Wear OS in 2019: Why we probably need a Pixel Watch

Wear OS in 2019: Why we probably need a Pixel Watch

where OS you really are in a sorry state you could have been the chosen one but instead it all seems to have gone pear-shaped that doesn't mean it can't be turned around though here is where we're wes is in 2019 where we think it needs to be moving forward to better understand why we're oh s isn't doing as well as it probably should be we need to understand why the lack of support from the two biggest Android OMS in the form of Samsung and Huawei really is an indication of just how poorly we're OS is perceived by the two biggest names in the Android space u galaxy watches the de-facto Android SmartWatch of choice in sales figures alone barely any other maker comes close to it second in line is the Huawei watch GT which has had a supreme 20:19 already the biggest caveat here is that neither watch actually runs where OS they both run their own tailored OS for the hardware now will say that while software is subjective it does however muddy the water has the two most used smartwatches by Android users and even running where OS with the risk of of course being labeled a hypocrite where OS is stagnant and stale use one where OS powered SmartWatch and you've probably used them all at this point in time there really isn't anything that makes it stand out or feel particularly special in my instance it's hard to quantify now arguably the OS is not the strong suit of where OS is actually the design the sheer variation a number of Styles is the ace of where OS is sleeve and it's here where Google should allow OMS to marry the two unlike a smartphone I'm actually partial to the differentiation between watches much more readily I say that as the form factor will dictate how you interact with the various settings and interface at least in my opinion stock wear OS feels very inhibiting on many of the smartwatches I've used and abused so far where in reality from a software point of view only the watch face is really different so truly take advantage of the hardware and the properly unique designs I think we basically need something akin to oxygen OS Footwear OS at this point in time given we only really have fossil a mod by making Wireless watches they don't currently feel the need to change it up all too drastically it doesn't help that almost all where OS watches are running these same outdated internals the Snapdragon where 3100 was supposed to be the quantum leap we're all hoping for but it turns out that was just not the case and it doesn't provide the exceptional performance and battery life we would like to believe it would we've been promised new hardware in the form of the wear four to nine chip which could finally be a step in the right direction but as always with wear OS it seems to be the hope that kills you where OS most definitely has the design side down it just needs the internals and some software tweaks to really be a homerun at this point alternatively it needs another big player to enter the market samsung won't switch over to where OS so it's likely going to be down to google to sort of recover the market especially as we're RS now accounts for just ten percent of the global SmartWatch market to be completely blunt we need a pixel watch we new internals on the horizon now is more or less the perfect time well not quite now more like q1 2020 at the earliest but now is almost the right time for the pixel watch of course we have no idea if the pixel which will ever come to market but surely it will be a good thing if your hope for a pixel watch and would love to see one let us know in the comment section below of course if you're aware oh s fan please let us know what you want to see in future updates we've seen some big strides but it still feels a little behind the competition how can Google fix that how do you think they should do so of course before you go please be sure to subscribe and like the video if you did enjoy this little rundown of we're away in 2019 but as always this is Damian with ninety five Google thanks for watching and I will speak to you later you

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  1. WearOS doesn't need a Pixel watch. The in store demo lag turns people off.

    It needs better battery life and more RAM, which Ticwatch Pro LTE has started now with 1GB RAM.

  2. I love listening to podcasts on my WearOS watch with an app called Wear Casts. Don't have to worry about losing or dropping my phone while doing anything active.

  3. These are neat and all, but I want a watch that behaves as an extension to the phone. Smartwatches don't have to have a flashy, battery hogging OS. I just need something on my wrist that lets me respond to text messages with short canned replies. I want to see who's calling AND either reject or accept the call. Most importantly, I just want to be able to tell the time with an always on display. If you can't reliably provide those features on a sub $150 watch with 5+ day battery life and waterproofing, you lost my interest.

    Add a phone media controller and a calendar, then it will be everything I am looking for in a smartwatch.

  4. Apple Watch has the market, hands down, and rightfully so. Best OS, quality, internals, etc.
    This is coming from someone who has owned everything from an LG V10 to a Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3.

  5. If Google made a smart watch it would likely be the Fossil Sport. It's the only one that looks like a normal watch and doesn't have ugly cheap looking bezels.

  6. Thanks for this update. It is frustrating how Google is silent on WearOS. I'd like to know more about the Fossil technology acquisition in January of 2019. Can we expect new product or updates to ship by January 2020?

  7. Had the original Pixel and loved it then. Recently picked up a 3a and it's, overall, one of my favorite phones I've ever had/used.
    10000% would buy a Pixel Watch if they can do it right.

  8. I used WearOS for notifications and fitness tracking. I moved to a Garmin Fenix 5, Now I have superior fitness tracking, always on display, constant heart rate (not every 20 mins) and 10 day battery life.

    You lose the touch screen, which has been a blessing for usability, even more so than one per week charging

  9. Could someone please link all the watches shown in this video?
    I dont think he mentions what the all silver one looking is.

