Wear Squash Goggles – Your eyes are too valuable! – START SQUASH – LESSON 005

Wear Squash Goggles – Your eyes are too valuable! – START SQUASH – LESSON 005

These are squash goggles. They are used to protect you from the ball and the racket. Eye injuries within squash are incredibly
rare but you don’t want to take any chances with your eyes. They are not
expensive and they are freely available. The chances are you’re surrounded by
people who don’t wear them. You’ll be surrounded by people who are constantly
telling you how uncomfortable they are how unnecessary they are but don’t
listen to those people go out buy a pair wear them and if you really really hate
them think carefully about that decision and then stop wearing them but I wear
them all of the time now and I recommend you do too if you’re fairly new to
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have a lot of fun this is a playlist of all of the other squats for beginner
videos and this is a video that YouTube thinks is a really good fit for you
based on what you’ll be watching

6 Replies to “Wear Squash Goggles – Your eyes are too valuable! – START SQUASH – LESSON 005”

  1. I started wearing them almost 1year ago, they're inexpensive and add great value, I even feel more brave to move faster around the court as I feel somehow protected. Your oponent/partner? he forgets about your googles the second the match starts.

  2. Can you do a review on some? I've got some but they fog up really quickly. Which are the best ones to buy?

  3. I'm only playing squash for one year now and my left eye just got hit by the ball two weeks ago. Fortunately I wear glasses anyway and I got away with a hematoma unter the eyebrow und a scratched glass. Did make me thinking of buying some sports glasses mit corrective lenses.

  4. I tried one with a prescription lens installed but it was too near my eyes and i told my optician next time take into account the distance from the goggle to my eye. Sigh.

  5. Phililp. I was doing ghosting awhile ago and thought why not purchase a gimbal to track the squash ball. Perhaps you can try this method to be the first person to introduce this method for coaching. Cheers!

  6. Hi Phillip.
    I wanted to ask how do you win more points on a traditional fast court where the ball does not even care to nick with the wall, and the low shots can be easily lobbied by experienced players. Thanks please let me know.

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