Hey guys is Kendra so she’ll seen our in Birmingham right now because we’re here for a wedding we drove we left around afternoon got here evening is around 6:00 and When we got here is Kelsey where she put our dresses for the wedding that we’re supposed to be wearing, um while we’re here and It was very silent for about a good 10 seconds, and I was like Kelsey Kelsey in our new song was wrong when she got quiet Kelsey left our dresses all the way in Atlanta, Georgia She left them, but I’m so pissed off right now She feels awful. So I’m trying not to make her feel worse But I feel like I’m still torturing her with the silence that I’ve been giving her Like a so it I knew it. I really don’t want to say nothing now right now I know it wasn’t I can read your mind I’m a I knew what she was doing My full of my body she gonna cuss me out later I’m just waiting for it. It’s like we finally where yes yep, cuz we’re gonna find something because I told Kelsey it could be worse because at least we’re in Birmingham and not in Montgomery because I know that’s humming This will be front but we’re going to an african-themed wedding tomorrow, and we’re not looking for like any kind of African attire But it’s gonna be a very looks upscale wedding. It’s not like a Casual like a outdoor kind of wedding. It’s very fancy. So Yes, Tory is a very bougie so I know like the idea what like the kind of vibe I want to go for for her wedding and It’s it would have probably not happen in Montgomery. Like our options would have been limited So thank God we’re here. But I’m still aggravated right now. So it’s literally a fashion emergency right now and I was just gonna come to the room chill You know way to go out to dinner later tonight because the what’s the name is hotel Everything is the LHS the Le ten in there very well-known for their restaurant It’s called it’s supposed to be like the best restaurant in Alabama like the state of Alabama So we’re gonna go eat there tonight for dinner. We have reservations 8:30 So I was just gonna be waiting around relaxing waiting to eat dinner No now we have to rush out to go look for something to wear to this wedding because not only did she leave my dress she left hers So she screwed herself – she said she left it in the closet and I say you should have left her by the door. Yes Because we’re getting ready to go on any trip whether it’s a short trip a long trip I always leave my stuff at the door like everything, but I’m trying to look at it I’m from the bright side cuz I tried on both options that I had while I was a jumpsuit The other was a dress and neither one of them fit perfectly because I ordered them on life I’m pretty little thing and both of them needed some kind of Safety pins and we bought a few pens at Walmart before we live but we didn’t have dresses Ridiculous, so we’re gonna get ready to go to look for these Beautiful ensembles that I have no idea what they’re gonna look like. So yeah, that’s the current situation right now. We’re in spec right now I think they have an option in my hand and Kelsey found one – this is cute – it’s like a spark looked like jumpsuit And I found a red jumpsuit. It’s the silhouette was different. I like to print if I wish it was more like the colors I love the colors. Yes. Well too matronly for me. Yeah, but I Was just still away. It was due and I’m not into like all the points I do like polka dots but not for this wedding. It’s very Italy polka dots oh This is the black I think that black jumpsuit versions note that white when I saw over there then why does the absolute nonsense and a big no-no? If anybody will work to nowhere no, keep it up? Yeah you can you can’t stay See, this is the kind of print that I like in the silhouette is simple. Okay, the sweet a Little one. I kind of like a higher sleep. This will be pretty like it slicked back hair my red lip so you’re recommending that I weary I mean because you I know you want to wear like Minimal eyes and do it like a red lip. I’ll try it on so these are all of our options Chelsea has two options. I have two. Well, I have three. Yeah, you did. So this is mine. This is the kit Mine is yours. This is mine. This is Kelsey’s this is mine. This is kills This is kind of possibly both of ours possibly both depending on if you like any one of those Yeah, actually, that’s mine – okay. So these are my new. Yes Okay, but if you like any other of those you can have one of those I Like the sparkles anak. Yeah the foot and this little tie things keeper the waist and it’s like flattering at the top Whatever you’re comfortable with and Comfortable for you do so. How do you like this? Lyric, it looks comfortable. Is there comfortable? It’s pretty long so I’m on my TV Josie and I wouldn’t do it heels cuz I Like it does not like you wouldn’t think to wear to a waiting to do. Yeah Okay. So this is one of Kendra’s options or my options. I love this. I Hope you like one of those dresses over there because oh That’s flowy Can face me That’s pretty fish your boobs nice yeah Yeah Yeah, just think about the most practical low-maintenance one, but you don’t have to have extra stuff underneath Yeah, yeah, we’ll look pretty with that. Okay. So this is the other option kinder has I like it I felt like the slit makes it But I wish the slit was just at a bit higher. Yeah. Yeah, and I like it with your hair back too. I Love the colors in this Super pretty it’s like sitting for the wedding. Oh, yeah, it looks like we’re going to the air critic. Oh Okay, so this is the last option This is a really pretty I love the back love the back. Yeah, I was going to say I thought the slit is missing And it’s so close to white Just very prudhoe it’s a little beak though I could get it take any hand No, I’m saying if I keep this for something else. Oh if you keep it for