We Dress Like VSCO Girls For A Day • Ladylike

We Dress Like VSCO Girls For A Day • Ladylike

will you stop claiming every single scrunchie just don’t claim this one I claim this oh my god know what what are we doing today I don’t know yeah what okay I know what we’re doing today today we are going to try being visco girls there’s a lot of people in YouTube have already made Bisco videos like Bayley Dietrich my family Katie’s corner we know that it’s an aesthetic that a lot of people are interested in trying out and seeing how it looks I am very curious whether people are gonna find it believable on us we’re not kids anymore you know like I pay taxes on time so I had no idea what a visco girl was until like three days ago so a fiscal girls like a general aesthetic do you remember when you were in high school and you were just like easy breezy beautiful I don’t pay rent No okay well neither do i but there were some people who live like that what is the significance of the name Fisk oh I know this I like was surrounded by camera kids it’s a photo editing app okay meant for like higher quality photos is generally the vibe I get from seeing people post and sometimes people will take those photos obviously and they’ll take them to Instagram and you can just see the hashtag visco so what are some characteristics of a visco girl jean shorts oversized shirts scrunchie hydrofloss you’ll wear things that are not like super glamorous looking but also like pretty expensive pretty expensive to be a proper visco girl can you get any of these things off-brand I think you can get it all off Fran why not it could be a visco girl with a non-hydro flask that kind of looks like a Hydra flash just get a blood Wroblewski already makes bags and outerwear but like your backpacks are like really popular with like teens and also apparently my 32 year old spouse I think y’all raven backpacks are really annoying well they’re originally for elementary school kids like kindergartners my partner owns three apparently and also very common brand worn is brandy melville which is a brand known being one-size-fits-all but actually it’s a four it’s in that tree every wood I mean it’s also like a very upper-middle class aesthetic like it’s and also it’s a very white thin aesthetic to it’s unbeatable but I don’t have to like try try very hard it’s okay I think it’s like it’s like a new girl next door yeah yes sort of like a reaction to like Instagram models who are just like so it’s like you’re a cool girl I look like this but I only take eight minutes to get ready yes oh wow am I already in visco girl yeah it’s I’m not like other girls the aesthetic I am definitely the mom in this video you guys are explaining to me this new cult thing that I had no idea about visco hashtag on Instagram has a hundred and ninety two million posts no so it’s less of a subculture and more of a culture culture obviously we are the subculture they are the culture nice there aren’t like a lot of rules about like this is visco and this is not we’re sort of trying to live according to the meme of like what visco girls traditionally might be a lot of this aesthetic is like being kept alive by the youths I think it’s cool to the youth to make their own things let’s go get our disco accessories miss go accessories wow it’s a beautiful oh my god oh so fun so we have changed into our outfits and now we’re gonna pick some accessorize how do I put this on oh it’s a lanyard it’s a it’s a friendship bracelet yes I am gonna greet my Crocs put these shoes on the table this is on the table apparently a part of the league’s of Disco aesthetic is you decorate your crocks with like different charms which is great cuz I already owned like five pairs of Crocs bitches hahaha I just would like to point out though that I thought Crocs were cool like two years ago so like they accidentally just ate Carmack’s yeah obviously my first one will be Captain America I was given Birkenstocks that I don’t get a decorate but I have to wear with socks because apparently that’s part of the visco aesthetic the only problem is I have wide ass feet and we accidentally bought the narrow kind of Birkenstocks so I might not be able to wear these as much as I’d like but I love Berks and Berks my whole life I’m a lesbian when they did their first sonogram they were like it’s a girl and she’s wearing Birkenstocks it’s crazy it’s Birkenstocks were actually super popular in high school for me this is just kind of a blast from the past Jen did you actually like any of these scrunchies oh no no I only looked the Carmack’s can I have the one Carmack’s that no one has licked or eaten Devin which one do you want to lick like that one the shells are a vital part of the Luke yes because I have to let people know that I know about the ocean dude where the scrunchies on your wrist or in your hair on your wrists oh hey do whatever you want I have noticed aesthetic is mostly long beachy hair going on which doesn’t seem good I think I like really good like this actually what we’ve kind of created here is sort of like a scrunchie Mohawks smell that cherry Carmack’s from here I choose this one for you Jen