Video Mail #1: What Should I Wear To Work? | Women’s Attire in the Workplace

Video Mail #1: What Should I Wear To Work? | Women’s Attire in the Workplace

Hi. Today we’re going to go to our video
mailbag to answer a question about what attire is appropriate to wear at work. In retail I was taught that women should wear three pieces: a skirt or pants, a
blouse, and either a sweater or a vest or a jacket. Does that still hold true?
Or can women wear shawls or no jacket at all during business meetings? That’s a really
interesting question and I think it really depends on the culture of your
organization and also what industry you work in so my first advice would be just
to talk to the organization that you’re working for
to find out what the norms are. Now, I can’t say that I’m a real fashion plate
nor do I know a lot about women’s clothing but I’d like you to hear from
my colleague Brenda Bazan who has a better point of view on this question. It
is true that nowadays we’re finding that a lot of companies put restrictions on women’s wear and unfortunately it’s really a way of sexualizing women in the workplace feeling that they
need to spend how to conceal themselves or to also wear certain kinds of clothing
that are different and more restrictive and frankly more oppressive than what men
have to wear. I think it’s unfortunate and we know of instances of waitresses
for instance having to wear heels and when they’re on their feet all day. Or women
not being allowed to wear certain things because they might “distract” their
co-workers or their customers. I think the best advice for someone is to make
sure they talk before they are hired talk to the HR people or talk to the
manager of the organization and find out if those kinds of things exist because
that would be an example of a culture that’s not very friendly to women. Do you think my shirt’s appropriate? It’s a little distracting. Good.

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  1. I might also suggest just looking at how people dress. If you're going for a job, ask for a tour around the office, including any place where "big client meetings" are happening.

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