Wear A Suit EVERY Day? POWER & AUTHORITY Uniforms & WHY They Matter | RMRS Style Videos

Wear A Suit EVERY Day? POWER & AUTHORITY Uniforms & WHY They Matter | RMRS Style Videos

Why You Need A Uniform – Jeremy Fragrance
[0:00:00] Antonio: All right, gentlemen. Today, I’ve got Jeremy Fragrance and we’re
going to be talking about the importance of wearing uniform. [Music] We actually started talking about
this when we’re in your car. Jeremy: Yeah. Antonio: We’re talking about the importance
of looking good having a go-to uniform and you developed a uniform, right? Jeremy: Yeah. I always wear a suit. I always wear a dark gray suit or a dark blue
suit and with that always a white shirt and in most cases a dark red or a gray tie. Antonio: And, a lot of people they’re going
to say, you know, okay, you know your uniform you know the details here, but doesn’t that
get boring? Doesn’t that get like, oh, you know, it’s
like I want to have a lot of fun I should be able to wear whatever I want. Jeremy: Yeah. Antonio: Why do you wear this uniform? I mean does it — doesn’t it constrict you? Jeremy: It has two – two nice things about
it. First of all, people recognize me more and
more. I’m building a brand, I’m the guy in the
suit. People recognize me easier and faster on the
street because they constantly know me in this. So, it’s like a corporate identity just
like a trademark from a brand. I’m always the suit guy. People recognize me faster and of course it
saves time. I’m not so extreme like a Steve Jobs or
a Mark Zuckerberg who only wear really one outfit and that’s it or Tom Ford also wears
his black suit with a white shirt and that’s it. But, it definitely saves time. Antonio: You go off on the streets and you’re
stopping people asking them to smell something on you. Jeremy: Yeah. Antonio: I mean I think… Jeremy: 100% they recognize me better with
that than… Antonio: Or, they’re more likely to trust
you… Jeremy: Yes. Antonio: Because a guy in a suit is not going
to be assaulting me because you’re talking to women a lot of times. Jeremy: Correct. Antonio: And they’re like, oh, I won’t
give him two seconds. Jeremy: Yeah. Antonio: Versus a t-shirt and jeans guy. Jeremy: Yes. Antonio: They may get half a second if that. Jeremy: It’s always is like a pre-selection
because think, aha, let me see, okay, if he has this high quality of a suit, it possibly
means he has some type of established life, he has something going on because otherwise
he couldn’t wear such a suit, of course. Antonio: Do you find that actually like this
uniform it also suits like the brand that you’re building up? I mean your fragrance-based, everything is
about smell, but you know smell is just one of the many five senses and so, with the visual
does it match do you feel to the brand you’re building up? Jeremy: For me, yes, because I always love
going to the top being the number one this type of direction. And for me, number one means wearing very
professional business suits type of setting. Antonio: In your mind success in your industry… Jeremy: Yes. Antonio: You are already dressing like if
you reach… Jeremy: Correct. Antonio: The pinnacle of success… Jeremy: Yes. Antonio: Your uniform will not change much? Jeremy: No. Antonio: I have always felt that whoever I’m
going to like that achievement that I’m going to get whenever I reach where I’m
going like I – in many ways I’ve already become that person and I daily practice wearing
this uniform wearing, I mean for me I’ve talked about this, it’s navy dark-colored
shirts. Jeremy: Yeah. Antonio: With dark jeans with boots. Jeremy: Yeah. Nice. Antonio: I’ll throw one — I’ve got a
sports jacket. It’s just hot in this room, I didn’t want
to actually… Jeremy: Yeah. Antonio: Wear a – wear a jacket here. But, for me this is my travel uniform. Jeremy: Yes. Antonio: It actually works for the wide variety
of items in my wardrobe, interchangeable wardrobe where items work in that. And I mean for you, you’ve got simple – you
go with light-colored shirts. Jeremy: Yes. Antonio: Your ties can work with all of your
different suits. Jeremy: Yes. Correct. It saves time. Antonio: I mean interchangeable. Jeremy: Yeah. And you know the – the colors they project
a certain type of thing like red projects something, blue projects something. It’s different than orange, it’s different
than a green. For me, a person that appears to be confident
or always wanted to be confident, it’s more helpful in my eyes to dress in these type
of colors or this charcoal gray than in a pink shirt. Antonio: So, with your uniform, do you have
a uniform set like assuming that like you had to like just – you’re traveling. Jeremy: Yeah. Antonio: And you’re going to travel let’s
say for a month in the United States, you can’t take a whole case. Jeremy: No. Antonio: So, what are going to be your uniform
sets? Jeremy: Okay. That’s of course a heavy question since
I’m a fragrance guy Antonio: [Laughs]
Jeremy: I always have to see, okay, do I travel to Ibiza, it will be an island setting, what
type of clothes will I wear? Where… Antonio: So, the first thing you do is you
actually examine… Jeremy: Of course. Antonio: Where you’re going? Jeremy: Yeah. Antonio: So, this is something the same with
your uniform, you look ahead… Jeremy: Sure. Antonio: What’s the purpose? Where am I going? You look at the weather. What’s your mission? I mean when you were just over in Southern
Spain… Jeremy: Yeah. Antonio: You went there for vacation. Jeremy: Yes. Antonio: You were wanting to… Jeremy: Yeah. Dress casual. I’m not going to wear a very oriental sweet
tobacco fragrance in the high summer heat to a beach party. Antonio: To wrap things up, guys, that’s
the key with the uniform. Know where you’re going, know what you want
to achieve, understand what your mission is what message you want to send and then make
sure that your clothing and fragrance that your grooming everything sends the message
you want to send. That’s it, guys. I’m going to be linking to Jeremy’s channel
down in the description. Go check it out if you want to learn anything
about fragrance. And thank you for sharing a bit about you. Jeremy: Thanks, Antonio. Antonio: I appreciate it. Jeremy: Thank you very much. Bye, guys. Antonio: Take care, guys. [0:05:06] End of Audio

