Vintage Cheer Uniforms | MPGIS S3 | Episode 17

Vintage Cheer Uniforms | MPGIS S3 | Episode 17

I mean, it’s not like she looked good as a
redhead, it’s just that her as a blonde is a fucking trainwreck. I know, it’s like why don’t you just go throw
yourself down a well and break every bone in your body, am I right? Hey, let me ask you something. Do you have
any other clothes, because I’ve never actually- What the fuck?! Hey, sorry, I know, I didn’t mean- No, look! What the fuck! Oh hey girls! What the fuck are you wearing? Oh, new outfits, you like? Hey, cunts. Newsflash. You’re not on the fucking
cheer squad. Oh Brittnay, we’re not wearing these because
we’re on the cheer squad- We’re wearing them because they’re vintage. Vintage? Yeah, we were hanging out at the thrift store
on Tuesday, you know- New shipment day. And what would come in, but these adorable
vintage uniforms! Don’t you love ’em, they’re so retro! Uh they’re not retro, we were wearing them
last week. Yeah, and you two were on the cheer squad
so good job buying back the uniforms you already owned! Uh no Brittnay, we sent our old uniforms to
the Salvation Army, these outfits come from TurnStyles Thrift Store, so it’s like totally
different. Yeah, but from what I heard, this is a pretty
hot item, so I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody already- Hey! What’s up Jennas? Cool threads. What the fuck do these dildos
want? Don’t you even- Alright first of all, if you ever call me
a dildo again, I will give Brittnay free reign to do whatever she wants with you. Just know that that involves a baseball bat
and the loss of one or both of your kidneys. Secondly, you two should know, that you look
like Make-a-Wish kids at the halftime of a Super Bowl. Yeah, Rachel, you know, you really should
wear only one layer of irony at a time. No, no, no, I know, I just, I didn’t want
show too much skin, you know. I’m a very modest girl. Really? You literally gave a blow job to every
boy in school. Yeah, but I was fully clothed! So who’s laughing
now, Matthews? C’mon Rach, this scene’s dead. Let’s go see
if there’s any cool stairs we can go sit on. Out. Ok Jenna, you’ve had your fun, but why don’t
you follow your nerd squad out of here. The center lunch table is cheer squad territory.
Thank you! brittnay Yeah, not territory for dumb fucking beanie
wearing, glasses-having, eight dollar juice swigging, coffee shop loitering mother fucking
garbage trash people who have no- Get the fuck out of here! Oh girls, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but
not everybody subscribes to your antiquated ideas of this group owns that table and that
group owns this bathroom. I mean, where does it end? Somebody claiming ownership of the
staircase next to the science lab? That staircase is controlled by the teacher’s
aides. You want to piss them off, good luck trying to pass a chemistry test. Whatever, we were here first, so if you’d
like us to move, you can- Hey you guys I was thinking, for our next
game, I think it’d be really cool if you- wait a minute! But I thought that you were- Blaine! And you guys were- Blaine! And those guys were- Blaine! I’m confused. Why do you guys have two different
uniforms. Oh we’re not wearing uniforms Blaine, this
is vintage clothing. Oh! Sure looks like cheer uniforms. Yes, Blaine those are the old cheer uniforms. Oh! So why is the cheer squad wearing old
uniforms. Because they’re not on the cheer squad Blaine. Um, I’m pretty sure they’re cheerleaders. No Blaine, they used to be on the cheer squad.
Now they’re not anymore. Oh! Like their uniforms! Yes, like their uniforms. You understand now? Nope! Here, I think I got this. Blaine, Autobots.
Decepticons. Oooohhhhh! Why didn’t you say so? God, girls
are fucking stupid. You see, Mackenzie, nobody else minds that
we’re sitting here. In fact, most everybody thinks we belong here. Oh congratulations, Jenna, you confused an
idiot. It’s not like anybody else at this school is dumb enough to think that you’re
actually- Hey guys, so I was thinking for the pyramid
on Friday, we should- wait a minute! Goddamit. Wait, aren’t you guys- Yes, Trisha, we literally just went through
all of this. Just come stand next to us. Oh ok, yeah. Alright, Jenna, you have until the count of
five to leave this table before we forcibly eject you from it. Got it? One Two Three Four Going through the cafeteria, gonna eat some
food- Oh my god! Haha! That is hilarious! Well played! Hahahahaha… brittnay What the fuck is so funny? What? I’m a fan of ironically humorous clothing.
You know, a California Raisins t-shirt, Wayne’s World 2 hat, a ridiculously outdated cheer
uniform. See, she gets it. Deandra, those aren’t outdated. We wore them
last week. Well just think, if you had terrible taste
for another week, you could’ve been hip! Deandra, you wore this exact outfit at Cheer
Nationals! Yeah, only because I was forced to! Believe
me, I got rid of that thing just as soon as I could! Oh good, you guys already started burning
them? Great. Jeez, if I knew that uniform was gonna end
up being worth something, I woulda hung onto it. Coulda made a few shekels. Deandra, since when did you join the goddamn
hipsters? Oh no believe, me Zales, I am not taking sides
on this one. You are a super crazy bitch and you, well you and you, you look like you’re
going on quite the journey there. Good luck finding yourselves, I assume that’s what you’re
doing. Yes? Ok, anyways, back to the lunchtime song that I sing when I’m going through the
cafeteria, boodoodoodoodoo… Bye Deandra! You know, we never see her enough,
you know? Alright, now where were we? Oh right, 3, 2- Ah ha ha! Great ironic t-shirt! Well, I mean,
not really a t-shirt, I mean the whole outfit! Man, can you believe people used to dress
like that?! Ok, that’s it! I really hope you enjoyed yourself today,
Jenna. I did, thanks. Jenna, did you enjoy yourself
as well? Oh, I did. I did. I really had a great time. Ok, great, well, looks like we’re all good
here! Thanks Mackenzie! Alright, Jenna, that’s it, I’m done. You have
crossed my last line. Congratulations! Because from here on out, I will not sleep until your
life is completely fucked. I am the queen of revenge, Jenna. I’ve disbanded cheer squads,
ruined people’s social lives, and I fucking ripped a girl’s arms off. But all of that
is going to pale in comparison to what I am going to do to you. Mark my words: I will
destroy every part of your life. I will not stop until you are sitting alone in a dark
hole thinking over and over again, “Why did I ever fuck with Mackenzie Zales?” Yeah. I, uh, I forgot my nuggets. Oh, also the dipping
sauces. Hey girls, you know I knew that if I kept
this hanging in my closet long enough it would come back in style! Do you like it? Alright, Jenna, let’s go. This joke has clearly
run its course. Ugh. I think I’m gonna be sick. Ugh, yeah,
mmhmm, that’s vomit in my mouth. Oh, listen bitches, don’t get angry because
it looks better on me, okay? Oh fuck it, you get it.

