vlog: first time going to group therapy + new workout clothes!

vlog: first time going to group therapy + new workout clothes!

good morning you guys I'm being really quiet because max came back from his morning workout you miss sleeping I'm just realizing how much dirty this mirror is it's so gross sorry I'll clean it today but I'm eating breakfast look Angela would quick because a minute you get eggs to partner avocado toast because it's our favorite I always do my Ezekiel bread avocado egg with sriracha on top and it's so good foods but I got distracted because Arlen beat Semmy and I just made some names like in a half an hour I was so good to catch up a little but I can't wait to see him now that he's back in Austin well he's on the Cape you know America close by not Australia so yeah that was eating and then Max is leaving me to go skate yeah with a mic in India I'm gonna lay on that couch in watch I really need to watch pretty little eyes season two and you need to watch oh that sounded weird I was like pretty little eyes big little eyes you're right we I like that you'd know that and you haven't even seen it max needs to watch season one but I need a washes into maybe every watch season with you because I saw it so long ago I like forget it reminds me of dead to me we've been watching dead to me on Netflix and it's like so insane I like gets me scared like I sit there and I'm like so anxious but Natalie was telling it to wash so you guys should watch that – it's like freaky but it's good I'm okay you guys I said I was even tell you more about my outfit this is the DD for sports bra from fabletics and it's the seamless material so I know it's Tibor seamless sports bra keeps running and I got it in white and this was the back I was trying to show you earlier it's so freaking cute and the reason I got the white one is because if you guys remember I have it in grey – and I love it and Max just said that he liked you like mom you like white see yeah me too I like it cuz it just looks so crisp and new like I could tell there was a new white sports bra because it's just like so fresh looking anyway then I'm really confused you guys because these I swear we're called pure luxe or maybe I'm making that up but I just looked on the tag because I literally just got them in these leggings are the high-waisted statement power form leggings and like I said this is the divorcee no sports bra maybe you guys can see where does it say the size oh yeah okay so small and small normally I always get an extra small and everything that like says I like it really tight but I wanted to see like how the smalls we're like I've been getting more smalls just so that it's more like cozy like the gray one and this I have an extra smile but this small I got just so it would be like a little bit more loose fitting obviously let go just a little bit bigger which I actually really like I feel like he just depends for me but I want them to feel like snug or just fit me more like comfortable and yeah basically I had these exact leggings which I guess I was calling the wrong name like the sign and they were just really snugged so I gave them to Taylor because she's a little bit smaller than me and I got him in a small and this is the first day I was wearing both these at Seoul and it went so well I knew I was gonna be obsessed with spinning in these I knew I wanted to wait till after so I could tell you guys and they were the best for spinning like I knew they would be but they didn't fall down at all I didn't need to yank them up I love leggings with pockets I love that and these remind me so much of the Lululemon what are those called speed tights I think they're really all about don't even know if they have them anymore there but they're freakin expensive and so Publix is so much better because it's way more affordable and obviously you guys know I'll have them link down below I know talked about it before but you can get the VIP membership where it's gonna be free shipping on everything above $50 when you place an order and you get 50% off of everything we need a VIP member which is obviously so amazing you can cancel at any time and so clearly I would recommend that's what I have and you can just go bananas on there really cute workout stuff but literally spend so much less money than you would it like lemon Athleta like it just gets so expensive and I know if you're a VIP member you can also get the two 424 leggings which is absolutely insane and I don't even know how they're able to make two leggings $24 when they're like the best ever especially these are so amazing I would really really recommend these leggings and you guys know I feel like the Holy Grail ones that I've worn forever are the power hold ones but just know I think I've started spinning in them less just because they're such thick like good-quality snug leggings that they can get kind of hot if you're in like a hot room for like yoga or spinning or something so now I wear those more just like not working out more as like athleisure and then anything seamless on the website I could talk about them all day long it was like the best like most like stretchy soft cozy material so I'm gonna finish showing you guys the other stuff that I got from fabletics oh this is just what I wear spin this morning morning and I'm obsessed