuel good evening sir sends in a cash
app he says for real shit thank you sir you appreciate it okay are these the lyrics you guys are
sending me something else that sending me some lyrics here to my mind maybe
this is the lyrics and I just have to take the time and read them a little bit
more okay I’ll come back to it let’s go to the phone lines area code two four
zero hey good evening 2.0 talking about vic mensa
tyler the creator and other topics are you there 2.0 yes sir how are you charged yeah big mensa folk re huh anything for
the girl in the walls or the nude so she’s gonna get off the fire like you
talk about the woman who were the couple of black girls came up behind her pow
socked him in his shit they got the tusslin she pulls out the blam and
starts busting she’s gonna get off yeah like mr. Kerry and the Scion was ready
nice nice nice you know look at God huh a little ratchet ratchet black baby’s
doing too much did she shoot anybody or she just let off some warning shots no
she hit nobody yes well maybe she didn’t want to shoot
nobody but you know in certain states when you pull it out you gotta use it
you you can’t be firing off warning shots no that that that’s in Georgia I
don’t know about about Georgia but you up in New York you gotta use it you know
you got to hit somebody don’t you know your ass is gonna be settle months yeah
all right have you seen the vic mensa video yeah man I can’t get one none of
that man too much gay shit going on out here
yeah I think that’s demonic but I don’t I think that’s beyond geishas demonic it
may be something within him that you know he’s suppressing you know put that
dress on you not gonna do that in the video
well is he in reality you know people of color we don’t hate gay people I think
that’s that we be a bad rap has been given to hip-hop number one and people
of color people of color have protected gays throughout the history of the black
church we don’t give a goddamn if you gay but if you’re demonic you know then
we have to we have to ask the question what the fuck is your real agenda and I
think he might be on some demonic shit you know in my opinion I was reading up
in freestyle and about having sex with men Blackie’s like whoa phlex keeps the lights on a hot 97 no
get it fucked up he keeps the lights on he was me and flex looking for the bud
section something he said even I said whoa thank you yes okay okay it’s
daybreak driver star check out my YouTube page daybreak driver from my new
video had to kick out and uh agreeable female passenger
have you ever kicked kicked a girl out your car yeah you must be new to the
show I don’t say that to sound cool but um I’ve had a couple of females and I’m
not gonna go into what they did but just you know I’m not with arguing I told the
story before there was young female she just she was doing too much white chick
running her mouth and we pulled up to the 7-eleven and I said hey can you go
inside and get me a Mountain Dew and she was in a really just a bad place and I
was in a bad mood and she she went to go get the Mountain Dew I rolled down the
window and threw her pocketbook out the window and left sucka shit I left the
girl in the fucking uh Blockbuster Video – but that’s another story
dirt dog leaving Souris ends in a super chat way Baalak leaves a nasty
aftertaste GNC has changed the recipe at times okay
I use way tech Pro from Vitamin Shoppe folks have more info than GNC I am ok
can you send me an email dirt dog I got the way Bala crypt I’m not worried about
the aftertaste because I carry Listerine in my
all my vehicles and I just I’m one of those people who like to have fresh
breath you know but thank you for your super chat the game is rigged not trying
to play cupid but respectfully mama Jones and you power couple you handle
the airwaves and she can sell the poem cash perfume her you know mama Jones and
I hung out a few times I like her she calls me Troy I call her Nancy you can
go to my I G page and you see when I brought her a dozen roses we hung out but she’s up in New Jersey
and I’ll just you know I want to be respectful because you know Jim and I
are very very cool now she’s in New York you know I’m down here in Atlanta you
know what’s going on what mama D his mama D salon Love & Hip Hop if she’s
single now her and I were DMing a couple years ago before she got married mama D okay I’ll come back to these other super
jets in cash apps give me a second guys every code 973 hey good evening 973 vic
mensa have you seen the video segments it yeah man I watched that video that
videos trash tennis propaganda okay it’s propaganda without this law rails from
Brick City lanes urge you stand up what’s gonna big new yeah what are big
nigga are you I’m good man hey listen you don’t mean you’ve been in a couple
places in st. Charlie was that one of the rap battles in North on Irving
Turner oh thank you I mean took a couple of flicks together you know yeah we do
out here with Dignity squad I’ve gone with that naughty one salute soon that
one anything yeah would you tell these niggas I’d be in the hood tell them
start being a hood oh stop it we’re popping it and the battle rapper
