We Tried Forever 21 Bridesmaids Dresses

We Tried Forever 21 Bridesmaids Dresses

– I use to shop at Forever 21 when I was in junior high school, so to think that they’re
like keeping on par with their audience growing up and getting into the marriage
age, makes me feel old. (upbeat music) – I don’t think of Forever 21 and think like, oh elegant, like I think of like casual and sporty. – Anything with a wedding label is just outrageously expensive. – I hope they look good on or at least photograph well cause I guess that’s what’s important in a wedding. – I’m just excited to
see what they look like. (upbeat music) – Yah! It’s really soft and flowy. I’ve never worn this color
and I don’t know why. – Oh, I really like that color on you. – It feels like it’s perfect for dancing and just having fun. – I have a lot of feelings. I really don’t like these sleeves. I don’t love the idea of when
dresses get to a certain size, kind of like adding more fabric, there’s no like my body is
something to be like hidden. – Yah, oh my god, I
love this color on you. – The back is my entire back,
right, cause the sleeves. – Oh no, yeah, it’s totally covered. – And it’s definitely a little warm. – Oh I like it. – So it’s super comfortable. I’m not wearing a bra because
the back is super low. – Hello. The fabric is very soft, like I feel like I’m being like swaddled
in something delightful. – I might need your help cause I don’t really know
what’s going on behind here. The moment I like lean
over to say hi to someone, everyone’s gonna see
what’s going on underneath. – So I was actually surprised when how comfortable the dresses were, I was specially a fan of the print. – Also like the price isn’t too bad. I think the dresses I tried
on were like 78 dollars, so if someone was like, hey you’re going to be in my wedding, this is the dress you’re going to wear, I wouldn’t mind paying for it. – I love the idea of fast
action bridesmaids dresses, I like the idea of there
being like some lower price competition for these brands like Anthropology and J Crew, like these beautiful, beautiful,
wonderful dress lines, but it’s like 400 dollars,
you know, I gotta eat. – They’re on the cheaper side which you can tell in the fabric, but overall they were
great and I would wear them and if I ever get married I would make my bridesmaids
buy something cheap like that, because it was cute and affordable.

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  1. Guys, don't worry, atleast I think… Because I'm pretty sure that this is one of the different crews. There's one is Los Angeles and one in New York, etc. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

  2. The new people are so boring. I feel like they are just random people being interviewed from the street 😴😴😴

  3. um 78 dollars for these rice sacks ?? Davids bridal has better bridesmaid dresses on sale for 40 bucks than that

  4. "Added more fabric bc my body should be hidden" ummmm it's available in all sizes they're not out to get you

  5. I like how the video says "cheap dresses" but only verbally says the prices in a rage. I came here to see actual prices!! Plus, like most people were saying, that $78 dress is way too expensive! should be more like $15-20

  6. I feel like everyone is being too harsh because it is Forever Twenty One, when looking at dresses for events you have to also think about the outcome. How will the hair look? What Jewelry? What bouquet? That is what brings things together, the dresses are simple which is important.

  7. these people don't have any personality and this video looks like it has a production value of zero. It looks like it has been filmed on an iphone 3 hahaha

  8. everyone is hating on these new buzzfeed ppl but i kinda really like them and the new vibe they're bringing

  9. I just got married last week. The best place to get bridesmaid dresses, I found, was a website called azazie. The dresses were all like 100 bucks rather than 300+ and came in way more style options and colors than any store! My sister, the only bridesmaid (tiny wedding in another country), tried some on in a store, and ordered a similar one on the site and it fit well, with minor adjustments (unless you're busty many dresses need that re-sized).

  10. My mom once bought a gucci 400$ dress for 4 dollars at ElCorte Inglés. Best deal ever. The prices are super cheap, I swear.

  11. these would be the bridesmaid dresses for those that elope. you would NEVER see these as actual bridesmaid dresses. these are like last minute attending dresses.

  12. Those are summer dresses you would maybe wear to attend a wedding as a guest but definitely not bridesmaids dresses.

  13. forever 21 is terribleeeee quality. i only go when i need something last minute as a one time wear because it always falls apart. plus they use sweat shops to make their clothes

  14. Pfft just do what my sister for her wedding did and get matching $20 maxi dresses from old navy and have us dress them up a bit with accessories. We all looked great and spent a total of $50-70 for each brides maid. Easy peasy.

  15. oh wow… I was watching ladylike when suddenly youtube brought me over here… Who are those boring girls? 
    there's no chemistry between them… it's like they randomly put some strangers together…. gave them a macbook and let them watch ladylike/ the old Boldly crew and made them make something similar… except, this isn't working…

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  18. Loved these clothes and the video was amazing!
    I apologise on behalf of all these rude comments :/ yall are starting off and did great! Much love hope to see more of you guys :]

  19. Honestly, these were not that bad. I think they were more "wedding guest" than "bridesmaid", but that's fine, because versatility is never a bad thing. If I found some of these on the sale rack, I'd probably go for it.

  20. All those dresses were hideous, I’m all for cheaper dresses but if any of my bridesmaids had to wear those I’d feel so bad.

  21. this video is so short and breif. why dont all of them try every dress so we can see varied body types?

  22. The dresses are too casual. Unless you were having your wedding in Hawaii and it was beach themed then you would be okay.

  23. This was the fastest buzzfeed video of this topic. I expected more discussion and maybe some jokes, but geez they flew through the dresses!

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