something else Yeah, I love the back too Okay, so we’re back in the well, I’m a bank in the room kyndra went to wookie left her phone in the car So hopefully they haven’t driven off with my car yet so she can get her phone Because they have la here so it’s not like she can run to the car and go get it so yes, but I’m vlogging on my phone because the Camera battery died and I forgot to bring the actual battery Something told me to bring it to I figured since the camera was fully charged before we left that I wouldn’t need it So, I don’t know why went dead so fast because it was fully charged before we left We made it back at a great time. Actually, we don’t go to dinner until 8:30 in a 7:34 now I’m just so glad we found Cute pieces so we’re not gonna show them to you Yeah, we’re just gonna wait till we have them on tomorrow for you guys to see them that worked out perfectly I’m so glad we ended up going to sex because there were a couple of other boutiques that I was gonna go in first Which it was like no, let’s just go ahead and go into sex. Sorry. I’m tired. But yeah, we ended up finding exactly what we needed kinder ended up getting two dresses because One of the other ones she got because she thought she can like still wear it somewhere Say she feel like it would be a cute piece to heaven I’m her closet, so she ended up getting two pieces But I’m obsessed with what I ended up getting and I don’t know where to look when I’m vlogging on the phone the cameras Right there, but I’m tempted to look at myself. But yeah Starving, I shouldn’t make dinner for eight but I did 8:30 on purpose so they could have enough time To look for what we needed to look for, but we ended up finishing earlier we ended up going to the sex v and At the summit that’s where we went and it’s pretty close to this hotel. We’re staying at the Ellington I’ll show you guys to the room even though our stuff is kind of scattered. So won’t be like an official room tour cuz we were supposed to show y’all the room earlier, but You know, we had the whole I forgot the dresses dilemma So we forgot so I guess I’ll show you you the room now. Okay, so this is the front door Right here. And then this is me standing at the door. So it’s two beds. I love this cute little wallpaper I like the neon yellow with the grey super cute and Those are our blankets on the bed and my only one that has to travel with their own blanket because it smells like my house It’s that weird. Yeah, let me know and then it’s a cute little chair over there And then here’s the TV right here. I haven’t turned it on yet. I’m just like a cute little What is this like a high-top table with a cute? Barstool? I’m obsessed with this barstool and Then this is the bathroom area love the tile floors. It reminds me of my teachers bathrooms at home Um, this is the closet Has a light in there This is the actual like vanity area, oh, it’s kind of dark. See you super dark in here Okay, ladies counter Get your phone. Oh My gosh You didn’t see it up here I’m losing mine too. Cuz I was just sitting here suck how much you love your phone and it’s sitting up here, Oh Lord Yeah, we Blame it on that starvation. You ever blame it on starvation? Okay, okay continuation. So you were down there for nothing Uh-huh. He was gone look in the car. They already parked it. Oh So you had their poor poor man looking for your phone when it was up here this whole time oh I feel so bad But yeah, the bathroom lighting is not that great Kind of sucks actually doing my makeup in the dark Doesn’t look that bad though. So I love the full-length mirror right here Definitely makes the bathroom look a lot bigger and I like the neon doors with the UM The marble floors is very different. This is the shower Very minimal and sleek look that and Then this is the water closet where the toilet is. Can we say this is her favorite out of the whole room I love it’s wallpaper. This is so dope. So yeah, that’s the whole room buddy. You ready to go to dinner and like 30 minutes, but I’m starving. Maybe they’ll let us vote early. I don’t know Hi guys, so it’s day of the wedding I ended up picking this red jumpsuit to where I’ll show you guys the whole thing in the mirror But my mom is getting dressed in the bathroom So I’m gonna wait and I just wore my hair in this cute curly Pony the middle part Can’t look super pretty – she looks like She’s in the Miss Universe pageant or something. Yeah, we’re watching you’re ready to go We’re gonna leave a hour earlier just so we can have a seat because our cousin came in She’s a bridesmaid she came in and told us that There might be limit seating. So it’s just best to go earlier is better to be Early than late. Okay. So this is the jumpsuit is super super cute I love the shoulder detailing it fits perfect like perfectly like this is a size zero so it fits like a glove It’s a little tight in the booth area. I’m not even wearing a bra, but of the neck is Perfectly, I love the shoulder detailing so super cute And it’s extremely long so you can’t even see my shoes. So I guess it won’t matter what kind of shoes I wore. I just have like these gold ones They’re really cute. Even though you can’t really see them From Sami shoes, by the way, whether it’s Kimber She looks like a princess super cute. I Love the slit. Thank you. We really want my bike. Yeah, we love it. So cute. I Love this, thank you. Love the slit. I love the colors in this because you never wear color. I Will for wedding And then the earrings that I brought went perfectly. I didn’t buy these here I already had these those are of Vanessa Mooney Vanessa. Loony super braiding. Yeah I like your lip color to a complements the dress really Mike. So yes, this is a heartbreaker by hood abuse Okay, look you’ll see her jumpsuit. I feel like we’re just completely opposite