Vlog | Costume College 2019 : Wednesday and Thursday

Vlog | Costume College 2019 : Wednesday and Thursday

hey friends welcome to another vlog we are on route to custom college and I could not be more excited right now we've had a little bit of the downturn Cathy's flight is late so she might not go to the fabric district with me tomorrow but that's ok I'm still gonna go because jetlag is a real real thing and she will need to sleep and also another friend of mine who was supposed to come said today that she couldn't come because her mom is not feeling well and I'm like oh that's so sad mostly for her mom mom for us but I mean for us but you know you know what I mean anyway so I'm super pumped I'm still in San Jose it will take about five and a half hours to get to Woodland Hills from here plus bathroom and food stops so about six hours and it should put me there right around five o'clock tonight so that seems awesome service hey guys I am currently in the Hilton I am NOT singing in the Warner Marriott tonight because they wanted like 400 bucks for the first night and I was like f that so I'm gonna stay at the Hilton 400 or something so that I can go to the fabric district tomorrow with or without Cathy yeah this hotel is pretty nice let me give you a little hotel room tour Hilton E bed it's pretty big definitely if you had to Queens you could fit more people in here I only brought up a selection of my items um the toile a with a big mirror and a bathtub which is important to me anyway um I think I'm gonna leave these are the items that I've brought up are the items that I would leave at this hotel while I went down to LA because tomorrow because I don't want to have all that stuff especially the expensive stuff sitting in my car all day in some random LA parking lot so I'm gonna leave it here and then I'm gonna come back here after I go fabric shopping grab my stuff and then go over to the Warner Center Marriott check in do all that kind of joke oh my god the sunset today is so beautiful it doesn't look like anything in the camera right now but it's stunning hey now I'm sitting in this bed at the Hilton down the street after saving $200 well 175 because valet parking is $25 but I saved that much money but I really wish I was over there because I'm watching everybody like I come in and I'm like ah like I can see them on Instagram that they're there now and I'm like I just wanted to sit in the lobby and say hello to everyone I mean I guess I could go over there it's like two blocks away it's a little big deal but no I'm laying in my bed that's what's happening we need to see if Cathy is going to get to LA tonight or not because at this point I was looking at me sigh I'm kind of concerned for her anyway um that's my update right now I was gonna go to movies instead I'm laying here watching big little lies because I think I missed the last two episodes so I'm gonna do that and wait and see what the verdict is but I think tonight's pretty boring which is probably good I should probably like try to go to sleep early and stuff I'm gonna try to get up early and go to the properties checked it's gonna there's gonna be traffic on the way there so it's gonna take an hour to get there and probably an hour to get home and I'll probably only be there for now I'm only gonna hit like target places so if you want the rundown there's another video that is – my entire like why I went there and filmed the entire fabric just jerks well not the entire thing but you know that going into a bunch of stores and I showed you everything and whatever so if you're interested in that go watch that video but I will take you with me into the fabric stores tomorrow to see what's there I have nothing no agenda other than I saw some stuff last time that I'm like maybe if it's still there or maybe if there's new staffing you know stash buildings of thing I can't wait for tomorrow I'm super excited I'm just so excited I'm laying in my bed like not moving I'm so excited so comments there's like 200 comments on every video now which is a lot and I like it and I love reading them at some point I'm going to have to stop responding to all of them because it takes me forever to respond ah huh I will always always read all of them but I don't know at what point is like a good point to just be like yeah I'm not responding all these anymore like what is my threshold for that I don't know I'm trying to figure that out this like right now it takes me several hours to respond to them all and I guess that's fine but because I I like talking to you guys maybe I'll just like like some of them for a while and send my love back they so you know I read your comment but some of them like they're like have a great time I crossed in college and I'm like that doesn't really warrant a response I guess huh like thanks oh you know I will great thank you thank you for your warm wishes and I want people to do that so I want to respond because I think that's like part of a dialogue is that you get talked back to but I don't know and now I understand why like you tumors don't always respond to all their comments cuz I'm just like wow there's a lot right now um and 200 doesn't even that much like I have friends who are like thousands and thousands of comments I just don't even know like how to keep up I thought anyway I'm gonna go veg cuz that sounds like the best idea I think I'm gonna be like over stimulated in the next like four days and as a an extrovert who's over stimulated that's bad like yeah I'm just I'm really pumped and I hope everything's awesome and it's gonna be cool okay so we're up we're wet and we are ready to go to the LA fabric district Cathy's not even here yet maybe her plane just landed um so she's out cuz she's gotta go get over some jet lag but I'm still going and then I'm going to attempt to swing by the airport and we got