We Dress Like Egirls For A Day • Ladylike

We Dress Like Egirls For A Day • Ladylike

it’s this generations version of an emo girl they got rid of them oh yeah I wasn’t sure everybody got it you guys asked for it people have done videos about you girls like with Anil you Frazier we are gonna do our own interpretation of an e girl aesthetic and then see how it works on us eat girls for those of you who are over the age of about 27 are basically hot topic girls straight hair and like Harley Quinn makeup you know it’s goth but like a little bit more color a little bit more like tailoring much like every generation this generations iteration of the hot topic girl is like a little cooler a little bit more sophisticated a little bit better at drawing hearts on their faces in the same way that like Nabisco girls they’re called that because they tend to use that app to sort of express their aesthetic there are a lot of girls on tic toc I don’t think it was an emo girl because my mom wouldn’t find me the clothes let me buy the clothes but I was on the internet like my myspace was like decked out I basically wore high-waisted pants bad t-shirts and like studded belts I dressed like I loved Nordstrom’s my mom like refused to let me dress myself because she knew that I would be like emo and like maybe into anime a little too much it makes me really happy that like young girls have like taking this term and we claimed it for their own purposes I think that’s badass and you deal with this your whole life but I feel like especially when you’re like a young teenager that’s when you’ve really started to realize like how much people project bold on to you and how much people are going to shit on your interest and so the fact that these kids at their young age are already at a point where they’re ready to like take back yeah own their style and own their looks that’s badass like some people don’t learn that so they’re in their adulthood you know and I also just think that self-awareness is a sign of autonomy and I honestly think that power is being autonomous is I think sometimes especially with Instagram or the digital age we think influences what power is but no power is having autonomy autonomy itself and autonomy of like self-awareness and knowing you stand for let them have fun let us be able to have a smidgen of the fun that they’re having yeah Michael well it’s time to change into your eager look though we’re gonna do that now preparing to believe myself I look older this haircut feels it’s also like so much more hair than I’ve ever had in my life my hair would never do this so it was actually kind of a fun texture journey I gotta be honest I I feel at home what’s the name of our girl band tears stabbing my feeling after lunch we will be making ourselves up and then our look will become please I feel like from here down this is not that weird for me yeah I think for here up it’s the bangs but honestly I couldn’t it looks good too i frame here a lot of fun I feel like you look good I feel like you look good I feel like I look good like I think I look really cute also I will say these are all my clothes the only thing that’s not mine is the belt in the wig so maybe I’ve always been an equal so the boots are already mine the Death Note t-shirt was already mine the striped undershirt and the pants are new pants a grand ago this is all new except for the fishnets I owned in the boot and the t-shirt no the t-shirt and I knit on this t-shirt I picked this on a website for clothes linked I feel like I’ve D aged like by 15 years cuz good it feels good feels good to be just getting my learner’s permit I do feel like I’m going to an anime convention I am 19 years old I’m going to my first anime convention Anime Expo I’m going to get a minute so I will meet boys I mean I literally could go to a max one time I went to a concert when I was 17 years old and I definitely wrote like a huge passage of fanfiction I’ve written about the bed the concert was about its glitter pen and I was like surely this will win me the affection of man one band it’s Weezer and I still have the future can we send this to Weezer no I just love that even though it’s like dark colors it is a bunch of different vibes okay we got a t-shirt we got the stripes we got the green your pattern clashing I’m pattern washing you know way that’s fun but wait there’s more there’s Lord we’re gonna put on our makeup soon after lunch yeah so we’re gonna do these eat girl makeup looks now basically the whole vibe it seems like from the small sample of photos we have here it’s either sort of shiny lids or red lids with like a lot of highlighter and then also a lot of eyeliner and then like little hearts in eyeliner right here which I’m very nervous about because like Wolfe precision these people also do their eyebrows pretty dark yep I did that already cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo I’m gonna do my eyebrows dark with eye shadow because I don’t know actually do the brow pencil you know Oh was I kidding billion brows is is really hard to do well I think I mean browser-specific twins yeah mine are not even related – you pulled my once filled in my brows a little bit I don’t think you can really see much for difference because I didn’t wanna go too intense because I’m bad at it but they are more fill than they usually are which actually I don’t hate it’s kind of nice to be able to give them a little bit more texture and structure I kind of get away with a lot more eye shadow stuff because I’ve really hooded eyes so it’s like even though it’s like there’s too much actually not really you can’t see it because you can’t see most of it the colors are actually matching nicely with both of your wigs my wig my queen maybe some of you girls do wear wigs yeah who’s to say but like a lot of eat girls we saw don’t wear wigs we’re just wearing wigs cuz like we don’t want to dye our hair for just this so when you get done with that I’m gonna to get that cuz I need that much girl Kris and I both have deep-set eyes and so like eyeliner makes my eyes look smaller they do big wing so they don’t do the bottom because like the bottom eyeliners worked oh maybe they do some of them do it’s like painting a bedroom black I certainly can tell it’s here but it’s much smaller looking now okay this is like surgery can she do this can she do this Oh knows I might cheat oh you’re gonna get an e girl in here and how we’re doing it for you know I have these from cosmic Rob last year they stick on eyeliner things yeah many doesn’t know what better time I’m going to attempt to do a bottom line so inspirational she’s going to line the bottom of her eye being a very very very very slight tip wing tip so fine I give up on the sticker I’ll do the eyeliner my special Jersey I think I did it she’s a clean oh it’s good but it is finished all right bye through the little hearts though this is just so hard because my eyelids are wrinkly I know that’s what annoys happens when you get a little older your eyelids start wrinkling so it’s a little harder to do and some girls just can do this in the car I don’t know how anyone can do it in a freehand draw heart now so pray for me [Music] maybe your prayers could be a little quieter oh that was actually pretty cute and then now I’m looking at my first one thinking it’s trash not gonna do well on the other side it just doesn’t look like a heart oh no oh geez it’s a blob it’s a blob my heart is looking sad especially when you have a wheel as you look at eyeliner not a brush I think I just wear this wig all day cuz the look isn’t the look without the wig you know cause like little blush on your nose – yeah I’m all blush like you’ve been kinky hopefully not cuz you’re 12 yeah don’t drink don’t forget don’t forget I’m done 41 actually I’m – yeah I don’t look like me yeah you literally look like you’re a snapchat filter on your face right now need a tick-tock get a picture at the same time because I’m a multi-faceted person Mexico different cool but look angry okay first tick-tock edits of them and learning how to use it on the fly I think we got it how’s it look oh yeah that’s very eager oh yeah this 15 seconds go tik-tok camera but it makes you look like really weird beautiful Oh Dan these are funny thanks Devon yeah we got good pics second tick tock tick tock ever and it’s Jen I love that yeah give me something crazy of your hair yeah tick tock baby we did it we e girl our way to the e world we need it there’s a really cute look I definitely have like impressive how well it came together I kind of look like Muppet Babies Harley Quinn I’m definitely keeping this beanie I’m definitely keeping these pants I already owned the shirt so keep bad girl what are some of the reactions you guys are getting around the office like oh I didn’t recognize you is this the dark side of Devon and I’m like maybe I’m definitely keeping this wig on and this makeup on for the rest of the day because I like it think about working at our office for a long enough time is that eventually people just stopped reacting to you like we’ve seen you in everything and nothing we don’t care like Bryce we also did like very very rudimentary they take dogs for this oh yeah this took work like that putting the makeup on took work assembling the clothes took work like having the wherewithal and they like the head strength to wear wig all day a lot of work yeah beautiful aesthetic though I think II girls are pretty cool teen girls are like so creative and cute if ever you’re putting on like a girl or visco girl culture what you’re really doing is you’re young like young girls young girls like let girls do stuff that they enjoy eventually they’ll grow up and be just like try me girl looks for a day lady tested lady II like we love you and we try