today. Looks like we’re going to two different weddings Listen, I look huge Thanks. So her red ensemble Kind of ties into my diary I was gone. So you have a little bit of red in the address Mm-hmm, and I have great lips red nails Yeah Hey guys, so, it’s Tuesday, I’ll explain my hair in a minute Turner and I got back from Birmingham on Sunday we came back from the wedding on Sunday, so we left the next day it was a beautiful wedding Tori look gorgeous and all three of her looks I’m glad I’m happy to know that I’m not I’m the only extra person that I know Because she did three looks for her wedding. She had her ceremony dress and she had two different looks at her reception And she looked pretty and all of them. So yeah, it was a beautiful wedding and I’m just I’m just so happy for her So I’ve just got not attempted to film a video This is what happens a lot of times Sometimes we’ll attempt to film a video and it doesn’t turn out that great and it doesn’t end up going up Clearly if it’s not a technical difficulty It’s an actual physical difficulty and you can attempt something so many times. There’s just not working You gotta just just do something else. So this was supposed to be a braid out the last time I Tried to something like this. I attempted to do a twist out. I didn’t like how my hair turned out there either and the only thing that I can think of is the reason I haven’t been liking got a twist out or braid outs is because I Used to do them my hair. I was transitioning my hair still had a lot of straight pieces a lot of heat damage But now that I hardly have any heat damage or any stray pieces, of course, no relaxers I haven’t had a relaxer in over ten years now, but I don’t really have any heat damage anymore either So that’s why I only wear wash and gos because my natural curls are always a sure thing for me So I just stick with the wash and gos like if I do a braid out or a twist out on my natural hair, I Never know how it’s going to turn out. So that’s why I don’t do them and I’m stuck like this. I Like I think I’m looking good I look crazy like no, I mean this is cute photo shoot hair if you’re going for like a 85 or something, but Not for everyday for those of you have been Asking me wild twist out for bread outs anymore This is like because I never like how my hair turns out. No I’m just gonna stick with my washing those like I’ve been doing we are going to film another video today. That’s not UT related We’re going to do pretty much all – lifestyle videos on the channel this week. We’re gonna do reorganizing our pantry which I’m very excited about because I feel like it has a band that organized since we moved into this house by The way sorry, it is kind of ethylene here. I’m in the office and the two black chairs are usually in here we put them in the living room because Our couches already ready, but we won’t be able to get it for like another week and a half and We were tired of sitting on the floor. We will watch TV in there. So we just like move those chairs in there So it’s empty in here right now I mean thank God we had chairs down here to like move in the living room to sit in while we watch TV But yeah, we can’t get the couch delivered yet. Even though they did tell us it’s already ready so that’s it is a lot faster than the Teller takes so freakin long like a very long time So, yeah, I guess I’ll just put my hair in a bun. I’m I’m so I look crazy in today’s video This is so annoying I thought I just wasted my dad. I’m glad I didn’t do that many braids I feel like six braids last night I just don’t know why it’s not coming out, right? See, sometimes you had just have to go through a good instinct because I obviously know my hair better than anybody watching me so I have to stick with what I know and I have to stick with what my hair likes and When it comes to natural hair is lucky like a science project You never know how it’s gonna turn out especially as your hair changes over the years quanto transitioning In transitioning phase like if you don’t do a big chop the transitioning phase can be very confusing and your hair looks different every time you do it and Then when you’re finally all natural and you try to do some of the things that you used to do your hair It’s not gonna look the same. Yeah, it’s just all about trial and error You just have to see what works for your hair. Y’all think my hair always turns out great It doesn’t yeah, that time was wasted I hate wasting time Just like the one thing I rather waste No, I won’t want to waste money you throw right? I don’t like wasting my time it’s just like It’s just so frustrating because there’s so many other things that I could have been doing Because we have painters coming tomorrow we’re finally getting the Guest bathroom painted the color we want and we’re getting the beauty room painted white. It’s basically gonna be painted the exact same colors office So this is Sherman Williams extra white and then the gray on the whole house on the rest of the house that color is Sherman Williams passive so here is our living room situation right now if Cleo doesn’t look permanent, it looks temporary, but This is just the situation now because we’re tired of sitting on the floor. Oh, yeah, by the way, we got a new rug so Kimber got her way and we got a new rug but it’s gonna look way better with our new couch then with these Black office chairs that go in the office. So this is like our little sitting area But right now you can’t really tell what it is because we have so much stuff Over here from the Beauty room. So we had to take all the pictures off the walls I Mean we put them over here And then this is the side table that we had in there and then our plant and then some magazines and stuff so we had to take all of that out and Put it over here. So this is