then the real real good niggas real – I can’t tell it all fuck it all right too
hot for TV thank you rob for TV yeah yeah
Trouble Man when I watch that video as you I watch the video as a recommended
man and I just went and looking like look at this propaganda man yeah they
trying to flip all our little dudes laughs mm like if they flip it to their
way if they flip it their way bro how are we going we could recreate bro how
are we going to create light fuck all that an official insemination nigga put
the pole in the hole and come up with a soul think what I’m saying
last night we put you with biggie said find yourself in serious shit you know
that you put two goos together all the time we ain’t go come up with no babies
dog mmm okay but now he’s also signed to rob nation I just learned that so no
demands behind them yeah man um I had to get on order on it so sweetie and a note
that said um some people out there with a Colleen ran a fag didn’t such a joke
so I think that boy sleeping when I’m powerful like man that’s what it is
good boy yes people when I’m powerful white men yeah let’s keep it 100
okay I’ll be watching you are checking every night yeah you know you tell me
white man original free you don’t say freak of the week and you ain’t never
lie real yeah yeah during them alive there’s money so long they bored with it
six you say born with the vagina to vision they board with a smiley looking
at us playing damn you were good nigga yeah you know they’re just propaganda
though you know that LBGT whatever that shit is they all they got propaganda and
they trying to flip everybody man no and we last of the Mohicans okay we the last
of the Mohicans they can’t flip us stop they came threat plus we putting that
motherfucking pole in that hole you think what I’m saying I appreciate you
know you you’re breaking it down man but you know jay-z’s behind him
I would I would imagine they’re gonna push them so you know it is what it is
man I mean I just think it’s it’s trash you know the video but but I guess this
is his way of coming up you know this is how the baby’s moving now it’s all about
the numbers yes you know businesses business but they’re
all kind of business she’s doing like you know like where the circles say like
you’re not come on stars you know we’ve seen our
pops and shit like that we’d be looking crazy at our paws like fuck your door I
don’t talk about nobody’s kids man but you know I just I think that it’s a it’s
so too much it’s too extra you know but then again this is where they’re they’re
there right now so you know it is hey listen on another note man
how soon SERP doing I don’t wanna say nothing crazy but as you all right I I
got a text today yay he’s good you know what I need to check the – yeah hi
everything turn out okay you don’t say let’s talk behind the scenes at but
listen if you do talk to them tell them I said salute man if you know if I can
assist in any way shape or form right that’s my guy yes thank you call me a
salute I say have a go okay no clue Jerry’s gonna check in all right all
right um what time is it okay we don’t go in
the time I’m here I don’t know vic mensa personally I don’t want to disrespect
the guy you know I’m just not feeling the track and with me you know it’s wear
what you wanna wear act how you want to act it seems a little too comfortable in
it hey also did anybody see side note side
note the video up on WorldStarHipHop calm a black female she’s sticking out
of the windshield and the cops come up on the car some type of red car what is
it was that a Camry she’s sticking out of the windshield the front windshield
the windshield is still intact for the most part and she’s talking about I’m a
queen smoking the wet yada yada yada you see that crazy shit yo I enjoyed
that video I said what the fuck did you Matt could you imagine being a cop and
you have to deal with that type of a person you know just high on something
allegedly yo that was a crazy video um let me go
back to Super Jack I think I got everything date dirt dog the game is ran
out try playing mama Jones there’d be mr. t yep
mr. t says nine coming to the ATL with roofie flavoured project popsicles so he
can bring a fresh batch of eggs back to Connecticut hashtag outbreak monkey nine
hashtag patient zero okay old Negro giving games as vic mensa has a white
mother like stars hi yellow ass hashtag pay attention hashtag rise up hateful
dark-skinned men okay okay I know nothing about Vic menses makeup I mean I
grew up on rock and roll but I mean I never put on a fucking wig no fucking
heels no should I mean he’s taking it there but then again the babies they
take it the extra mile you know he’s like um the new Dennis Rodman I
literally looked at him that video net and I said that’s like Dennis Rodman 2.0
what the fuck go to area code three three two three poor me three two or
three good evening bit men sir new video are you up to speed
three two three Joestar hey are you hearing yes is leaving we should be
calling from a man that she was – that’s part of the agenda goes nothing that’s
jay-z pushing that Rockefeller power trip yeah rock nation yes that rock
nation stick because what it’s named after is named after a pedophile