like the new stuff that I got in this package is like my favorite ever you guys like I said I'm just so obsessed with it stuff this is called the Cathy hoodie and I never have like long-sleeve like athletic e pullovers like this in Mac Zoe says he's that you look you should wear them and I feel like I would always just wear like random t-shirts but like this morning when – when I went to Seoul I just had the white sports probably divorce sports bra and they're like a random honey but like I wish I had like this athletic a little pullover so this is so cute this is called the Cathy hoodie I just looked on the tag and it's so soft and stretchy and comfy I think a lot of the reasons I didn't like like tight athletic pullovers like this for a while so I felt like they weren't comfy but this was so stretchy and comfy and I got it in a size small just so that it would be a little bit more like loose-fitting as you can see like I have some room instead of it being like skin-tight and then these leggings how freaking cute you guys they're just these a green leggings I'm actually gonna grab I have a sports bra that goes with it and I've been looking and looking because it's like a seamless sports bra this green one that I have and I didn't have matching leggings for it and I finally found these on their website that like match with it how cute are these I love if you can tell like the little mesh I just love making sets you guys know I really for SoulCycle because we're your cute little set to SoulCycle it's like the funnest thing ever and I love the matching so I'm gonna grab the green mat sports bar to show you oh and the leggings are the Salar statement power like 2.0 7/8 that was a mouthful but this beautiful green color I don't know if this is like doing it justice the lighting and as you can see the 7/8 length let's go to like here on me since I'm five foot nine I actually feel like other what's it called other styles on their website of leggings that are 7/8 go a little bit longer so maybe these ones are just run a little bit shorter but let me grab the Greens worth you guys this is the green sports bra if you can see like what it's like the most beautiful green and then it goes perfect with you screen leggy and last but not least I have the Devore seamless sports bra again just in this purple color because I loved the gray one and the white one so much like I just love this style and like how cute it looks and your sound cozy it is yeah that's everything had to show you guys from my fabletics I am so obsessed and I got a few more pieces which I'm gonna wait and show you guys my Instagram story you guys might at least I like doing that just like splitting it up mostly so that I don't I don't lose your attention your attention span wanders off when I'm just showing close forever no but yeah in case you like watching them on Instagram is already better or whatever so I saved some pieces for that but seriously this little batch of stuff that I got i obsessed with and again they'll be linked down below you guys know how much i'm with athletics obviously like i said before i would recommend being a VIP like literally the two for 24 leggings it's just unreal and unlike anything other and i think i said earlier that you get free shipping above $50 they're actually think it's $49 and above you get free shipping which is amazing and 50% off of everything so I feel like they're normal prices can be still cheaper than like regular other like athletic clothing places I'm like making this sound so confusing I feel like their prices every day typically are still less than like the lululemon athletica but like I said with the VIP membership you're gonna get another 50% off so it's just like incredible and affordable and I like it for not only like working out weeks old cycle this morning also athleisure like I can just lounge in this now so yeah again link down below and let's move on with the day's I just found this little set in my closet still with the tags on it I'm like where did this come from it's from Toby and I must have gotten it probably a year or two ago but I just like you've never noticed that my closet and I'm like it's freaking cute why haven't I warned this and I didn't know if I liked it at first but we like it right max yeah so I got to find something to wear this too right it's probably so old but I just think that guys it's the next day and let's just be honest really quick I was so excited to a vlog yesterday and just have a day and I had all these fun ideas of stuff I was gonna do and bring you guys along and none of that happened and so basically after SoulCycle and after I got to show you all my funding workout clothes I was really sad for the whole day you know part of it I feel like it was because it was raining all day so I feel like I was just sad because of that and um so now today is Wednesday and I'm about to go to my first it's like a grief support group support group grief it's a grief support group and it's my first time going and it's basically all about like life after loss and yeah it's just been really hard coming into terms of that and I was like crying all day yesterday I'm gonna cry thinking about it and I know it's gonna be really rough but I want to be open with you guys because literally every single person that has dealt with