30 Replies to “Vintage art dress paper mache lace sculpture on canvas”

  1. Hermoso trabajo..lo realisare para invitaciones d XV años para mi niña..me fascino..saludos desde Tarija-Bolivia..

  2. 💝💝 oh I loved this so much. I only wish that it was one of your long long, in real time, chatty chatty videos. I love those the best.

    The sound of your voice just inspires me, asking…are you creating with me? And how you just work along and ask as if we are right there with you…how about this? Yes, I think this should be here, what do you think? I love that. This is a very beautiful canvas though. I watched the most recent one you made and that was gorgeous too. 💝💝

  3. That was so pretty! I will look forward to trying this!! You have so many unique ideas that turn out so wonderfully ❤️

  4. Emily's hands were so little it's cute she was helping you even then! Very nice, fast but project was wonderfully done! 🙌⛄XO🌲XO🎅XO🎄XO🎁XO❄

  5. Holy canolies Batman! That is INCREDIBLY COOOOOOL!!!!! Can you beleive it's been FOUR years since you posted this?!?! Wow! Awesome sauce!

  6. What a stunning little wedding gown!What width lace did you use for the ruffles of the skirt? Is the antique ivory lace the same lace as the white? I love that you put this down on a canvas and the the background color and the distressing colors add the final perfect touch! Your helper also did a great job, Marta. And to think this gown had its humble beginnings from Glad kitchen cling wrap! 💐💫💐

  7. So beautiful. I'm very particular about the type of lace I love (pattern,etc) and these are lovely. Enjoyed watching the whole process.

  8. So gorgeous, I realy love this so much. You have a real creative spirit! I am now watching older movies from you….fantastic!

  9. I enjoyed this video quite a lot. I love watching your videos and do so on my TV most of the time so I can't comment. I just thought I would let you know that I have learned a lot from you. Thank you so much! You are one of my favorite teachers.

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