Rockefeller I mean let’s just call it what it is
though I mean what else was he going to push because these people have to turn
out the black men but they don’t want any more black than they can fear they
want to have a black man they don’t fear you’re the only question they don’t stay
as a homosexual factory any other version of a black man is feared by the
whole society but the only one accepted is the gay man so you know it’s a fucked
up agenda man it’s all over man yeah it’s all over I think he’s going to get
a lot of press you know all for this video you know and if there’s some other
message to it okay but I just I thought the Confederate dress thing was just a
really really bad reach but did you see how the creator talking about butt sex
with Funkmaster Flex Tyler’s got bars don’t get it fucked up he’s got bars
okay but it’s gay bars now and it’s showing you the current state of the
black man they want this they want this image out there that this is the current
state of the black men in America for the rest of the world to speak because
you know they’ve been doing this guy movies now you don’t even see titties no
more you see dudes asses now they kind of show dick shots now Onkyo movies
everything easy to main care yeah you know I’m saying
so it’s just they’ve been making it what about the children you’re saying like
it’s okay when you little boy and you grow up you might see some titties on a
movie but you see a man’s ass and he’s getting then do not I mean it it’s all
part of the agenda man so him having the Confederate flag on with that dress it’s
pretty much showing you that America is just screwing the black men over times
10 that it’s all poetic artistic speech it’s a symbolic shit I can’t blame
whitey for that one I’m looking at vic mensa like hey man is that what it’s
come down to for you you know can’t blame whitey yeah yeah you right because
why he’s doing what he does and if Vince was the one who sold out not whitey yeah
why he’s the winning you know I mean so it’s not like why he’s taking a hill
it’s it’s nigga that Chicago is taking a hill the young rappers coming up in this
new era this new era took a big giant Hill I mean I’m from early eighties baby
I’m 35 never imagine listening to Raekwon and Raekwon or met the man got
on the dress in the next video he’s never gonna happen easy you know it’s
never gonna happen you know yeah so we it’s the last aramid this new era it’s
just showing you that I’m afraid of what’s next
I’m afraid of the children of these men I’m afraid of it what kind of well I
don’t want to see it Thank You manse a little thank you for the call
all right okay okay three two threw in the chicken Claudia sends in a cash yep good evening
Claudia Claudia says star why don’t you co-host a show with your son daddy can
you take it easy I mean co-host the show he and I are
just developing rapport you know we need a co-host a show you know III do this by
myself I always have you know even starring Buckwald I’m starring buck well
even though I brought my my alleged half-brother in to be Buckwald I’m a
solo act daddy and I had a great email exchange though today but thank you for
your cash yep Claudia hang on a second guys I skipped and mr. super jet star
shooter got that one okay somebody talk about okay
oh yeah buck was doing good he’s in the program buck was doing great he’s in the
program okay Robert Robertson zacasha fuck Vic
Trump hatin ass hashtag free Rocky I spoke briefly about ASAP Rocky earlier if you ask me and I don’t know too much
about Swedish law you know they’re gonna have to sit him down for a couple of
months maybe a year because something to do with the court could be where the
government correct me if I’m wrong could be responsible for a financial loss
except Rocky’s financial loss I saw the story on TMZ I don’t have it in front of
me now but Tim his court date is Tuesday is Tuesday yeah and dia I would imagine
other people spoke up on behalf of ASAP Rocky
you know I saw people from the Black Caucus is there anybody else that has
that type of poor other than Trump I don’t know
thank you for your cash yet where’s this leaving stains on the Roc Nation Gold
couch vic mensa okay thank you Robert okay all right a
few more calls folks I’m gonna wrap it up tonight
it’s go to area code five six one good evening five six one talk my big minces
new video oh you have to speed what’s up hater can you hear me Jason sent you
again Oh Jason yeah boss man I was just calling and just listening it’s just
showing did you uh did you get my email about the Trump tweet that just happened
no rocky do they bury absolutely the Big Kahuna pretty much just tagged the
Swedish Prime Minister and just went balls to the wall like he always does on
Twitter said I am very and this is pissing the black people off apparently
that was earlier I saw that about three hours ago
that didn’t just happen those to me I was occurred yeah okay that was the one
that was the one boss man I can I can I can leave it up at it I appreciate it
tell me tell me so so Trump he said something we do have it burned in front
of you been reading my freshman memory absolutely absolutely
