We Compete To Find The Best Discount On A Prom Dress

We Compete To Find The Best Discount On A Prom Dress

honestly like knowing the original value I’m like scared to touch it so today we’re gonna do a discount challenge we’re gonna see who can get the biggest discount on a prom dress I love a discount I love a bargain I refuse to usually pay full price for anything and this is forever 21 that is very good and healthy I am NOT like about at all I’m not a bargain hunter I’ll take a bargain that comes to me but if it’s something I really like I’ll just pay full price because it’s easier [Music] it has to be a new outfit cannot be something that’s like being resold at work or something and it has to be in your size or what you think is your site it’s me the best bargain shopper win maybe I’m just gonna I guess Google discount prom dresses I feel like this is exactly what Nina’s gonna do though why did I have to do it any better my first instinct was to look at a store that already kind of does discounts which in my mind is Nordstrom Rack literally the second dress that I picked is 76% off it was two hundred seventy eight dollars and looking at it right now it’s 65 98 on Nordstrom Rack I’ve never heard of this website before this is 80% off that’s a huge discount and then the other one I saw is this one which is the same discount these are the two options so far I tried looking at both the dresses elsewhere and one brand name doesn’t even exist and the other one has some other dresses and they’re only like 100 something dollars so I don’t think the original price is six hundred and fourteen dollars and another pretty deeply discounted dress at Saks off fifth it’s normally 324 79 million so that’s $244 currently that’s the winner I found a Celsius clearance area and Mason said go on all the time and this is our P 445 down 738 and it says prom dress let’s check out and just see what we can do in the discount area just to be on the safe side I blew cold what our discount sites came across one called a rule on ha and it’s one of those ones where you have to put in your email before you’re even allowed to look at anything I suppose doesn’t give you any discount with signing out but they do have a student discount I’m law student buts and my manager told me that she’s a grad student at lineman [Music] savings I’m gonna but I’m done I’ve got it this feels like I actually found it I am currently staring at this dress Terry John by Ricky Freeman floral gown it used to be $700 it is now $99.99 and it’s a really pretty dress I’m gonna buy it I’m going to save six hundred dollars and one cent our dresses are here I want to see it before you tell me the price okay I shall reveal it show in all its glory this is so cute it has the nice shape to it doesn’t it that’s like the little poofy thing it feels expensive yes it’s all soft and mushy knee it feels very luxurious and it has nice cups yep I like these just squeeze them I would very much like to know how much this cost originally so Isis says I couldn’t find this exact dress but I did find the brand and they are quite expensive dresses I think it’s true four hundred and forty five dollars it started off as whoa yeah which I would never this is very expensive for like it I mean it’s a very nice dress but like for prom dresses a lot it’s a long I would never it’s on clearance it didn’t have a size of a size four and then also I got that student discount I’m with all of that I paid let me trick one hundred and ten dollars and eighty cents and so I saved three hundred and thirty four dollars and that’s really good I mean good disco good I thought it was great until I realized I think you’ve done better than me now let’s hear about you gonna hear about me yes okay let me let me show you my yes I haven’t even a little dress kidding keeping with the theme of me it’s black and everything I like to wear oh it’s like it was told like that I really liked that about it I was glad that I found something that like I could actually see myself wearing yeah I can’t hurt you so I got it from rule ala the original value of the dress was $700 Wow okay it’s very expensive oh well done for that day the price of this dress was $99.99 that’s incredible oh my god that’s so cool I can’t believe you managed to find that I couldn’t find anything close it’s a good quite a while okay well you deserve a clapping you know we came out on top I think I mean you definitely blood [Music]

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  1. My whole prom was a mess. 😩

    Hope yall are having a great day. Check out my bullying storytime if you’re bored.

  2. They should have gone to Macy's, Ross, or Burlington. Sometimes going instore leads to more discounts than online

  3. Yess you do not need to splurge to look good at prom , I bought my prom dress a year ago when they went on sale and managed to get it for $40 , and I looked cute and got plenty of compliments 🙂

  4. I bought my dress second hand. Originally 450$ I got it 10$ 😎 in the end after alterations I paid no joke 35$ for my dress.

  5. My friend ended up not going to prom because her budget for a prom dress was less than 100 dollars and she sent me a screenshot of the dress she bought and it was 40 dollars from wish. she was so happy that she found a cheap prom dress and i didn't have the guts to tell her the dress would probably look nothing like the picture since it's super cheap and from wish. When it came it looked nothing like the pictures so she just gave up and didn't go

  6. I got my junior year prom dress for $95 at David’s Bridal and my senior year prom dress was actually a dress my friend had gotten when we were in eighth grade after she volunteered at one of those used dress drives, so that one cost nothing. I wore the same $70 shoes to both, plus $30 of accessories from Kohl’s.

  7. This is neat but there is some stores that raise the before price so that the buyer thinks they are getting a better bargain than they really are. To know if you're actually getting a bargain, you'd have to look at the fabric and materials that it was made with.

  8. i got a dress this year from macy’s that was originally around 80 and when i got to the store there was only one left, it was my size and on sale for ten dollars😂

  9. my prom dress was hand made and cost $150. the dress it was styled after was $400 before the plus size fee (which apparently gets applied to any dress over size 10 in that particular store) and did not come in the color i wanted.