thank you I went to sleepaway camp but I didn’t have the attention span to ever finish a friendship bracelet or a sleepaway friendship honestly no I had a lot of those popular okay I was like my first kiss at sleepaway camp really I’ve got a boys dance here I give it to you Oh Kristen I love it I see no one has picked out a friendship bracelet for me yeah I want you to have this one bisexual colors Oh actually that’s I think my visco look is almost complete mine too I have so much decorating to do I mean can you put this on Kristen do me a rest kitchen you know you can never take it off never Wow you you actually know how to tie this yeah I’m winging it you want put spider-man on I tried really hard for me to get his little thing oh I do feel like we’re in a slumber party like a viscose slumber party oh I put a cave for Kristen oh that’s my name I realize this is the mom in me speaking but it kind of defeats the purpose of the Crocs because it allows less air to get into the toes put a minion on there I refuse what is like the visco girl pose because like the Instagram girl pose is like this or like this so really you’re not even posing you’re just there you’re just living your life yeah easy easy how are you supposed to do this what is this should I use my knife break it oh I almost reached over at the same time so sexy when you do that Thanks I love this look for you that’s my greatest creation can I have my Hydra flasks that was bought for me Wow intercepted I’m about habit of using too many disposable cups so we have made a special point of making it so I have to do the Hydra flask part of this while it’s like huge Hydra glass let’s take our pictures look at this is better okay I got my backpack I’m gonna be late for biology I know that this isn’t part of the video but why don’t you go this hat is this hat oh my god this hat can’t be in every video shout out to these socks right now these visco girl socks blue I saw game also my socks are making me like 300% hotter it is 95 degrees outside don’t you to get rid of the Hat the Hat isn’t a part of it look at my wide little duck feet straining against the perks you take you have to that off this is gonna be a fight that lasts forever [Laughter] the head is not part of us not off that’s actually more on gimme come on come on come on yep yep yep and then it’s gone now make a cute face not that face yes it’s better there we go Wow actually can you look up again look this way towards the Sun wow you look so free this is really good actually yeah all right okay okay I got it right actually these photos you bomb yeah these look really good wow that was so easy yeah these look I’m sorry I yelled at you when you tried to make me take the hat off it’s just that I knew that it was gonna make a difference staying on my kitchen your turn okay if I hit the widows they would die it smack me in the face with y’all ready Doris alright then you gotta take the photo where do you want to be in front of the wall – yeah everybody gets look good wall I’m doing you my hair looks like right now free PC and you pick up your foul Raven no and you’re high definite just yeah how much my hair is going everywhere every year – OH – free look hot hit one two three hot I’m gonna pick my shorts on I got this I got this I’m ready oh that’s cute like that tongue out wow she doesn’t care I don’t get it we actually I want to do a couple more where I’m not doing my tongue out but this quick yeah no more tune put it away I think also the visco pose is also like close up and it’s like don’t smiled it you’re gonna go to Taking Back Sunday with you and Derek this weekend cute I like this one this is very Billy Eilish hey Devon so what’s happening right now I’m a disco girl and I also have to pee yeah this is gonna be something fine yeah look like you don’t care just your dad I think my shot looks cool his shoes wow wow you’re actually really cute young money [Music] wow there’s photos have ever taken of ourselves yeah actually this is a cute aesthetic why do we work so hard where we could work less I mean that’s always been my point of view also what do you guys think of my hat honestly like I love wearing big t-shirt it’s like this is a comfortable outfit yes especially in the summertime this isn’t really an oversized shirt for me it’s just a shirt it doesn’t have to be oversized to look good it could just be shirt I think sometimes teenagers gravitate to oversized shirts they’re like I’m not necessarily super comfortable with my changing body and I think it’s cool that like if that’s where you’re at we’ve made an aesthetic about it it’s casual you could wear this to the beach but you could also wear it to a little bar if you’re over age yeah juice bar team bar I’m gonna wear it to the doctor’s office I’m gonna go home and wear it there you’re bad he’s so bad trying out visco girl looks lady tested ladies are under my foot ah this is a weird video [Music]

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  1. I have been wearing this aesthetic since middle school (the 2000s) and didn't realize that it was a thing. I just thought I never learned how to properly dress myself.

