Wear a Suit Without A Tie and Look GREAT! | 5 Things To Consider Before Going Tieless

Wear a Suit Without A Tie and Look GREAT! | 5 Things To Consider Before Going Tieless

Gentlemen, Antonio here. Today, we’re going to be talking about how
to wear a suit without a necktie. I’m going to give you five tips on how to
skip the necktie whenever you are wearing it with a jacket suit. For this video, I’m going to use the two terms
interchangeably. In addition, guys, I want to point out, a
suit normally is when you’ve got a jacket and a pair of trousers made of the same fabric. However, I know a lot of you guys pull off
sports jackets, perhaps blazers, and you want to know “Antonio, can these rules still apply?” In general, yes. Now, if you want more information, go check
out the article. The support article I go into a lot more details
there. Guys, I want to hear from you down in the
comments. Let me know. Do you agree? Are you really old school like “Antonio, anytime
you wear a suit or a jacket, you need to wear a tie”? Or like “Antonio, I pull this look off all
the time”? Guys, I love learning from you, so let me
know in the comments. Tip number one: make sure that if you’re going
to pull this look off that it’s the right environment. That you’ve looked around. I understand that choosing to not wear a necktie
with your suit I would say it’s not as rebellious as wearing a leather jacket, but it is something
that gives off that signal of “Okay, this guy is walking his own path”, especially when
you walk into a room and everyone else is wearing a necktie. Yeah, you’ve got the jacket on, but you’ve
decided to totally skip the necktie look. In some cases, it may work out great. If you own the company and you guys have a
dress code, if you need to wear a jacket, most people would assume “Okay. I need to wear a necktie with it.” But you’re the guy that shows up “Hey, I’ve
got the jacket on. I’m following the code. But I wear it my way.” Or maybe you’re a Silicon Valley guy, and
you want to get dressed up to go to the bank, but at the same time, you’ve never worn that
tie, and you’re not going to do it. However, if you’re a young guy, just graduated
college, law school, and you’re going to an interview with a conservative legal company
out in New York City, well, in that case, at that point, do you need to assert that
“Hey, I’m not going to wear a necktie”? Or do you realize “This is the culture of
the company I’m going into. Perhaps I need to wear it.” A father-daughter dance. Okay. Your little girl she’s expecting you to dress
your best. All the other dads are going to have on neckties. You want to have some great pictures of her
holding your necktie as you’re holding her up and just spending this time with your daughter. Think about the situation. If you’re cool with skipping the necktie,
then go for it. But the key, gents, is I don’t want you to
be second guessing yourself. I don’t want you to lose confidence. Point number two is the collar is key. This is what’s going to frame the face. You don’t have the necktie here to hold it
together anymore. Guys, you need to make sure that you’ve got
a strong, sharp-looking collar. Go check out this video. I’ve already gone into in great detail talking
about how to create, how to maintain, how to have a great-looking collar. But in summer, remember, it starts with the
placket. Go check out Million Dollar Collar. Guys, I’ve talked about that startup before. I think they did a great job creating something
that can help solve if you’ve got a weak placket issue. After that, you want to look at the collar
itself. Make sure it’s ironed. Make sure it has removable collar stays. If so, put in some metal or plastic collar
stays. Magnetic collar stays. Whatever you need to get those two things
to look great is going to really far, because again, guys, without that necktie right there
basically pointing at your face, when people look at you, when they look at what frames
your face, it’s going to be that strong collar. You don’t want to try to be pulling something
off that’s really weak or limpy or falling over. Now, we’ve got the issue of one or two buttons. What do I mean? Okay. Because it’s not tied up right here, you’re
either going to unbutton the one, or you’re going to unbutton the two. Some of you guys I guess maybe go three or
four. But I’m only going to be talking about the
one or the two. Understand that if you go with the two button
unbuttoned look, it’s much more casual, especially if it starts to open up. Now, in my case, I am wearing a three-button
suit jacket. I’ve got the first two buttons. It’s a little bit more done up. Because it does that, the collar, because
it’s strong, actually does a good job of keeping it closed. I feel fine. I dress for myself. I’m pulling off this look with confidence. But guys, if you’re going to be wearing this
to work and most people are wearing ties and you’re going down a little bit too far, it
may be something the people just are like “Who does this guy think he is?” Pay attention to your environment. If you’ve got the courage, if you’ve got the
strength, if you’ve got the position in your company to be able to pull it off, great. Otherwise, guys, you may want to think about
maybe just go with the one button there. Point number four and tied to the number of
buttons is basically your undershirt. You don’t want to be pulling this down and
all of the sudden have this undershirt. Crewneck. Basically where it goes all the way up. Probably not going to be something you normally
want to wear if you’re going to be skipping out on the necktie and you’re going to be
opening up the front of your shirt with a suit. I just don’t think it looks great. Let me know in the comments. What do you guys think? I think that you should be looking at a V-neck
undershirt. Some guys don’t even want to wear undershirts,
but if you’re going to wear it, go for the V-neck. Some of you guys are saying “Antonio, I’ve
got a lot of chest hair.” In that case, you may want to trim. Yes, I am advocating. You can trim your chest hair a bit when it
starts getting out of control there. But the point is you just don’t want this
big white undershirt. Tip number five is pay attention to your other
accessories. Because there is no necktie right here, all
of a sudden, people’s eyes are going to look around. They’re going to want to latch on to something
else on your outfit. Guess what that’s going to be? Pocket square. Watch. Your shoes. Other little accessories. Cufflinks. Make sure that those are maybe taken a level
up. When it comes to the pocket square, this is
something that I think so many guys if they were just to try wearing a pocket square it
doesn’t have to be something fancy. You can go with a simple white square fold
pocket square. All of a sudden, that’s going to look great. You will get more compliments. Now, on your shoes. This is someplace where, assuming you’re wearing
a suit, maybe a whole cut, something that’s made from a single piece of leather, very
elegant this will be something they’ll look down and go “Oh.” They’ll notice the shoes a bit more, again,
because they’re not going to get tied up in the necktie. Oftentimes, when people look at someone, they
see that necktie, and that keeps them focused in. Without that, they’re going to maybe wander
around. Again, bring in a wide range of shoes. I’m even advocating in this case, you should
be wearing loafers, because you’ve got that more casual look, especially if you’re going
with a lighter-colored suit, and it’s warm weather. All of these shoes, by the way, are from Paul
Evans. Guys, that is it. In the article, I actually give you a few
more tips. I go beyond the five there in the article. I like to do stuff like that. If you want more, if you’re like “Antonio,
I need more information about style”, well, guess what? I’ve got tons of free e-books now over at
Real Men Real Style. Go grab one. I’m going to be changing them out. They’re not always going to be the same. If you miss one, you may miss it forever. Go over there. You can download all of them. Every couple months, I’m trying to change
it up. Guys, that’s it. Let me know what you think in the comments. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  9. I never wear a necktie nowadays. The last time I did was at prom. Unless you work at a Law Office, Marketing or some area where you deal with the public at large then a tie may not be necessary. If you are a desk clerk, telephone operator or in non customer service then you can skip the tie. Ties to me tend to go with higher end jobs. Law, Internships, College or maybe a job interview at these places. Also a tie is useful if nobody is wearing one. Now you stand out.Look at your boss. Are they wearing a tie? If so, maybe emulate your boss or dress better. Add Oxblood Shoes, dress watch , pastel colors hell, even a dress vest.