Bernadotte so we'll see how that all goes first have to get gas and then we will head over to buy some fabric oh yes okay so we are here I am parked in my favorite Lots which is seven dollars to park all day is on the ground so you don't have to go into some crazy shady like parking lot they have to drive on top of a building to get to and then it's impossible to move around up there also right across the way pom pom fabrics which is my first stop okay I found silk satin for $15 look at this stuff it's two-toned oh my god on this one like think about the 18th century dress out of those that's gonna happen and then this beauty up here that's like purple with red I think it'll fray I wanted to free blue that'll be amazing oh so good okay so I'm gonna come back and get some unease this one is also dreamy it's a little slubby and I don't care so beautiful look at this purple uh so gorgeous just like what color do you want guys I want to spend so much money it's like my girl striped all of it it's so good oh wait we get this is actually helpful now we confuse ya though I am here buying ridiculous amounts of fabric and I am getting this guy and the other one what did you get Thursday you black boy did velvet over that it's really a black voided belt belt look look at that oh that's gorgeous yeah for 16th century Italian yeah yeah that's the stuff right there Wow where you gonna wear that wait are you anything cuddle with it yeah I'm moving to Glasgow okay well I mean get well home yeah sure absolutely I expect pictures on Instagram okay there will be pictures on Instagram perfect you guys have all heard at commitments have been made yes okay all that is in the car that was really cool to meet Kelly because she's shortly moving to Bosco and she used to live rudiment really near me but I never met her there it was fortuitous to run into her I've been chatting on Instagram she said that she picked all the places that she wanted to go today here beverage district based on the blog but I didn't hear a little while ago so fun okay I'm gonna go hit a couple more stores I just spent my thousand dollars so I'm tone that down probably not but we're gonna say that we're gonna tone that down and go ahead a couple more places before what to go pick up ribbon okay I just want to Intex caramel caramel they have crazy of linens and silk fabric and there was some beautiful like dupioni that I was like oh I thought this it would phrase so beautifully oh I can't justify it with all the so good to spot so it's too like it's too sloppy for period and I am totally willing to like let that slide once or twice but especially if it's not that and it was really sloppy so despite the fact that I want it and it would be beautiful I also have to realize that like I don't have any room for even the stuff that I just bought or I'm possibly going to buy because my cabinets are full yeah I could make a bin in the garage but I'm trying really hard to avoid that so really I just need to make more stuff that's just why all that stuff is sitting on the ground in my craft room the Atelier so that I don't put it in a bin and forget about it and so I remember to like get my butt in gear and go ahead and use that fabrica I'm headed to fabrics and fabrics which is on the corner of 9th and maple and I'm gonna see what they've got in there there's also linens and somes in there that are beautiful so we're gonna see if there's anything new that looks like I have to have it okay well fabrics and peppers was too expensive today their price has changed on the daily as all these places prices change on the daily so I was too expensive for my brunch I found some stuff that I totally would have bought but they were running like 20 bucks a yard and I was like no not today thank you so I managed to get out of it oh the sparkles doors here blue moving fabrics sparkles Stoller super excited about this place because I Sparkle enough no it's just like I have no idea how to sell that stuff but I would make every single thing that I am ever owned on of like LeMay and full sequence and speaking of secret stuff yes that one all the colors of darkness hardware that and scream I am the night it would be amazing okay well I have a little bit of time to kill like a half an hour before I need to leave maybe a little bit more someone grab some food because this kind of lunchtime and a happy Noel is a Fed Noel have you a most shameful person in the world and I'm all the way to LA land of good Mexican food and go to el coyol ago I think not but there's not much food right here that I want so I'm gonna keep walking around all right I got one of these mango pineapple and watermelon with tagine so good I'm hungry but I don't know what I want and nothing's like striking my fancy so this seems refreshing and like it will keep me going for a little while so I'm gonna do this okay I don't know what if a is but I ordered one and it looked amazing so I'm super excited about getting this I also got those Mandarin which I shouldn't be drinking but young this is a pupusa it's like a doughy and this one has cheese inside but you get all sorts of other stuff with some slaw that looks really good tastes really good and couple sauces which you can put on herself what up kids mission accomplished look what I got okay now we're gonna go sit in traffic for like an hour which is better than it could be and then we're gonna create some rooms and then I have to go back to my old hotel pick up on my luggage that's not currently in this car that was gonna melt go get that bring that back to the hotel and then I think there's a keynote speech tonight do you know what yeah the like chick from miss Fisher's Oh is doing a keynote tonight and then the pool party okay so I know nothing I don't know I want to say like 5:30 news like this is announced it wasn't it was in the book I read the