  2. 😮 who am I!!!!??? I'm over here using jean shorts, with over sized t-shirts, using my scrunchie to put my extremely long hair in a bun, using a backpack as a purse, & my hydroflask with stickers!!!! 😲🤯🤯

  3. Well, whaddaya know… I had literally no idea that this was a thing which existed 🤷‍♀️Learn something new everyday I guess – also, would someone mind explaining what 'Sksksk' means please? (I'll be under my rock if anyone needs me:)

  4. At some point every aesthetic becomes exclusionary and commercialized. Even if the culture it belongs to does not, someone else will see it and try to market it and inflate the price beyond belief.

  5. Wow my lazy day outfit is on trend..awesome…but no to the neck less..I always thought those were so tacky..even when I was in high school

  6. This is super cute and reasonable for tweens and teens to wear. I also really like that Crocs are on their second comeback and Birks on their third or FOURTH since I was in high school. (I am an Old Person but I teach Grade 7/8's so components of this look are ALL OVER middle school.)

  7. ive loved crocs my whole life even though i was bullied for it in like 2nd grade lmao but now i dont want to wear the, at school because kids call you out for being basic :/

  8. I was waiting for someone to say "skskskkskskskksksksks" or "Anna opp/ and I opp-"
    Also Jen with all the scrunchies, that's a mood.. 😂

  9. Okay, so I’m 27 and had NO idea what VSCO meant, until now… I’ve been dressing like this since 2013.
    Except no crocs, and my shirts are always black. And everything is generic(ish)
    Is there a “goth VSCO?” Cuz that’s me.

  10. Lol this is me in middle school. Except I was all about that dr. Pepper lip balm. Would it be weird as a 33 year old lady if I dressed like this?

  11. The more time is passing the more styles keep looking like straight out “The rolled out of bed into class look” but make it FASHUN and not like you tried too hard…..

  12. The first day of school happened (two days ago) I didn’t know what a vsco girl was. And I thought the “SKSKSKS AND I OOP SKSKSKS” was so annoying. They wore scrunchies and those shell necklaces. Then I realized this


  14. Good knock offs for this trend:
    Khombu Sandals with Straps: $16
    Birkenstocks: $90+
    Yeti Rambler: $30
    Hydroflask: $50 +shipping
    No boundaries Backpacks: $19-$25
    Kankens: $60-$90
    Everything else you can thrift if you're a frugal homie.
    Check your local costco and see if they have the khombu sandals, I got mine for $8, and they look exactly like birkens but better bc theyre supportive.

  15. The proud history of "finding out a family member/friend is also in the community and the moment they are comfortable having a specific label talked about it immediately begin peppering into your day to day conversation as frequently as possible" continues as I hear Kristin is bi from Jen in yet another video since she came out publicly. Gay hobby.

  16. I wear fake Birkenstocks with socks every day, but I am NOT a VSCO girl. That is the only similarity I have with them

  17. Literally all they say is "Save the turtles" and they drink from a metal straw. And all they wear are scrunchies and I think they're so overated.

  18. Not every teenager can dress like Kylie jenner with a baby on side . So they decided why not make our everday high school look a trend and we use Vsco app too soo !! 😝😝😝

  19. Just hear to say I'm officially unsubscribing from Ladylike. The content is getting worse. I can't take it anymore. Goodbye.

  20. So, it’s surprising to me that half of the VSCO aesthetic is made up of eco-friendly brands… like, was that intentional? Or are we just lucky that these brands are getting some support from this trend? And why Hydroflasks specifically? 🤔 So many questions lol

  21. Me: wow I'm officially old
    Also me: this is my normal attire
    Also also me: does this mean I'm more like a teen and not in my late 20s but not realizing I'm like a teen???

    internal identity crisis increases

  22. This is off topic but Devin was in the very potter musical and she play the girl that Harry Potter like play by Darren Criss !!!!! https://youtu.be/hUUZbgOPFLY check it out

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