you know one second he pretty much said very disappointed with Sweden and how
they have let down our black african-american community in the USA we
will be working on deals pretty much to work on this but what’s getting me is
the Twitter replies all the black people are like you did nothing for the black
african-american community he has the lowest unemployment rate and the black
african-american community since any president ever he’s not against the
black the media just makes it look like that I don’t love the guy but he’s just
really shitting on and he has some good things about him that’s why I’m voting
for him what hang on a second Jason I’m looking at the president’s tweets he
didn’t say black he said african-american you add
were black and some people take the word black coming from wipers and such as
yourself as being offensive so he said to be exact very disappointed in Prime
Minister Stefan Louvain love muffin whatever his
name for being unable to act for being unable to act Sweden has let our
african-american community down in the United States of America and then he
also goes on to say I watched the tapes of ASAP Rocky and he was being followed
and harassed by troublemakers treat Americans fairly hashtag pre rocky
president said correct in the set and correct and the second tweet to follow
that up he said give a sub rocky his freedom freedom in all capitals we do so
much for Sweden but it doesn’t seem to work the other way around
Sweden should focus on its real crime problem hashtag free rock the fuck would
have thought that 10 years ago Donald Trump being the president’s leading that
well we live in a crazy time line here yeah that’s all I can say well hang on a
second because you know um and I don’t mean to bring up something too old you a
younger guy but you know Russell Simmons was very very cool Donald Trump base to
hang out and I don’t know if I don’t know if Donald Trump ever saw Russell
smoking dust but you know Russell was out here years ago you film me so uh
anyway I thank you for for bringing this up man but um lets you and I talked
about you getting that picture in here man people want to see who you are right
absolutely absolutely anything you want to talk pollicis I’m ready hater I’ll
get that picture and then we’ll talk come on let me know get that picture –
have a good night salute okay all right yeah
white boy Jason out of Florida you know second place what are these other notes that I have
here just I wrote down so much shit today judge Tracie hunter out of Ohio
why don’t I write that down any that that video came out a couple days ago
and he fighting the live chat seen that video of a female judge african-american
or some type of woman of color she went limp and and they dragged you
out of the court there’s a whole timeline of what happened with her going
back to was it 2015 or 16 turn in town she was doing too much something with
her brother she was helping her brother keep a job get a job yadda yadda yadda
and she was showing no remorse and they ultimately gave her a couple of months
in jail people in the courtroom yes is fucked up yeah then hey buddy no I’m
talking about yeah dragged him from the courtroom its
runs things hey girl she says the video was funny as fuck yeah okay I just let
me cross it off I wrote that down meets old now I like to do stories when they
first come out I saw the video a couple days ago but Jim she was shown no
remorse even when they the judge referenced how much time she was gonna
do she almost rolled her eyes like you know really let me go to area code six
ones 601 pardon me 601 are you there good evening 601 whoa whoa good evening
sir yo yo I saw that down vic mensa video bird that’s it as crazy there come
on come on but but the good thing is though the song was actually okay I
could actually turn on the song and listen to it you know I’m saying I like
a little walk the walk try punk rock shit every 90s you you don’t stand but
when start punk rock died in the late 70s well what what whatever type of czar
whatever type of genre that shit was you know
it was it was a decent song I wouldn’t mind hearing it again but he could have
easily got just a random blonde chick to play that role in the video you know I’m
saying yeah to put on a dress that’s when it becomes cloud chasing it’s you
you don’t saying that that’s just way too much shit just a no motherfucking
reason for a motherfuckers gonna look at that some people are gonna be like
always some art so there might be some super fans or some shit but in our
reality bird that motherfucker put that shit on to chasten goddammit clout and
be to be the story for the weakest on shit y’all sad well here’s the story
tonight destroy tonight yeah yeah see I didn’t even know I’ve been Ivan got them
at smoking black and milds playing video games okay
I know I know about to see it – goddamn it
the UH you know you so can’t get them a camera and I try and get with the shit
early the bullshit you know I get right to the bullshit well I don’t I don’t I
don’t like I don’t I’m never really listen to big messes like that and I
heard he’s I’ve heard a few of his songs he’s somewhat rock inspired