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  1. "You two should know that you look like Make a Wish kids at the half time if a Super Bowl." Omfg Mackenzie. I can't breathe 😂

  2. I know everyone hates the Jennas and I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't hate them and actually likes them

  3. *Blaine- wait a min but I thought you were an u guys were and they were I'm confused why u guys wearing two different clothing LOL 😂😂😂 I'm Dead 😂😂😂😂

  4. Makenzie: …the center lunch table is cheer squad territory, thankyouu~
    Brittany: Yeah, not territory for dumb-fucking, beanie-wearing, glass-having, $8 juice-swinging, coffee shop-loitering, motherfucking garbage trash people who have NO—GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!

    I love how Brittany couldn't even finish her cuss XD

  5. i love how brittnay just gets blaine. like she can make him understand stuff that he doesn’t usually understand. that’s exactly why i ship them more than freaking saison and blaine ughghgugughghh🙄

  6. Did you guys hear what brittney said while she were beating up that guy i think she said “say it say it say humble”

  7. Rachel : "I'm a very modest gurl !"
    Brittany : "What ?! You litterally gave a blow-j to every boy in school !"
    Rachel : Yeah, but I was fully clothed. Who's laughin" now, Matthews ??"


  8. I just love how stupid blaine is and how suitable his voice is to his character it makes me laugh so much

  9. This Autobot and Decepticon line, with her calling Deandra Megatron, all on top of her Full Metal Alchemist reference make Brittany a low-key nerd.

  10. To hipsters(in this series only. I don't want to offend any hipsters): YOU MOTHER FUCKING MAINSTREAM BITCHES! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS HOLY GRAIL SHITTY PIECE OF SHITTY SCHOOL. YOU. DON'T. BELONG.

  11. Rewatching the series again and just realized…Tanner is in the background and he's not wearing pants. Would be even better if Than was staring in the background.

  12. i feel like deandra has a deep understanding of everything happening and is the most woke of everyone but nobody has realized because most of the time she’s just looking for food

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