Washer – Liquid Fabric Softener Usage

Washer – Liquid Fabric Softener Usage

This video will describe how to use
liquid fabric softener in GE top load washers equipped with both a fabric softer dispenser and a settings knob. If your washer has an agitator with a
fabric softener dispenser pour the manufacturer’s recommended
amount of softener into the dispenser cup. Add water to dispenser until it reaches the maximum fill line on the dispenser. If your washer as an infuser, use “ultra” or
concentrated fabric softener and measure the manufacturer’s
recommended amount into the bottle’s cap. Open the sealed dispensers tab and poor the softener into the dispenser. After the softener has drained into the dispenser, push the dispenser tab down. Continue with adding your detergent
and your load. After closing the lid, select your knob
settings. Select a fabric softener setting on the
control panel of your washer. Your washer may have more than one
fabric softener setting. Selecting a setting for fabric
softener will enable the washer to properly dispense the fabric softener
during the rinse portion at the cycle. Adding fabric softener and not selecting
the fabric softener setting could result in fabric softener spots on
your laundry. If this occurs, simply rewash the items in cold water with detergent only to remove the spots. Always follow
garment label instructions. Please refer to the video gallery for
information on other topics. Should you have additional questions
regarding the use of your washer please contact 1-800-GE-CARES

12 Replies to “Washer – Liquid Fabric Softener Usage”

  1. Either you guys need to not be obscuring text that shows up or you need better photoshoppers editing these videos. 'Select when adding' and 'and/or' are are so poorly erased its sad.

  2. I have the same question as I saw above, what am I supposed to do when the infuser is clogged and fabric softenerr won't dain????

  3. Hi! Have you checked your use and care manual to see if there are any suggestions for cleaning the infusor? If you don't have your use and care manual, you can download one on our website. Thanks, Megan from GE

  4. My infusor is letting out the softener to early right after filling through the little air hole in the top. Even if I put less than manufactured recommend what gives? I need some help with this thanks.

  5. Hi Poor Person – Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to direct you. While we are glad to assist with basic troubleshooting tips, with the symptoms you have described, this is an issue for which service will be needed. Appointments may be scheduled on our GE Appliances website under the support tab. Thanks again for reaching out to us.

  6. That's just how they are Poor Person, I had one and I had the same problem. I would wait for the rince cycle and add it myself. :

  7. I have a question, my washer has neither an infuser or a dispenser in the agitator, when do you add softener?? The tub doesn't spin during the rinse cycle so we don't know when to add it.

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