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  1. Haha, it´s funny what he says about wearing the colors he does… I´m kind of the opposite in that if I didn´t wear some sort of fun color in there, I doubt my own family would recognize me. In fact, I remember having some shirts I hadn´t worn in a while which were white, one was black, etc… my family and friends refer to those couple weeks of me getting some wear out of them, as my "Emo Phase."

  2. I always had wish that men would wear more suit. If you look at old news reels you’ll see men in suits at a baseball game or a football game it seems like years ago man would dress a lot better no saggy pants no seeing anyone’s underwear. it just seems so much more classy and that’s kind of how I try to try to dress. There is a time and place for everything but at same time I always prefer dressing in suit. It looks classy if nothing else
    Antonio you rock!.

  3. Our ancestors (some) kind of knew these things. I see an old man every day walking down the street wearing a different suit, one for every day of the week; gosh, he must be about 90 years old. He dresses up just to go to McDonalds to have breakfast. 😉

  4. A nice suit says "High position for a company"
    But the CEO of the company doesn't wear suits because they don't need to prove anything.

  5. Antonio, do you recommend to wear suits in all professional situations? At the office I work for only the bosses wear suits…
    I am a professional buyer in an international big company

  6. Hmmmm, Perfect for driving a forklift in a warehouse while wearing mandatory high visibility work wear and work boots!
    I work in an office too but it is totally impractical for me to wear a suit to work, especially when you take into account what I say above. I love dressing sharp in a good suit but not good in my work situation. I think your vlog fails to take this into account. Odd given you used to be in the military and would have been in different garb in different situations.

  7. His suit is so tight that the shirt buttons are about to come apart at the bottom! I love slim fit but woah chill out lol

  8. not hating but would you mind doing a vid on what to wear in a wedding party and things to take care before going into one..plzz.

