Vinny Shows Off His Breakdancing Moves | Jersey Shore

Vinny Shows Off His Breakdancing Moves | Jersey Shore

– That's how you get hurt "brer." – I used to break dance
and do all that shit. – [Pauly] Let me see. – [Mike] I know you did, I
remember you telling me that. You were like yo, I used to break dance. – Can you do a head spin? – Um, I used to be able to. – [Pauly] With or without cardboard? (laughing) – [Vinny] I used to be
able to bust a windmill. – Do it. – [Vinny] No. – Come on son. – This would hurt right here. – No it won't.
– This fucking turf. – Bro, you got no balls bro. – [Vinny] Shut up. – [Pauly] Come on son. – I can't do it anymore. – [Pauly] Let me see. – A windmill? – [Mike] Yo he's doing his
fucking head spin on that shit? Yeah I see, I remember him doing it. He gets in the crawl position son. Ugh, ugh… – [Pauly] Oh shit he did it. – That fucking hurt. (inhales) – [Pauly] Ow. (laughs) – [Vinny] What are you
laughing at? (laughs) – [Pauly] I can do that kit. (imitates explosion) – [Vinny] Are we having
a break dance battle? – [Pauly] Let's do it. (girl screaming in distance) – [Mike] Eh yo. (laughs) (laughing) – [Vinny] Bottom Rock. (laughing) (girl screaming in distance) – [Mike] Yo, somebody
teach me how to do it. I wanna know how to do it. (girl screaming in distance)
How do you do this shit? (girl screaming at Vinny) – [Vinny] Oh shit.
– [Mike] What the fuck? What do you just run around
your hands or something? (laughing) No. (breathing deep) Yeah I can't flex with that. – [Pauly] Get some. – [Mike] I don't know how to do it. – Get down like this right? See this foot right here? You wanna swing it and hop
it with this one. So hop it. (grunts) Yep, hop it. Nope, you should keep that one still. Yeah, you almost had it. And just jump it with this foot. Jump it.
(grunts) Yep almost.
(laughing) – You go like this. And lift this hand up. Put that hand there. And then… This one. Hold up. (grunts) Yeah see you need to be flexible and shit. – [Pauly] Hell yeah, I know. (laughs) I used to be more flexible. – [Vinny] It's like… (breathing deep) – [Pauly] It is hard on you. (feet hitting turf) (laughing) (deep breathing) – [Pauly] That's hard. That's real hard to do. Yeah that's hard. – [Mike] Fucking fuck with what
you been told, try this son. (laughing) – [Pauly] Might be doing them, might be doing them jump kicks. Do one of them jump kicks. – You just jump up… (feet hit) – [Pauly] No, no, do a jump
kick, like karate ones. – [Mike] Oh really? – [Vinny] Oh I can't. – [Pauly] Oh fuck.
(laughing) – [Vinny] Ahhh. Fuck. – [Pauly] Yo, you alright? (laughing) Yo he pulled a hammy bro. – [Mike] Vin's out dude. – [Vinny] No the mic.
– [Mike] Vin's out. – [Pauly] Yeah Buddy, he pulled a hammy. – [Mike] Oh. – [Vinny] Ah. (laughing) – [Pauly] Ah shit can't know son. – [Vinny] I landed on the mic. (laughing)

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  1. Pally D, Ronnie and Denna are my FAVORITE OFF OF Jersey Shore even though im only 12 I love jersey shore it my FFAAVVOORRIITTEE IM A BBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGG FAN

  2. Skittle Boys is in the comments! Breakdance 101 introduction video "Jersey shore style"

  3. Mike hears women hooting at Vinny and Pauly, and just has to get in there to try to get a some attention too. Moments like that remind me of what a choad Mike was. Heโ€™s such a different guy now.

  4. MTV really should just release a bunch of clips from the original series. They have to have thousands of hours of footage !

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