I like merciful fate type shit you know I’m saying bless that other type of
sound I can’t understand it you know I’m saying but it was cool it’s a decent
song but address yeah that’s just a motherfucking no covert especially got
him Mississippi growing this you know okay
Mississippi man yeah thank you thank you nice nice oh yes sir okay Jackson
Mississippi never been there uh II City NYC says hey vic mensa hey Tyler
oh gee Starr did you peep those in great splashing water on innocent people and
the Jakes are you talking about this past weekend in New York City sir I did
see that if that’s what you’re referring to and I would imagine that you are yeah
I saw that I’d have a problem with that people throwing water on the cops and
throwing water on random people you know when I was a kid
I used to throw water balloons you know at people’s houses and shit like that
you know at least they weren’t shooting the cops shooting random people now
those people were older that had the buckets of water throwing the water on
the cops if again if we’re talking about New York the tri-state area where it
where I saw that story yeah on a cop you know they run around
here clapping niggas left and right you know choking choking people out over
Lucy so take the slow water shoes get mad gonna get mad we pay your fuckin
salary you’re supposed to protect and serve now come to this motherfucker
profiling people harassing people locking niggas up Oh locking Nick is up
over petty shit take this bucket of water sure I’m doing too much to me slow
down mom Oh sends in the cash at more effeminate behavior pushed on black men vic mensa doing it to himself
he’s not up in the video being like you know choked to put on the fucking dress
he put on himself Malu also says uh is it Laila broken
might be a good look for you okay what was she doing I know she’s an
actress what’s she doing I’m going for the season coochie now and that no more
these young girls you know I had a little friction with a young girl over
the over the Third Eye Blind concert fuck
thank you for your cash up Malmo okay I don’t know what that female actress is
doing I do know that Nicole Murphy’s out of fucking pocket okay dirt dog I got your email sir thank
you mmm straw will flip Leila back to sunshine I I got a Googler hang on a
second you say her name she’s the actress right ROC h o n okay okay how old is she
I didn’t know more young chicks oh she’s born is 64 okay
same age oh she wasn’t waiting to exhale okay Harlem Nights was she was she the
one singing in Harlem Nights if you’ve ever been to Harlem that was horrible
that her been to Harlem the Chamber gang-related knockoff why do fools fall
in love any given Sunday okay yeah season two coochie I hope she puts a
hands on the coal Murphy anyway thank you for your super chair area code nine
one seven clearly nine one seven the new vic mensa
video have you seen it it’s wearing a dress nine one seven
oh you there good evening good evening yes no maybe okay you chip out of there area code seven one eight good evening seven eight the new vet vic mensa
video have you seen its m18 hey hey where are you okay let me shut it down
last caller last caller pick it up pick it up put down the coat put down the
coat pick up the phone goddamnit he said there that was in the last super chapter
the foot for tonight poor me I’m at Taco Bell’s right now I’m ashamed hallelujah
eighty-nine yeah man i am i was at Taco Bell yesterday and I’ve also been going
to this at the place called Del Taco del taco got some good shit as well I no
longer you eat the fries I just get the tacos
and that’s all I’m doing okay black race is leaving sir he sends in a super jet
star is that story about Marines smuggling Mexicans true I’m not sure if
it is just wondering if you saw it I’m not speed sir I’m not at the speed send
me an email a link if you find the time I’ll check it out we’ll talk about
tomorrow black races also says star is that vic mensa video hip-hop or some
type of punk rock i never listened to him before but probably he’s going for a
different demographic yet clearly he’s going for a different demographic
because i don’t think he ever popped off in hip-hop let’s say that respectfully
punk rocks been dead that was a point in time in american society it’s just punk
rock’s dead when people even say oh I’m doing a little punk Rockets it sounds
stupid I mean punk rock was a rebellion against the establishment everybody
today is part of the part of the matrix everybody is trying to benefit you know
off of social media there’s no rebellion you know anyway thank you for your
candor yet big crowd says the only Vic we respect in Chicago is Vic Spencer
straight bars no filter okay and that’s it hey guys I will see you tomorrow at
some point thank you for your time tonight let me find the homies banner
first mr. Schuyler Saunders and I will check in with you guys probably in the
afternoon tomorrow’s Friday I’m not sure if I’m heading out tomorrow night I’ll
keep you posted but we will try and get a research showing tomorrow and good
night be safe take care you you

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