any loss especially like losing a parent anything has been like Gretchen if I can give you like one big piece of advice start therapy and do it now and basically I know my mom would be okay if I shared this with you because I talked about it with her all the time she started like one-on-one therapy and it just really wasn't for her and I feel like it kind of just depends on the person if you'd rather like be with someone else like one-on-one talking with them or in a group setting and now my mom meets with a group I think every week and loves them and loves going and actually went last night and was telling me about it and I was like calling or crying yesterday like nervous to call this group to see if they were like meeting today and just talked to the girl that runs it and my mom was like do it you're gonna feel so much better like it's okay like I know it's gonna help you like you should go and I like called the girl yesterday I was crying and it was just like I don't know it's just you guys know it's really hard it's a lot and just like sadness and wave and yeah I was just trying to like get my life together and like clean yesterday it was just sad and not in the mood for vlogging so I apologize if this vlog is like all over the place now um but I guess I will bring you guys with me and just talk about it and that's where this vlog is gonna go because I'm just being really open with you and I know I want to share this with you because I know what could help some of you especially if any of you were like considering any kind of therapy I really don't know what I'm talking about because this is so new to me I don't know the difference between like a therapist or like a psychologist or like I don't even know the different names like a counselor or like a support group or you know what I'm saying but whatever the case may be for you I would recommend if you're like thinking about it at all I mean I haven't even gone yet I'm about to go but just off of but my mom my sister everybody that cares about me everybody in my life all of you guys what everybody said is go go go and one comment that scared me the most was like you think you're okay until you end up in a really dark place and then it's almost like too late to start and it's like never too late but it's just better if you can have like a support system like from the beginning so it's about to come with me which I'm very grateful for and I kind of like bounce back and forth like do I want him to come do I not want him to come and then I was like okay you're coming you're like my little security blanket but yeah so that's what's going on and then tonight I actually am I supposed to go ride with Maggie I'm sure I'm going to just make that a separate blog because that's gonna be like bananas maybe I can go do some soul-searching and cleanse my soul before this whole cycle all right tonight right sorry was that cheesy yeah that's what it's about to happen that's what's going on and I think we can just chat today about stuff that's been on my mind except I've been thinking yeah and like I want to ask you guys questions like I just have so many questions for you I want to know what should go on this wall above this couch I want to know if any of you have so knows and if you like them because I've been literally looking at them for a month and wanting to buy them but they're so expensive so we'll chat but that is where this wall gets headed the support group obviously I'm not gonna film there but just like I'll talk to you beforehand has subsided the tears for a bed I just sent it back to her again that group was Rudolph I just didn't know how I was gonna be in this type of setting and let me tell you how I was i sat in the corner for an hour and cried the entire time at some points it was just like tears at other points II was like like sobbing just hearing everybody talk about it just made me so sad and I just was not ready to share anything and when the older woman is like you seem really upset over there to do anything to say no so pros and cons I feel like overwhelm maybe more comes just cuz I was so sad but I did learn a lot and I maybe just realizing that the whole group thing isn't for me because I don't know if I would ever feel ready to share really personal things with like all these strangers and I never thought I would be like that like I find sharing personal things with you guys who are essentially strangers I guess but we like know each other but like I don't know you know what I mean like could you picture yourself talking in front of all those people yeah you almost said really oh yeah I don't know why I just I don't know I just felt really overwhelmed and like I liked hearing out people deal with it and things that they do and I think that's helpful but I just don't know if that was for me and maybe I felt like I couldn't relate to a lot of them what kind eight weeks old boy pick her up on the August 8th August 8th I'm gonna be a little Walker for a couple of days that's late wait okay so this is another thing I actually wanted to talk about this video you probably just had a sneak preview but let me finish about the whole grief support group overall I'm really happy we tried and we win if you were there you would have been like well currently I just cried the entire time sitting in the corner