Vlog | Costume College 2019: Saturday

Vlog | Costume College 2019: Saturday

oh hey guys it's day three maximus regency a petticoat so I can make a Spencer today we have all these Regency ladies who are getting fitted by JP Ryan for their new regencies jacket which we are making in class today my pattern cut out this is my new friend she is cutting her pattern of we're waiting for a fabric wet watery to start after Judy gets fixed over there before returning to UVA okay I hate it so hard it's really annoying it happens automatically every time you walk across it anyway my class is over I did not finish my I didn't even so I didn't sew a stitch like by the time we all got like fitted and got our fabric and we laid the fabric out and then there wasn't room in that class because oh that's another thing if you could have so accosting knowledge you're not gonna do well like it is crazy hard to so I cross it elvish because the tables are super narrow you can't cut anything so we went on the hallway and we were trying to cut fabric when people kept trying to like wheel service carts through like we're cutting our fabric on the ground anyway I'm not done I did it with star I mean I've cut all the fabric out but that's it I got all the instructions and that's all I needed to do looks like they are making what are you guys making cauldrons they're making progress but it is warm out here just you know these people have to do their work out fine and that's I think that's really cool okay anyway so I need to go put my put my sewing machine in the car that's why I was out fine and now I am going to go to him and put normal clothes on so I'm not what that was to me so I'm not gonna walk around my underwear all day just rather bears I like not yeah so I'm gonna go get changed and then I might go to I'm not gonna put curlers over here that's what we decided I'm just gonna like wing it tonight with whatever sexy hair I haven't going on right now I'm America where it's much easier to talk to you I don't know how much of that I finished because I kept getting interrupted by people I saw which is the best part of cost in college um yeah so if you want to so here it's really rough because the tables are really narrow and like your stuff falls down all the time and like whatever so we're cutting like on our hands and knees I pick my stays off so that I could get on the ground so it's like gouging out my stomach um there's a bus in the front of that like a wooden bus in front of you in your wouldn't air at regencies days whoo so by the time I we laid all the fabric out and like a pin day and then I caught it and I even had help and I was still like I had like I could have soand for like 15 minutes and I was like no I'm not gonna do that so if you come to costume College and you're gonna make something in your class don't expect to finish it they will get you through all the parts that you need they're special tools for so that you can take it home and finish it but just expect some unfinished objects that you may never finish I have so many that I actually just got rid of them all but the experience is really good and you can totally go home I finished up like this this fence right we'll go home like next week I will go finish this thing because I need it so yeah I'm gonna go to the marketplace so I'm gonna switch my clothes and then go down there and I'll show you the marketplace it's pretty awesome college mood chill [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay I'm going there between again is whenever you kill ready you would add your gift to and you pick the direction that you want to go okay so let's turn right there and I pulled out a real types of one hint hold on real real tight there's a lot of tension here and after shredded oh great we said all this stuff on fire I probably burnt my hand on some spandex that was awful she burnt her hand on Smith spandex also they like spews out a little lava ball yeah I'm going in water anyway this class was let's just say dangerous firemen is happening Clawdeen is doing ironing for me yay our Mountain hovels so I spent the last couple of hours like putting this on I'm getting ready and stuff we're gonna go find the rest of our vendors we have us come to a chair sorry anyway we're going to the staging area so that we can go to the red carpet so I'm gonna hand this off to flooding and she can take video as we go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

20 Replies to “Vlog | Costume College 2019: Saturday”

  1. To the end. The standout gown for me was a teal dress with flowers on the sides of the skirt. And the back of the dress was layers of horizontal gathers. Stunning! I also liked how you guys did the superheros. That was a great idea.

  2. Had to skip to the end. Got a little motion sick but there were so many beautiful costumes in there it's crazy.

  3. To the end! Is that Bernardette at 29:30? I thought she was going to wear the Red Death dress for Saturday evening? She looks great in what she's wearing here, I'm just confused ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. To the end and it was awesome… now my 5 year old wants me to make her a superhero princess costume for Halloween

  5. The feminine incarnations of male characters are stunning, but guy as Carol Burnett's Scarlett leaves me speechless.

  6. All the costumes and participants are so BEAUTIFUL!! Great work and artistry. I loved EVERYTHING my eyeballs could see – I'm SMILING ear to Ear – I'll be watching this over and over again! You Looked GREAT!!! TY for thinking about US folk who couldn't attend …. just AMAZING!!! WooHoo!

  7. Made it to the end!! And wow!!! What an evening of gorgeousness!! Everyone looked amazing!! I just sat here โ€œooohhh!!โ€ And โ€œoh my goodness!!โ€ Again, thank you for sharing!! So much beautiful in one vlog!

  8. Mostly I want to bask in the glow of all those radiant smiles and gawk at all the things I can learn from <3<3<3

  9. Thank you for sharing with us. I felt like Alice going down the rabbit hole and seeing all of those different characters. Loved it! ๐Ÿ˜

  10. Determined to go to costume college as a self aware yet ambitious novice who has taken up passion for Tang dynasty influence in European high fantasy costume!! It's a wild ride

  11. So nice to see Bernadette Banner. She was Edgar Allen Poe's death in the red dress. I think it is. So many wonderful costumes. You were a great iron woman. Did you have fun, I hope.

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