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  1. I think this fashion trend is harmless tbh as long as it isn't designed with shitty symbolism/hate speech or copying real tattoos that are on others unless they gave permission. I can see where it might be weird to people with tattoos, but you have to think about perspectives on why people would wear it.

    A lot of westerners are privileged to be able to cover their body in tattoos, especially places where everyone can project being an individual and also still get a job with them. Like in Japan or any other Asian countries where openly being an individual comes with judgment in their society; tattoos are seen as taboo, though it has gotten a lot better, still they can't get a job with visible tattoos (heck even dying their hair a lighter brown is seen as a delinquency), can't go to some beaches or onsens, their parents see it as such a devastating thing what they did to their bodies and could even get shunned out of the family.
    Skin conditions can also be another reason, they can be allergic to ink or basically any sort of thing where their skin can't take the process of a needle constantly going over the same area of skin without it causing immense damage.
    I think it's cool and maybe even a chance for independent artists that design/manufacture clothes with their art to have another opportunity to have a different kind of merch. They could even take commissions, like custom "tattoo" design mesh shirts of tattoos for people that have tattoo art in mind that they would get on their bodies if they were able.

  2. 10:05 I’m of the opinion that if a type of tattoo means something and you didn’t do the thing (like with these prison tattoo) then you shouldn’t get it

  3. Something I've always wanted to do is get my own personal tattoos embroidered onto a hoodie! That way I can wear my art even when it's cold out, lmao.

  4. I only have one issue/frustration with high end brands doing this. I’m a fashion model that has tattoos including a sleeve, and I have gotten fired or given a really hard time for my tattoos by high end companies. But if this trend allows models with tattoos to be more of the norm, that’ll be really great.

  5. The russian prison tats thing is really shit but I guess since it's just a shirt it makes it less gross? Kinda? Like when american edgelord boys get actual russian prison tattoos actually tattooed on them, just to be ~hardcore~, i absolutely hate that. But the shirt can be taken off at least… still dumb af to use for shock value but oh well

  6. How do you feel about Sailor Jerry tattoos having a prominent amount of cultural appropriated tattoos and colonial imagery

  7. I really hope to god russian tattoo not become a trend in America. There a very special Kind tattoos that is special to the person who wares them and if you ware someone else’s tattoo or if you are clearly not ethnically russian this could be very dangerous to have these tattoos in public (at least here in Eastern Europe) just be careful because you ARE diving into a culture that you don’t know anything about and could (depending on where you live) be dangerous and or deadly.

  8. I’m Russian and live in Moscow and I’d say that there aren’t that many people who have prison tattoos, but I’ve definitely come across a few of them. Normally it’s very heavily tattooed elderly men and honestly they look kinda scary. I would maybe get one myself but I wouldn’t want them to recognize it so I either won’t do it at all or maybe do it in an easily covered place. But also, I do live in Moscow and it is possible that there are more actual people from prison with those tats in other parts of the country. Also, most of the tattoo shops I’ve been to have the books you’ve shown (idk if this is a thing in the US but in Russia tattoo shops usually have a little book shelf with books about tattoos or other interesting visual things that inspire some of the artists). Anyway, good vid as usual!

  9. Tattoos in general are trendy most definitely I’ve been in the tattoo community for well over 20 years…it’s interesting how they are so very socially acceptable and we have also noticed how kids in their late teens on up get fuuulllyy sleeved and fully covered head to toe within like 1 year..which is bonkers BUT That being said we get how the different generations do change etc. and respect that aspect of it. 🙌🏻

  10. Seriously next tattoo talk Tuesday should be Russian prison tattoos. I feel like it would help people understand more about the history of tattoos. I have no problem with people wearing tattoo clothing but I think they should know what the things they wear symbolize to people.

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