because anytime I feel like I would be better someone else would talk about some things I had an outcry yeah but uh what I was going to say is every other person there was is it appropriate to say elderly old big that's just how it was and I figured that might be the case but it was obviously still helpful maybe that's why I felt like I couldn't like really this much because for all of those people it was mainly losing a spouse and then one older gentleman lost his father and kept talking about that and so whatever he thought Tommy's brother but who yeah in all the fields and happy I did it we got this fun little packet of things and I'm not going to show you let me take a picture my phone sending my mom I had a pile of dirty tissues like ten times this on my lap and it was just I love tears but honestly I'm hopefully for the rest of the day I'll feel better that I like let it out you know usually feel better after you let it out and the other thing that I feel better with sure I'll find more things as time goes on and life continues moving forward but um they were talking about in the group week they were like anyone want to share wait is that like day do you know what I'm saying ways that they cope with grief and like things that help them and people were saying all sorts of things I like the guy that lost his dad was saying just feel really present and like mindful of things around you and just like focus on breathing like really simple things just bring you back ground yourself type of thing like that and little the only thing that I'd like to come up with whenever I'm really sad and if I haven't worked out yet I'll go work out it always helps me feel better just like it takes my mind off of it gets the endorphins going so I like but literally you have to make you happier I feel like if you have endorphins pumping but they were all quite old so I wasn't going to suggest that they they go wrong I'm happy I saved the tears for the past hour and a half and I'm not crying anymore on camera because I don't want to make you guys sad but that was that and preview of what Matt was just saying this is another thing see I just feel like we needed to chat so did you look up what it looks like oh it's gonna be so cute so basically max might start dog walking this dog in our building so new puppy if there's like a new puppy my vlogs all the time and that's why and yeah basically this woman is just really busy and it's getting a puppy and it was like anyone run walk a dog and me back together or like 1 million hundred percent thousand yes like I would walk all the dogs and we all are like interested in the dog at least a little even though we don't know if we're like ready right now what you hey chill out ok there's always get so hairy right here everybody gets all angry at each other but anyway so max is emailing this lady and we asked her like what kind of dog and we were like there's no way it's a golden retriever which is attack we walk because it's just so big and this woman's busy if there's no way she's getting that but it's a chocolate Labradoodle could it be so cute you just go back to it there's always a silver lining thing in things people like puppies and cinnamon rolls exactly oh and like I was saying earlier I really want Sonos and I think the person that makes me really want them is Mandy and Taylor like because their homes have them and it's just so nice like do you guys have them I want to hear your experiences of them down below because they are so expensive but I look at them every day like the tab is just always open in my computer and you can buy them on Amazon and I've been like saving up Amazon gift cards because I want to spend them on them and have them be less money because they're so expensive but do you guys have them do you like them would you recommend also new puppy and just soul tonight which is gonna be a whole separate thing max is hockey tonight picking you know placing my fingers let me think about it I'll get back to you well they don't remember I'm sure it will come up in hain future vlogs but now we were going to get sweet screen really quick because it's just really close and Max has to leave first hockey game because it takes an hour and a half drive there in the traffic and then I need to go get myself in the mindset first so I need to just listen to like happy music and get it together and probably any of you coming my ride will not realize that this is the day I had this is my vibe do any of you remember the wild child because it was Amy and Lucy's favorite and I was just on beating him with her and I asked her what was in it because we loved it ever I did some things differently but I think this is gonna be similar I max by as usual harvest yo it guitar guys I never even showed you but guess who joined me at sweet green this this girl who's hunched over why are you under black leggings you have to pee literally like five minutes after max left me to go to hockey tell her should have boo that's great I have just spent a second alone and now Hannah's here I'm so excited she's visiting for like two days and it's gonna be so fun cuz she can come my soul ride tonight and I think I'm gonna end this off here because I'll start the new blog with Hannah at soul cycle today I'm going to do like the whole thing it's a separate video