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  1. Oh God, I remember when hot topic hadn't been strangely eaten by Disney yet. To combat boots, green hair, and irresponsible amounts of eyeliner!

    All of which I still do…because cool mom…

  2. So you did the new emo…why not do the old/scene/myspace emo? With the hair and the raccoon tails and the super dark eyeliner and the wrist warmers/fingerless gloves and allllllll of the striped tights, mixed patterns, fake blood by the mouth XDDDDD Totally should.

  3. Jen and Devin – I loved your looks! Kristin – I loved the outfit and the make-up but the wig took away from the look I think. Still love you all and the videos you produce! Thank you for always giving me something worth spending my time watching!

  4. This is driving me crazy, everything that we would have gotten made fun of for wearing, is now “trendy”. When I was in high school, god help you if you dared to wear high waisted pants. Ugh

  5. It’s like watching my cool aunts try and relate to me but it turns out to be really interesting and my friends start to call them mom

  6. I used to think vsco meant v- vans s-scrunchies c-crocs o-other.. And egirl meant electronic girl i swear everyone in highschool is a vsco or egirl or soft

  7. Jen looks amazing! I actually really like this outfit on her! ….And she’s sort of the only one who resembles an egirl here, but you guys look like you had fun! Lol.

  8. kristen- "E-girls for those of you that are over the age of 27 are.."
    Me- I'm twelve yet I don't even know what a 'E-Girl is..

  9. Egirls are emo girls are different but similar. Egirls have orbiters and a premium 18+ snapchat even though they're like 16, only really listen to pop/rap/indie and have a dark 2014 tumblr aesthetic. Emo girls stick to thier own groups, listen to a mixture if music in the metal and hardcore scene (considering emo comes from emotional hardcore), have a 1995-2011 alternative aesthetic that can be seen on sites like Myspace or vampire freaks and most importantly, don't fake who they are for attention.

    Just because both wear black clothes and go heavy with thier eyeliner doesn't mean they're the same thing.

  10. I love that Kristen is wearing a fem-todoroki wig and not wearing the bangs correctly and literally no one tell her because that’s basically what everyone’s first cosplay looks like😂😂

  11. I love jen's look😍😍 they look so cool but I think they took it to a whole other level… of good weird plus when they look adorable and badass at the same time best minutes ever spent😍🤣

  12. I thought e-girl was like an insta girl or basically a girl who's famous only for being pretty online?? I'm in my 20's, can a teenager confirm for me if I'm right or wrong?

  13. So apperantly they are two kinds of e-girls the Emo (tiktok) Girl and the Gamer Girls. But the name egirl in gaming is more like an assault (thats what i know correct me if its wrong)

  14. An egirl is a girl that plays video games and looks really cute. They play video games for money and you honestly just have to be a really cute girl that uses pro-gaming stuff and gets sponsored.

  15. Do a video on how YouTube pays you! Like how pricing on a videos works! You tubers are so secretive about it. Do you get money every time I like your videos?

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