Vlogging With Cold Urticaria: I Took My Coat Off Outside [CC]

Vlogging With Cold Urticaria: I Took My Coat Off Outside [CC]

Wonderful. Well this could be a massive mistake! [upbeat intro music] But I took my coat off. It’s not quite warm enough to take the mask
off. However, it is warm enough to get some of that sun on my skin. It’s just a lovely
day really. Do you like my shirt? It says “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic
when you could just be quiet?” and that is my mood today. I just got off the bus, and
it was standing room only except for the seat next to me. Nobody wanted to take their chances
and sit next to the weirdo in the mask. So, I got a nice personal bubble, which was great.
So I’m just running an errand at the moment, and it’s very pretty. And very sunny. [sigh]
Gorgeous! I’m definitely feeling it though. My arm is
very itchy, we’ve got this one covered up slightly by the jacket. The one I’m holding
the camera with… Is- oh it’s itchy. Even though I have taken my antihistamines. But
I went to the doctors… When was it, friday. I’m getting a referral to an allergist, which
I’m excited about. So maybe we’ll get some good drugs that do the job. And they’ve given
me slightly stronger antihistamines which I haven’t started taking yet because I haven’t
picked it up. So hopefully that will help. But for now, I am just gonna, enjoy the occasional
blast of sunshine, and try and keep a little bit warm and less itchy. This is where it all began. Well, ok. It was
a different field. But sitting on grass. And it’s- it’s weird to think how far I’ve come
actually. In the last 9 ish years. From being “why am I itchy?” now to “I know why I’m itchy,
and I know how to manage it” and here I am once again sitting on the grass. This used
to be a complete no-no. And… Here I am. This is quite nice. Although I am- I’m not
gonna lie, I’m quite itchy. But I have my pill box in my bag that I talked about in
my last video. And, Ok I don’t have any water either because I left my wallet at home, nobody’s
perfect. But, I’m here. And it’s managed, kind of. Awwww! there’s some cute dogs! I
love dogs. But it’s very warm as well because I am wearing… Black. I don’t know if you
can tell. Well it’s mostly black everything. So I am- I am baking. Which is quite nice.
I’ve got some time before my next errand. It’s a long way to go and now I’m hopefully
helping some other people who might be where I was about 9 years ago, wondering “What?
How? How am I gonna make this manageable? How am I gonna work it into my every day life?”
You do get the hang of it. Eventually. I got the hang of it. It took a lot of work, it
did, but now I can sit here in my face mask, and not give a single f-. I can just sit here
and just be me, and know that I’m doing the best for my body, and what it needs, or I’m
very willing to accept the itchiness that I am gonna have in about 5 minutes, cos my
arm is- ooh it’s itchy. But yeah, I’m not scared anymore, and I can- I can do stuff,
like I can take my jacket off and sit outside for a little bit and enjoy the sun. So I’m
gonna go back to doing that. Oh my god. A bug just landed on me and I tried
to blow it off, and I forgot I was wearing the mask. It doesn’t- it doesn’t work. It
just doesn’t work [blows] nothing happens. It d- whoops! Brain fog! And look! I do have my alert bracelet on,
just in case. I should probably actually get to where I’m going. Let’s try and get up.
Gracefully. This is not gonna work. Good lord. [struggle noises] There! Could’ve gone worse.
So yeah. That’s been my day. And now to go be an adult. I don’t wanna be an adult. So I’m home. And I’m just gonna hang out here
it’s nice and warm. Just casually in my window, with my feet out… This is a great place
to sit. Upstairs, my feet just hanging out the window, as you do. But I do still have
to wear the mask even though it’s baking. Cos, my face is starting to hurt. I’m gonna
go deal with that in a minute. Wheeee. Ow! There’s bees. Don’t forget to like, subscribe,
all that jazz. Aaand, stay warm!

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  1. If I saw you on a bus, I wouldn't mind sitting with you. That is, unless, you'd rather sit alone. You seem to be a good person to talk to, mask or no mask.

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