38 Replies to “vlog: first time going to group therapy + new workout clothes!”

  1. i love that you're updating us with your journey on this! side note, would you consider doing an updated every day makeup routine? you look so summery and your skin looks so nice with whatever you're wearing! 💕

  2. I would love for you to do a video talking about what it is like living with your significant other … i lived with my boyfriend for a while n i would love to hear your perspective

  3. I know what you’re going through i lost my dad at 13 then my grandpa a year ago. I never attended therapy but I definitely should’ve. You’re so strong and the pain never goes away but it will get better❤️

  4. Yes Gretchen! We have Sonos at our home and it is AMAZING! We have a pool in backyard and we just connect the speakers and play any song and it runs throughout the outside and inside of the house.

  5. I got the 2 for $24 leggings with your link from the last Fabletics video you made (: I got a black pair and a pink pair that I love, both are so comfortable!

  6. Gretchen, thank you so much for honestly sharing your experience with us. I'm a licensed social worker, and I often see how stigmatized therapy can be in our world… and I'm glad you're openly sharing about your own journey with it. Group therapy certainly isn't for everyone. However, I encourage as you start this journey to try out multiple types & see what works for you (maybe find a different group – perhaps geared toward young adults?) If you go for individual therapy…. don't be afraid to "shop around." It can take a bit to find the perfect fit, and everyone experiences therapy in certain ways. Some get tons of benefit from talking a lot throughout group therapy, while others find it more beneficial to just sit back and take it all in. There's no wrong way to do it! It's whatever works best for you. Sending so much love to you. 💖

  7. Hi gretchen you are an amazing person. I'm so glad you are starting therapy. It might be worthwhile to look into online therapy or one on one in person. There is also this organization called The Dinnr Party- they focus on millennials specifically that lost a loved one and meet and talk over food. Also watch this movie called Coco. It such a sweet movie but it is helpful with grief. You have been through so much. Wishing you good vibes!

  8. Thank you so much for showing your vulnerability and talking about things that I know are not easy for you. Sending you and your family so much love and positive energy. You should feel extremely proud of yourself for being brave enough to talk on camera about grief and loss. You might not know it now but you are helping someone who is going through the same thing. There is NOTHING wrong with seeking help, especially after a traumatic event in one’s life. I know your dad is feeling very proud of you for using your platform for good. Time doesn’t heal everything, but as someone who has lost someone I will say that with time it does get easier. It’ll never not hurt, but it’ll get easier and one day you’ll wake up and just remember the good times and smile and not feel the empty/sad feeling. Hang on, seek help, and keep being the great person you are!

  9. I think group therapy might still help you, you just need to find one with people closer to your age going through things you can relate to. Stay strong girl!

  10. I have Sonos all over my house they have amazing sound quality and they're absolutely worth the money! You're so strong Gretchen and you'll find the things that help you. Wishing you the best.

  11. You might think I sound crazy for this but I know your a pisces (I am too your birthday is a day after mine!) and I think because we are so sensitive and empathetic it might be hard for you to be in a group setting where other people are sharing their grief because on top of your own you can sense other peoples and internalize that. I have never lost a parent so I can't understand what you are going through at all but I think that one on one therapy could be more beneficial because a therapist can give you coping mechanisms and exercises that can help and you can just vent and cry as well as learn how to handle it (because I'm a crier too and I think its really therapuetic). I love you and you're so strong and inspiring, I'm so glad you opened up about your healing process 🙂

  12. i'm so proud that you went and tried the group therapy. maybe a one on one is might be easier to open up and there would be less "reminders" of your loss and maybe more learning how to process and move forward with your grief. lots of love

  13. Love my Sonos. Would probably be one of the first things I’d replace in my house if something happened to it. 😅

  14. You should put two or three matching framed prints on the wall above your couch! I hear society6 has a lot of nice ones!!

  15. endlessly proud of you, how much you’ve grown through this experience, and what’s to come for the future ❤️

  16. I really admire how strong you are in sharing something so personal, and I’m so happy to see you starting therapy!! You could help so many people that might be too afraid to do the same 💗💗

  17. Hi Gretchen!! Something that helps me cope is after I let out the tears, because it helps, go wash your hands, look at yourself in the mirror and take deep breaths. Washing hands grounds your spirit and helps you reset yourself and set you up for receiving good vibes, especially with soap with essential oils like lavender or just a scent you really like. I hope this helps you. I am praying for you and your family to find peace.

  18. My family has a Sonos bar (like the one that goes below the tv) and it’s great! we’re gonna get another small sonos to make more surround sound and you can hook up the speaker to your phone and Alexa!

  19. My family has the sonos and they are the best! They are really easy to connect, I luv! And btw u are so freaking strong I look up to you ❤️ u are a queen! Stay strong

  20. Yay! I'm so proud of you. Please don't give up on it. It'll help, I promise. It'll take some time. I've been in group counseling for six years and I love it. The people there are all grieving so they get it. <3 <3 <3 I've found that sharing my story doesn't make the pain go away but it's part of healing. I cried for the first four years whenever I told my story. Now, depending on the day I can get through it. PS. My biggest piece of advice is don't let anyone tell you when you should stop grieving and get over it. (Trust me people will say that) I wanted to punch them when they did! lol) Everyone's grief is so different! Big hugs!

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