  9. I dont' wear a suit every day. My uniform is being a blue collar employee. I only wear suits when I go to an import function. I do feel different when I wear a suit and tie.

  10. When flying (the modern day Greyhound Bus), try dressing well instead of… “for comfort”. Once one experiences how much better one is treated, it will become clear why frequent business travelers often choose to “dress-up” for travel.

  11. What we wear daily is critical towards people taking us seriously or not in the workplace.

  12. Suits are nice to wear for the right occasion but they're actually overrated on daily basis. There're as many people (if not more) who dislike the suit style and connotation as people who like it. Rule of thumb, dress for the occasion, and for the intention (in the case of Jeremy, for business marketing purposes).

  13. I found a specific suit I liked and bought 5 of them – identical. Every pocket exactly the same so every accessory or tool fits exactly the same place on every suit. FYI – also replace all white shirts, socks, and underwear in quantity (identical) and throw out the old. I can get dressed in complete darkness and get it exactly right every time! OK, only two pairs of matching shoes with a third option depending on where I will be walking that day. When my employer is talking about dressing properly, they always refer staff to me. It is not boring to be predictable in your attire. Let your uniform set a standard of expectation – then let your personality take over. And yes, people are a lot more responsive to me in my black suit uniform. Interactions on the street changed immediately AND my employer greatly expanded my role within 2 weeks of adopting this uniform. Simplify your life with a good uniform.

  14. Love you sirr. Love from India . Your simplicity is one of your best features . Amazing Collab with Jeremy sir . He's also very cool . Proud to see you together .

    PS: when will you announce the giveaway results of your Mahi leather bags?

  15. (At work)
    I got the idea of a uniform from this channel. I used to wear different color shirts/parts every day and it would sometimes be stressful choosing. Now all i wear are white shirts (with an occasional light blue or gray) navy/dark pants a vest and a tie.
    Everyone always comments on how good i look, but it's basically the same thing every day minus the tie. Liberating. Easy.

    If i do decide to switch it up (for whatever reason: rain mostly), I feel completely uncomfortable and people notice the change.


  16. Antonio, watch this video when your friend's tie shows his shirt close to his belt, the gap between buttons is not flattering. Let him know his shirts are too tight around his waist.

  17. Man I think its so great when Jeremy and Antonio collaborate on videos. Great input from both ends. (Thumbs Up)

  18. Jeremy needs a shirt to fit his body type. Although he appears to be physically fit, the buttons are pulling too tight just above his belt and thus exposing skin. Additionally, I was taught to always wear an undershirt when wearing a dress shirt. Wonder if he knew his skin was showing because he kept adjusting his tie.

  19. Using “like” and “you know” inappropriately is tedious. To say something is “like” when you mean “it is” is bad English. I think our speech should match the excellent advise given concerning style. Where is the benefit in looking good if the speech lets us down?

  20. There are lot of stories about men who put on a suit and immediately got huge respect from others, although they have not changed anything else, so a sui is extremely important

  21. Should we wear a "suit" every day? No, not necessarily, but we all have some type of "uniform" whether official or not that we wear — our "look". But I like your closing comments, Antonio, which is "just think" is the real answer to your question. Be intentional regarding what you wear, making it appropriate to the occasion or audience.

  22. The fit of the suit is not spectacular, specifically in the area of the jacket’s collar, the tie has no dimple, and the shirt seems to be a bit too slim, and lacking collar stays. Great initiative, though when talking about authority and power, such flaws should not exist.

  23. Yes, I think a man should wear a suit everyday. I would because it makes me feel classy, clean, and presentable to the public eye.
    1. It gives you an emotional feeling of confidence.
    2. A timeless, classic style that will never be obsolete.
    3. You look more professional and trustworthy.
    4. Your outfit can attract the opposite sex.
    5. The more tailored your suit is to your current physique, the better looking you are.
    6. You look like you are part of the bourgeoisie (upper-class) of society.
    7. Some people may give you great complements or advice.
    8. Numerous ways of personal customization (You can wear a watch, fedora, pocket square, sunglasses, or cuff links to give your outfit the unique look you want).
    9. Some occupations (banker, lawyer, advertising agent, or suit tailor) require you to wear this luxurious outfit.