currently what the Beauty room looks like So we had to roll up our rug that was in here as well. We can leave big furniture in here That’s what the email said because I think they’ll just move it all to the middle of the room We’ve already moved our chairs and this couch to the middle of the room, but I’ll let them move that over there But as you can see, it’s currently this gray color which is really pretty but It doesn’t really go with the theme in here because as you can see this couch is cream and then our two Beauty room chairs they’re like accent colors. They’re like a nice pretty blush rose color, and it don’t go agree So this room is getting painted extra white, which is the exact same color as Kendra’s room and the office So yeah, I’m excited to finally have this room painted and we’re gonna get curtains eventually We don’t know exactly what color we want to do yet But I will see that in the house tour and this is the powder room There’s nothing in here right now. You had to take our mirror down so Yeah It’s just a mark from where the mirror was. So yeah, it’s empty in here. Nothing in here So I’m excited to finally have a theme in here because we didn’t really have a clear theme before We just have like a flower pot there and you know, not really much going on. So we had to take everything out So it could be empty for them tomorrow so it’s the next day and the painters live like maybe like a hour and a half ago and they finish really really fast to me and took them like two hours to paint this powder room and the beauty room upstairs and It looks so good. Like I’m obsessed with this great color and it honestly doesn’t even feel smaller in here to me With the gray, so I’m very with this color. I’m so glad that I decided to change the color of this bathroom I just feel like it just stands out more so and also I felt like powder rooms are like a Room that you can like do something that you normally do in the rest of the house Even though we had this color on like our really big wall in our old apartment As our accent color, but I just thought it would be perfect for a powder room in this house so I cannot wait To hang the pictures on the wall that I picked out from the gallery a while ago But y’all won’t see the final result into the house tour. So yep and here is The beauty room so it’s white now. It looks More crisp and clean. I mean, I also got some new pictures. I would have some new pictures from Etsy to put on this wall Because you guys know we had that product picture on this football wall above the couch but we both decided that that product picture is gonna look kind of bland it’s going to blend into the wall too much because it’s white So we decided to get some different canvas pictures and we’re gonna do kind of like a little bit of a minimal like a minimalistic Gallery wall with a little bit of color. I’m just really excited to see everything coming together Okay. So today is Friday. I’m on my way to the bank right now and a chiropractor appointment if you have like Like, you know muscle issues and make problems. I was guessing you should be going to a chiropractor because Kendra said That her neck and stuff has been feeling a lot better since she started going. So yeah. Yeah just about went to the bank We filmed a video earlier today. We filmed a first time Friday video, but it looked like a cookie type video and we made dairy-free alfredo sauce and I must say it was so good and If at first I couldn’t remember how frill sauce tasted because I hadn’t had it so long But once I kept eating it, I was like this is higher Make sure you guys go check that video out so if you guys have been curious about like, you know, if it’s like legit because I know like some Dairy-free cheese. It’s kind of suspect because I’ve had some like disgusting Dairy-free cheese. I just feel like a lot of companies. They can’t get the cheese, right? It just don’t be good But well we just made It was good. So that’s probably gonna be like a go-to weekend meal I wouldn’t eat it throughout the week cuz Throughout the week. I like to eat like a lot of salads and like tuna and Sandman with like veggies and stuff on a lot of vegetables because we try not to eat pasta throughout the week with those carbs, obviously and Carbs making me very tired. It makes me kind of sleepy Well, if I eat too much of it, I’m like something like pasta. It makes me how drowsy so it’s like a good Weekend drew so today is Saturday and it’s around noon and Kelsey and I are getting ready to go to Alabama for she has a baby shower We were gonna just drive there and drive back But my mom called me this morning And convinced us to stay because her my room I want us to go to church with them in the morning But we’re only staying that one day. We’re coming back tomorrow. We’re staying tonight and driving back tomorrow But yeah, so I’m excited for kids baby shower. It just feels weird that were actually going to Kim’s baby shower This build us doesn’t seem real. We’ve been going to a lot of baby showers the past few years and Kia It’s the last person I thought I would be going to a baby shower for So, yeah, it’s really exciting Okay, so we made two kids baby shower We’re outside of the venue because a lot of people are getting here and I just want to be out of the way But it’s super super pretty out here for pretty much in the country and it’s so freakin pretty Well, Alabama is most of the country but people think you only look like this. We’re standing on like the Outdoor room the porch and it’s like a sunroom in there. So it’s super pretty out here though Like he’s so peaceful like sometimes like during the day I’m like, oh I want to live in the country, but then at night you get real because you can’t see when you drive


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