  10. The US Air Force now requires V-neck undershirts when wearing blues without the tie. Good move, but I hear Lts complain it looks douchey. Crew necks under open collars are also popular for Air Force civilian engineers, who prefer the look, afraid to expose too much skin.

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  13. wearing a suit without a tie is a big no no, it just looks bad. if you don't want to wear a tie, wear a sport jacket with a button down shirt or even a regular shirt. It may look ok if its after work and your going to a bar

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  36. I completly agree with everything you have said ……but here are some of my TIPS !!!
    1. NEVER wear dress shoes without socks !!!! ( in the picture )
    2.love the shoes but always go with a shoe with a thick heal ….women like tall men statistically speaking….
    3. Time and place for everything ….start off your day wearing a tie, you can always take it off …tip when i take my tie off ill use as hankie and put it in my front chest pocket 😉
    4. Man groom and smell amazing also fix or whiten your teeth …..
    5. ALWAYS have your suit custom fitted to your body. Tailored with a heavy starch!
    6.black shoes = black belt = black watch band or silver …..i feel gold goes better with brown …
    7. If you are a professional single male that wears a suit to work everyday ….invest in a nice car ….. I personally drive a BMW 650i ……you cant bang yourself out and get into a chevy cavalier….lmfao ……
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    Also I think Antonio didn’t really capture what the occasion of the no tie situation. No tie would be like you are at the end of the work week, going out to a nice dinner, maybe a vacation scene or anytime your want to dress to impress but not over do it. Because you can always take the jacket off and you’ll have more of a casual look if you are over dressed.

    Lastly never would I ever recommend you go to an interview for something like a lawyer without a neck tie. If I were the guy hiring you I would pass on you as soon as I seen you not wearing I tie. That to me says you were too lazy and didn’t care about the position and just blew it off. WEAR A TIE to job interviews!

  39. Gotta be honest, I'm not a fan of the shirt he's got here. To me, going no-tie and some buttons undone should make more of a loose, casual, comfortable look. A shirt that holds its shape that strongly and then has 2 buttons undone to offset it, looks forced to me. If your shirt is that crispy, like the dad in the beginning of Peter Pan, put on a tie. I like a sharp collar, one button open like many of the other examples shown.

    I'm sure others may disagree. But that's the look I like in the mirror, so that's the look I'm going to carry with confidence out in public.

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