    1. Not so great in hot weather (possibility of sweating in hot-climate regions).
    2. Some suit brands are expensive.
    3. Muffin-tops (Please invest in a pair of shirt stays).
    4. Some events do not require you to wear a suit, but this up to you if you want to feel out of place.
    5. Some colors on a suit like the color of your tie, or your pocket square may appear flashy.
    6. Window pane and plaid suits are horrendous.
    7. A possible target for the proletariat (lower-class). Some may rob you of your luxuries, or brag/argue about you are the reason why he/she is economically poor.
    8. It sucks when you have a food/drink stain on your luxurious outfit.

  24. A man in a suit can for sure assault someone. In fact, it's probably more common (looking at you, congress). Good video though – gotta love Jeremy

  25. But its stylish value has limitations and its boring to wear every single day AND removes any special effect that it once had.

  26. Not trying to be political but that "Trump Republican" look is amazing. Blonde-ish hair and the red tie adds a vibrant spark to the usual "bland" uniform.

  27. I like the idea of a uniform. I have since my school days. Growing up poor, wearing a uniform helped me focus on my education as opposed to what I had on or couldn't afford to wear. Now, the time saving aspect is a huge plus to someone who is extremely busy. I love to dress nice but the idea of streamlining my work wardrobe is intriguing.

  28. Thanks for this – guys look best in suits. I hate those "cheapie" cultures created by Steve Jobs and similar to dress down – that time should be over and this whole cheap world should experience a renaissance where casual bad taste should give way to classic elegance, culture and well-mannerism.

  29. Jeremy is wrong, I wear White dress Shirts on Monday, Blue Dress shirts on Wednesday and Pink Dress Shirts on Wednesday and works for me.

    Variety yet uniforms.

  30. I do like the look of a well-tailored suit on a good-looking guy. But there's the problem of when you're not in such great physical shape, the suit is not always the most flattering outfit to wear. Also, there are some guys who live so much in their suits that it shows – they're crumpled and perhaps even slightly dog-eared! If you wear a suit, you have to keep it pristine.

  31. I can honestly see local affordable tailors coming back into the high street! Look at something like wet shaving, where I live in the past you’d have to go to a high end area such as Mayfair London UK in order to get a shave from a barber with a cut throat razor!

    Now you can get that in every town in my country for a really affordable price! The same could happen to bespoke tailoring!

  32. Now the IT business is gaining huge attention and money, people intend to look up to those guys, they do not wear suits on the daily bases, in fact the trend is the people wear casual outfits are the actual bosses, the suits work for them. Unless one is working in a law firm or a bank or an insurance company, but even then, the workers wear suits, the bosses … you get the idea 🤣 Besides, if most of the men wear suits, what would it look like to y’all? I don’t see style, it seems like a scene in Matrix 😂

  33. I think what sums this up best is that fipm with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway, (the title of which is escaping me) where he goes to work for her at her new age, highly technologically advanced fashion company and he is the only one wearing a suit every day to work. It seems weird and unnatural to all the young(er) employees, but it's a symbol of professionalism.

  34. Me personally, I see a lot of films that take place in "ye olde days" and every man wore a suit and a hat. All women wore dresses and carried purses and hats. There were very clearly defined social and public mores, a defined code, that people followed. And I think the simple act of dressing well is a system of discipline. Our modern society is lacking that, there's been a major relaxation of discipline and expectations when it comes to the social sphere. Just walk into Google on a Tuesday and you'll see what I'm talking about. Brilliant people but you'd never know if they're VP's or from the mailroom because they're all dressed the same.

  35. Nice suit, but your shirt is a bit too small though. It’s busting at the seams toward the bottom. I wear suits every day also.

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