book last night wait I read the book no I didn't give to the book thinking that I'd read it on the plane and I never did no okay well there we go all right oops okay see you guys later got a dive and we're here we should you should be we're just gonna check in though so nothing exciting is happening okay we're at the hotel which is not the Warner Center Marriott this is where Bernadette is cringing at me for my product placement all right guys this is the room it's been updated since the last time I was here I think some rooms were updated last year and some rooms weren't so those little balcony you can go out on lots of places to put stuff which is great and also an opt-out of space in order to lose things which is happy I'm happy about this full-length mirror because that will help me out the bathroom has a very nice manner also and then know about tub wha-wha-wha bathtubs are bad anyway cuz he was dipped in too much water but I was looking forward to a bath and I didn't take one yesterday oh well anyway we have a little bit of time before stuff starts going down so I might order me some room service and chill out for a little bit and get my bearings on I just met Marika downstairs and that was crazy because like I feel like I know her like we watch each other's blogs all the time and I was like hi it was awesome anyway it was really good to see her and I get to see her bunch this weekend so I'm really excited about that anyway I'll probably go downstairs a little bit I gotta figure out what's going on but I'm just gonna sit and get settled and calm the hell down because I'm overstimulated uh yeah oh yeah for all of you people who were like oh you could show us a time-lapse of your packing here's why I didn't show you what time lots of my packing I literally like put my shoes in their boxes because they stay in their boxes in my car and then I put my sewing kit that I just have out in my sewing room in my car and then I put a case of water in my car put um this bag and I put all the junk that's extra in this bag like my camera and stuff then I packed up a whole bunch of these kind of bags with just like my iron and random things and brought them downstairs and put them in my car and then I practice suitcase full of muggle clothes and a couple of costumey things like literally nothing and then I hung up Iron Man and Watson are in here and I will set them free momentarily but yeah it really wasn't that interesting so that's why I didn't do it it might be more interesting when I go on the other trip but even then I don't know we'll see oh this is all the new stuff that I bought I will go put this on the bed so I can show you what I got here's one of thousand dollars at the LA fabric district will get you I think I have 12 yards of this green and brown stripy fabric which is soaked this like taupe and in tan I guess I don't know stripy fabric this is silk satin and it is two-toned and like sexual so the hoard of games for that and then there's this pink Lobby with brown two-toned like silk satin and then this guy that I showed at the store I think I showed all of these at the store it's like shot taffeta and ol peel-off teal I'm just like oh I need a harlots costume so bad all right I gotta go move my car cuz they're gonna start yelling at me soon I'm super excited okay this is the chaos that is costume College unloading like just everyone at the same time in the comments over the other has to do with fluid and then okay yeah next time just call me and I'll pick you up because I picked up Bernadette – okay yeah Kathy's built the team they've done everybody right now whoo-hee friends it's Noel I'm gonna do a California accent right now I've stolen Noelle's camera and it's gonna be Noel right uh-huh oh look there's a cat not a cat anywhere in this vicinity okay guys we found Kathy and Bernadette's here too and actually this is totally lame because I'm actually just leaving right now because I need to go edit this vlog but we had fun for years down below check her out she's an awesome you two are positively scandalous thank you outside in your knickers [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] anyway she watches the vlog though amazing hailey dress would she brought here from England he does that hey guys I'm back in my room I'm just gonna edit my blog for the rest of the night welcome to my suitcase in my background what a great background anyway I'm just gonna end this vlog I've been doing it um I did yesterday yesterday yesterday part yesterday and some of today's already so I only have a little bit to edit and then I'll put this up I'm gonna try to get a vlog up every day for you um I don't know if that's possible and it might go up like at night or might go up in the morning so I'll get it up whenever I can bring you it it's really hard to I'm like live blog live blogs not the right word but um daily vlog while you're trying to also like have a really good time and like talk to people and enjoy company and stuff but I got to meet so many people that I have known from here and from Instagram and stuff that I have never met in person and I'm really excited about so I am super pumped about that so I hope you liked this vlog if you did give it a thumbs up if you got to all the way to the end leave me it to the end in the comments comment down below if you have any comments or questions or want to express your love of costume College don't or whatever I love being in the comments with you guys although I gotta warn you I'm probably gonna be comment free this weekend if I see a particularly choice one I might answer it but I'm gonna do that when I get home from college cuz ain't nobody got time to be responsive in comments when your daily vlogging okay like this video if you liked it subscribe if you haven't and I will hopefully see you tomorrow with yet another vlog okay bye

