Walkthrough -Charizard Costume

Walkthrough -Charizard Costume

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  1. CAPTIONS!! YAY!!!

    If I knew how to make closed captions, I'd love to do some for your videos, as I am hard of hearing at times and I know I am not the only ones, so if I can help your tutorials or videos be more hearing impaired friendly in any way I'd love to try giving it a shot.

  2. I am also making a Charizard costume, but mine's a tad bit less anthropomorphized. The gloves have three "fingers", making them a hybrid glove/mitten thing. The mask has plain eyeholes and the mouth doesn't open, BUT to make up for this I am installing a pretend torch (fan, orange LED, bits of orange chiffon) into the tail for a very convincing fake flame!

  3. I m making a costume of Charizard for maschot festival (i dont know how to say that cuz i m Croatian i dont speak English) and my friends will be pokemons and other pokemons trainer.I almost made the wings but i didn't like you are i made it completly diffrent

  4. Holy shit, THIS OLD! Well, the room looks mid to near end 2000s, my old room used to look like that, I thought this was IntroSpecktive in real life!

  5. Just wondering. How much was that foam? Is it expensive or cheap? I'm having financial problems at the moment so I'm hoping I can get it cheap

  6. Hi. I want to buy your cool charizard costume. An unlucky like me (I'm 13) want a nearly 15 year old brother who was allowed to celebrate birthday ever, and a huge large Pokéfan is,Give his favorite Pokémon as a costume when it comes. Besides, you're always physically too big for that.

  7. What gauge wire did you use in the charizard wings? I'm making the wings from your awesome walkthrough and was curious. I have 16 gauge steel wire I use for headband/hat ears and for wire forms in my MLP plushies.

  8. hey caninehybrid I love your pokemon costumes and I  hoping you'd help me I won't to make a few as well like a mega lcario or a luxray (with glowing eyes) or a norivern a bat/dragon typ so what do you say wonna be my pal and help me out? tell me reply tothis e mail 'the gratest pokemon master and die hard fan a waits your anser'               Natalie ash M fox

  9. Charger does it have Five Fingers he only has 3 one on the top 2 on the bottom and that's it so you mean we got it wrong

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