Viking Costume – DIY Inspiration | Whitney Sews

Viking Costume – DIY Inspiration | Whitney Sews

Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post sewing and crafting
tutorials here on my youTube channel. Today I’ll be explaining how I made the viking
costume my husband wore to our local Medieval Faire. It was a lot of fun to create and fairly easy. I looked at a lot of different images on Pinterest
for inspiration. I’ll have the links below for some of them. I started with some bleached muslin fabric
for the tunic that was hand dyed with liquid rit dye. I then grabbed a super basic tunic pattern
and laid it out on my fabric when it was folded in half. I folded and tweeked the pattern a lot because
I was really only using it to make sure I cut the tunic out the right length and wide
enough in the chest area. I had the front and back laid out together
so they touched at the point on the shoulder seam. Then cut basically a straight line up the
side and around the neck opening. Then I cut a rectangle measuring about 18
by 24 inches and cut it in half. Then cut both of those pieces on the diagonal. These will be added into the side seams of
the tunic to make it easier to move in. Then cut two 6 inch squares and cut them on
the diagonal. These will be added to the under arm to allow
for better arm movement. The lastly I cut two large rectangles for
the sleeves. I’m a bit of a stickler for finishings, so
I cut another piece from my scraps to use for a facing and cut the same neck opening
out of the center. I drew a line down the center then lines angling
down to the end of the line. Laid it right sides together with the main
tunic piece and sewed around the circle and down to that point from both sides. Then cut down the center line and flip the
facing to the inside and now the neckline is nicely finished! The tunic itself is super easy to assemble. Just sew one large triangle to each side of
the front and back and the smaller triangles onto the ends of the sleeves. Once all those pieces are sewn on you should
be able to fold that tunic in half and have something that looks like a long shirt. At that point sew from the bottom up the angle
from the triangle, up the side, across the underarm triangle and to the end of the sleeve
on both sides. Then your basic tunic is done! Just hem and trim how ever you like! I ended up going back and opening up the side
seams at the bottom and creating side slit openings based on some pics we saw in a Viking
book. If you want this tunic to be more suitable
for a basic medieval or renaissance costume, then make it in a neutral color and skip the
trims and go with a basic sewn hem instead. Now onto the pants. This was super hard to show on camera because
I used a pair of black shorts as my guide on black fabric. But what I did was use a pair of Jeremiah’s
gym shorts and folded them along the seam so I could see the curve of the crotch in
the front and cut along that curve on my fabric two layers at a time. By the way, this fabric I’m using is a queen
size flat sheet that we happened to hang onto after the fitted sheet ripped. Then I folded the shorts so I could see the
back curve and placed them as far as I could from the first cut and cut that curve out. I cut the piece the length to be about mid
calf on my husband. This gave me something that resembled giant
pants pieces. I sewed them together just like I would any
pair of two piece pants. Then I pinned pleats into the pants to bring
them down to size, but still large enough to be pulled over the hips. After sewing down the pleats I added a waistband
and elastic. Then gathered the ends of the pants down and
added cuffs at the bottom and they were done! I am so happy with how to entire costume turned
out and Jeremiah loved wearing it! I hope you enjoyed seeing how to costume came
together and have been inspired. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss
seeing my upcoming video showing how I created my leather celtic inspired shoes! If you want to check out some of my previous
medieval faire videos I’ll have a playlist of them linked right over here and below that
will be a playlist about another costume I made for Jeremiah. I’ll be back next Wednesday with a new video. Until then, Happy Sewing!

6 Replies to “Viking Costume – DIY Inspiration | Whitney Sews”

  1. Whitney,  I just went to my first Renaissance Fair 3 days ago. TOTALLY FUN!  I got the idea from you, so thanks.  My husband even dressed up and had fun.  Have a great week.

  2. Whitney,  you have helped me learn about sewing A LOT!  Just wondering if you would consider doing a couple of doll clothes tutorials.  I have acquired 2 large 26 inch dolls and I would like to make a kimono for the girl, maybe a jacket for the boy.  I have looked on YouTube for good tutorials but there aren't any I feel I can follow as well as you.  Just thought I would suggest it since you are THE BEST sewing teacher!!

  3. This was a great kyrtle tutorial. Iron age looms in northern Europe produced narrow bolts of fabric and it was very labor intensive to make, so the seamstresses developed this pattern to be fitted for heat retention, be generous for mobility, and be comprised of only squares and rectangles so no fabric was wasted.

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