  10. Pixel watch should have
    1. Either a rotating bezel / crown
    2. LTE
    3. Efficient chipset ( 14 nm or smaller )
    4. Better haptics
    5. Special features like soli
    6. Good looks ( clean and minimal )

  11. "To better understand WHY WearOS isn't doing as well as it probably should be we need to understand WHY."
    Aside from that intro thanks for the assessment 👍.

  12. Maybe we can understand why Google looks so messy, unstable and corrupted reading this. After that what to expect from these people:

    How Google Protected Andy Rubin, the ‘Father of Android’ :

    Google sex ring:


  13. I like how American Android fans want Huawei but you shoot their legs because they are more advanced. Nationalist orange president protected Silicone Valley and after the damage done Google tried to play sympathetic.

    Why Huawei trust in another kind of devices the Android and Google system? Google even didn't said one good word for their old, good and big partner pushing their business Android! We saw even standards like WiFi alliance is US political puppet.

    Why to trust Google when all are experiments for them? Their developers are Apple lovers using Macs, iPhones and Watches and leave us to struggle with the mediocrity. Look Inbox app.

    Why to trust Google like Lenovo and JBL did when they released first smart displays running Android Things and 2 months later Google shoot them in face releasing Google Home Hub running on Chromecast platform because its lighter on resources and requires lower hardware so cheaper. Engineer asked by Arstechnica why they don't use Android Things and use Chromecast platform the answer: because we wanted to try it, experiment with that because we can! They managed to fragment the system of smart displays with 3 devices. Now Assistant on Lenovo and JBL have different functions and different UI from Google Home Hub.

    Why to trust Google when they did big fanfare for Chrome OS tablets and 6 months later they don't sell it. Android tablets like Galaxy Tab S4, S5e, S6, Huawei Mediapad M3, M5 Pro are fine. But you want US Google hardware unless you prefer American Android fans to buy iPad !

    Google is a beraucratic mess.

  14. Again Google oriented sites don't tell the truth. Hardware it's fine even with 2100 or 3100 processors, more needed. Look the 1GB RAM of Ticwarch Pro 4G and it's fast.

    The problem is no Google apps. Where are Maps, Calendar, Gmail, Reminders, G News, Home, Nest discontinued! YouTube Music, compass, a good Android TV app and fast full Assistant. Fit changed and changed and now it's modern but worse. You cannot add challenges like run 35km/week, changed circular widgets and presentation with graphs, circle UI giving you a visual feed of fulfillment now you read graphs, the new move and heart points system you need to read 3 paragraphs to understand how it works. Also no comparison and motivational notifications and at the end of workout it doesn't tell if it was faster or slower than previous workout like Nike Run do since 2014.
    You wake one day and suddenly your watch need repairing with the phone. Wear OS is a mess and people trying to love it. Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi doing better on health apps. Even Ticwatch fitness app are better less works out than fit but better UI. So Wear OS do 3 things, Assistant, Fitness, Notifications. Only Notifications work.

  15. Need to get Wear os by Google watch n Hopefully other Chinese player joining hands make take Wear os it other level

  16. Unfortunately android users are shafted when it comes to smart watches. Wear OS is pretty much obselete because of their age old processors and terrible battery life. Even with Snapdragons newer 3100 processor wear OS smart watches are limited. In reality the new chipset is the same as the older 2100 with a co-processor bolted on to improve battery management, so speed and processing power won't see any improvement. Sigh… Battery life has improved slightly, but still no where near that of Samsung's or apples smartwatches. Despite the great battery life the Galaxy watch and the gear S range are limited by the lack of apps available on the galaxy store and the tizen operating system, although the latest OneUI update has improved its useabillity.. In conclusion Wear OS watches are slow, and clunky with terrible battery life despite a great range of apps and features available with android on the play store. Samsung's galaxy watch and older gear S3 have great battery life but are restricted by a lack of useful apps on the galaxy store. And neither scenario is going to change any time soon! The two best scenarios would be for Google to make a Pixel smart watch optimised to make the best out of qualcomms rubbish smart watch chipsets (or find a better processor provider, possibly a Kirin chipset). Or secondly, if Samsung made Android wear watches. That would give us the power of Samsung's processors with the availability of playstore apps, it'd be a best case scenario for Android users who have nothing close to competing with the Apple watch.

  17. Wear OS needs major overhaul if not Wear os will be history within the next year ,unless Google Smarten up and come with a major new WearOS watch. If no changes coming I will be moving to an Apple Watch and junk my Fossil sport which is a useless watch with no battery life !🤕🤒

  18. Pixel watch is needed but guess it won't be untill mid 2020 until the new chip gets released. Nothing any good has been launched since Huawei W1. Most have bee. Thick black singe them. WearOS has got slightly better but lacking better heart rate & sleep tracking is a major down point. Google fix is so outdated.

  19. If Google does make a Pixel Watch, it would have the Soli Radar chip integrated. That would make it Very different than other watches and put it in the market.

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