  10. BuzzFeed has done a ton of variations of this video. Time for them to throw a big formal event for everyone to wear all their fancy dresses!

  11. I got mine for 80 at a store that every dress is under 100 and they are all so pretty,
    Also I don’t think short dresses are prom dresses, they should be long because that is more formal

  12. Bargain as much as you can. I tried on the first dress that I laid my eyes on and fell in love. No other dress compared. It ended up being $575.
    Suffice to say we didn’t bargain. I had a lot of medical problems my senior year of high school so I didn’t get to experience being a senior. This is why my parents splurged for my prom. They wanted to make it special and it was so special. I loved prom.

  13. I got my prom dress for $14. It was a completely sequin royal blue skin tight dress with gemstones all on the bodice with a slit up the side. It was originally $350 but since I’m small and the dress was a small size they sold it to me just to get it out of the store

  14. I spent $94 on everything I got for my prom. I got a dress, shoes, earrings, bracelet, necklace, bra, panty, hair clip, shawl, clutch, all the makeup needed and nail polish.

  15. This is so wrong for sooooo many reasons. Ever thougt of the people actually sewing this stuff? They get apparently nothing. I sew clothes by myself and I know how much work it is. Such a dress takes hours and hours to make and it is just wrong to sell them at those ridicolous prices. Do you really think you get 600$ of discount? It is a strategy of selling. The more "dicount" you have the more likely is you are buying that dress. It is probably just worth 150 to 250$. Who knows.

  16. There's a thrift store in Knoxville, TN that sells used prom and formal dresses at affordable prices. Katie's Closet. I think they sell used designer clothing, too. I believe I've seen some older Lily Pulitzer pattern items in the window. If you live in Knoxville, TN, check it out. I wish it had been open when I was in high school and when I had sorority formals in college. I may have been able to find a cheaper dress than the prom/formal boutique and department stores sold (places like Ross and Burlington around here don't usually carry nicer, well-made, or even trendy items). Happy Prom Season, ladies! Enjoy it!

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    Subscribe because you are both real empresses.

  18. LOL I bought my prom dress for $400, got my mom to resew the tags on, and then returned it a couple of days later😂

  19. Got my prom dress on fashion nova. Originally priced at $47, it was on sale for about 35 and had a 40% of coupon cope. With shipping it turned out to be $27 🙂 its beautiful and was a total steal!

  20. I bought one of my prom dresses, new with tags, from Goodwill that was originally 325, for only $6. Probably the best deal I’ll ever find in my life.

  21. Went to macys wasn't expecting to buy a prom dress but I did and my dress originally was $139.00 had a %40 off it became $83.44 then the lady gave me another discount and I paid $61. It was a off shoulder, floral, maxi puffy dress. Sadly my prom was a saturday and I bought this on a sunday. 😂 *disclaimer I couldn't go to prom, but there's next year my last year.

  22. I got my prom dress for free at a prom dress give away at a near by church and it was beautiful and fit perfect. You dont need to buy a dress to get a good one. These discount dresses are still over $100

  23. I bought both my junior and senior prom dresses on amazon. I don't remember what last year cost, but this one is 35.99

  24. I'm sorry but I don't consider the British girl's dress a "prom" dress. That looked like a dress an adult woman would wear to a wedding. I guess she picked something she would get some use out of but I wish she would have chosen something a teenager would really wear to the prom.

  25. i can’t wrap my head around the fact that some people actually pay hundreds of dollars for a single dress that they’ll wear once or twice.

  26. Well guess what? My first prom dress ever is going to be 100% free since i am making it myself from some fabric I have had laying around for years and my old clothes!

  27. Bought my prom dress yesterday for 250€. For such occasions I'm never cheap and ready to pay a little more. And tbh you can just look at a prom dress and tell wich one was more expensive, or you can tell by touch. I also tried some cheaper ones on but that just ain't it.
    But if you can't afford expensive dresses, such discounts are really a nice thing. But you should look up the brand because yeah sometimes cheap brands are trying to look more expensive with "fake discounts" but in the end, you end up with a cheap dress

  28. I spent $600 on prom dress. Should have taken everyone’s advice on not spending so much for something you’re going to wear only once.

  29. When they started talking about discounts all my darn YouTube brain kept thinking about was Honey 😂

  30. Neither one of those dresses are worth their original prices… that’s insane & explains why they were so heavily discounted. 😮

  31. My prom dress was $6 at Goodwill 💖 legit my favorite dress I own, actually. It’s a black L’Atiste maxi dress with an amazing lace back. I love itttttt 🖤

  32. I bought my dress for prom at Ross the day of for $20. I had the same dress as a girl who paid $250 for hers.😂

  33. There is absolutely no way either can prove the original value of each of their dresses however, the Asos dress and discount seemed real enough because of the brand value but Nina's method was wrong and this challenge makes no sense. Anything can have any description or quotation online and BuzzFeed/ As Is should know better. 700 dollars is a lot of money and considering that as a discount is an enormous mistake. The content of this page is deteriorating faster than I expected.

  34. Wish they would have gone to an actual prom store and searched the discount racks, as there is no way to prove a dress's original price, especially with so many cheap knock-off website out there! The first one yes, since she could find other regular priced dresses by that brand, but the second? No WAY.

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