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  1. I’m questioning my brain’s ability to pick up “don’t you want me baby” playing in the background of Home Fabrics…

  2. to the end!!! i love that you are vlogging this and sooooo wish i could be a part of it…looks like great fun:) thx

  3. To the end! Love the fabric district, I would have spent more than you, for sure. The costumes are wonderful, all so different. I just love how we all interpret the same theme so differently. They're all unique. Enjoy costume college….wish I was there with you all…..

  4. (As to the commenting on stuff I think if u like a comment and want to acknowledge that you read it a ‘like’ is fine it’s way to much to try to respond let alone keep a convo going in YouTube comments) but you do you ✌🏼 btw enjoying your content keep up the good and the fun ❤️

  5. Woot! Made it to the end! Watching this has made me even more desperate to make it to CoCo asap! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for vlogging for those of us that can't make it this year. <3

  6. To the end! Looks like you’re going to have a blast this weekend. I’m jealous but thanks for letting us live it vicariously

  7. I made it to the end! Don't worry about replying to everything (not just on the CoCo videos, I mean in general) – we know you read them <3

  8. TOO THE END GIRL 🙌🏻🙌🏻!
    Phenomenal footage, don’t even think about comments this weekend. You have been vlogging away for 6mths leading up to this (& the BIG trip), so your focus should be on the other creators, classes, lectures, etc! However; don’t get bogged down by the comments in general. The goal is that as we read each other’s comments that we give it a 👍🏻 so it moves to the top of the list. This makes it easier for you to see what questions/suggestions that we are most interested in. You will drive yourself CRAZY trying to answer every single comment, & it’s super sweet that you want too, but when 100 of 200 comments are “Have Fun”, “Great Vlog”, “Loved that Fabric” (the fuchsia silk that frays teal-blue…😱🤤..DEAR LORD IT’S SPECTACULAR 🤦🏼‍♀️), just putting a like on a comment like those let’s us know you do see us. If someone has a really legit question you think is worth addressing, definitely do that…but you don’t have to answer the same question 20X’s, lol! You don’t even have to put a like on every single comment every time! If something catches your eye, either pin a comment so everyone who asked the same thing will see it, or just answer it in your next vlog. Do viewers like to get a response or ❤️ on their comments 🤷🏼‍♀️, OF COURSE! Am I a grown ass woman who is fascinated by the depth of work that you do & sometimes just want to say “YYAAASSSSS GGIIRRLLL, kick that pleated trims ass”, hell yeah! Most times I am so in awe of the work, I don’t have anything of substance to contribute, but it’s my little way to say “I am speechless, but want you to know you are a badass madam”!! Lastly, you deserve a good name for loyal followers…I’ve only come up with the “IBCFam” so far, b/c only people who already are; or have become really interested in following your journeys will get it…but it’s simply a thought! Vlogging every day is insane & flippin awesome, so thank you for taking those of us who aren’t able to attend (for whatever reason) along w/you! I CAN NOT WAIT to see you & Bernadette together👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! Plus Cathy’s dress…be still my ❤️. Sorry for the ramble, lol! I really just wanted to say not to worry about the comments….then I wrote a book🙊. HAVE FUN!! Mad hugs being sent your way 🤗💜!

  9. To the end! I loved how you showcased attendees with all sorts of styles of costumes as well as those wearing regular clothes. The fabric you got is amazing. I especially covet the red/fustian that frayed teal. Gorgeous!

  10. Uploading daily vlogs from costume college? I love it, but that's insane. Enjoy your time with your friends and in costume. Don't worry about us. I wish you an amazing weekend. <3

  11. Hey Noelle, have a lovely time at CoCo, been wishing I could go there for years, so I'm loving seeing what you all get up to there. Enjoy yourself!

  12. LOVED being able to see everyone at the start of CoCo! Thanks so much for vlogging daily! Droolworthy shopping in the fabric district, thanks for taking us along, it'll have to do until I can do the shopping in person….HUGS! (I would have HAD to also buy the purple silk satin…). Can't wait to see the spectacular dresses made from your gorgeous silks!!!

  13. Don't mind about answering the comments! Just enjoy! To film and to edit is timeconsuming enough. Thihihi… Cathy and Bernadette, such naughty women! ^^

  14. To the end!! My favorite part of costume college vlogs is trying to figure out who/what everybody is!!

  15. Thank you so much for this! Watching this makes me seriously want to try to attend Costume College in the future! This is making my creative juices go crazy!

  16. I made it to the end too! (Wasn't that hard.) Costume College looks so awesome. I wish I could be there with all of you. So glad you are all enjoying the fruits of your labors.

  17. To the end!!! The blue fraying fabric is beautiful! I also love the stripey silk so much! Hope you're having the best time!

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