Wear FISH CUT Saree Using This Trick – How To Drape Sari Perfectly | Anaysa

Wear FISH CUT Saree Using This Trick – How To Drape Sari Perfectly | Anaysa

wanted to wear FISH CUT STYLE Saree on my friend’s wedding ok lets check out them online oho these are so expensive got an idea Do you have that Can-Can fabric yes how much it costs? ₹ 80/- per metre wanted to buy 3 metre plz give it in better price ok pay 200/- for this often buy from the shop next door to you and he’ll give me in lower price it has closed today so I come here ok final I’ll pay ₹150/- for it ok would you stitch this can-can with Petticoat?? ok it cost ₹ 20/- If you too wanted to wear that FISH CUT style Saree and if you found it out of your budget so this video would be the best one for you as you saw in video starting that’s the only trick that makes your even normal saree to a FISH CUT style Saree and that’s just in ₹150/- so first carry your heels before draping your saree then I carry this tube top over this Can-Can petticoat by doing this we’ve got that Fish cut shape now need to wear our saree start tuck in your saree holding one end of your saree saree should touch the floor tuck in your saree tightly so that you’ll get the perfect shape now start making pleats holding the other end of this saree I’ll keep the width of pleats equal to the border width secure the pleats with safety pin now measure the length of the Pallu which you want to keep now i’ll tell you the trick in which you need to hang the pallu on a hanger like this this will help you a lot in making pally pleats so easily so I’ve made all the pleats one by one secure it with a safety pin as you can see we’ve got the perfect pleats with this hanger’s trick now place the pallu on your left shoulder after following a complete round and secure it with a safety pin and remove all the extra pins now tightly pull this border towards front like this again secure it with a safety pin if you tightly fix it will give you a perfect curve now for centre pleats measure it like this and make the pleats with the left over fabric keep 1 cm gap between each pleats tuck these pleats slightly away from your naval fix the left over fabric like this & done with our FISH CUT saree in affordable range so you can see how this trick converts your normal saree into a fish Cut style saree so hit the LIKE button & SHARE this video also SUBSCRIBE to our channel ANAYSA So will see you in my next video

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  2. My mumma's saree look better then this Surely….πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ its just my opinion πŸ™πŸ™

  3. Y toh bilkul bhi fish cut saree nhi lagri h aesa lagra h jess piche kuch kapde ghussa rakhe ho πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

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