Want The PERFECT Fitting T-Shirt? (Step 1)

Want The PERFECT Fitting T-Shirt? (Step 1)

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  1. Hi SD, I just tailored my first t-shirt after binge watching your vids. It took me nearly 3 hours of blood, sweat, and tears. Had to correct so many mistakes and reference your videos again and again but I actually did it and I'm so happy right now. It didnt come out 100% perfect, but it looks 1000000x better on me than it did before. I can't wait to try this again. Thank you SO much!

  2. Thank you SO much. I hate buying shirts. A large is too tight at the chest, and then too short on the torso. The XL fits great on chest, but then I also have the "spongebob" look on the torso. Much appreciated for this video.

  3. I have no idea how I found you videos,  I must have been divinely led.   I think I found a new hobby.  thanks bro!

  4. Also please please! Make a tapering jeans/pants below the knee video for us guys that squat and have huge quads but want the taper to not cover over our sneakers/boots. Thanks in advance !

  5. I've been wondering. Why can't you do the sleeves along with the body as well, like in a dress shirt?

  6. I'm glad I found this video! I was about to give away some of my fav baggy clothes, and start over. It's tailoring time!

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  8. Your transparancy gets me pinge watching your videos brother! You're beyond all the styles in the world. You're the authenticity filled up the world. Just love you man! Keep the grind up!

  9. Hm but probably should wash it first right? Otherwise it might shrink a little way too much after it's been altered.

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