yo you guys what is going on – plays they're here and today in this video we are gonna be at speaker con New York and I like I said I promised I'll be wearing such a special outfit for sneaker con New York and I just want to go ahead and explain it right away so you guys you know watching can get my message as to what I'm you know trying to spread as to why I'm wearing such a crazy outfit for the last four years I've been coming to sneaker Con and every year I feel like I want to up-and-up it whether it's on my YouTube or my business at the time reselling sneakers with Ethan back in 2014 whatever that was we've been doing this for such a long time now and I really have been just trying to up it I've been trying to work on my craft I've been trying to make the best content that I can make and like some of these vlogs are hard to make content with like for example today I'm going to be bombarded you guys are going to be freaking showing so much love it's gonna be unreal shot to the billster the reason why I'm wearing this outfit is because I've just I felt like I put a lot of hard work in I feel like I've really earned it I've been doing so many I've been trying to inspire all of you guys through whether it's something as small as a tattoo for positivity or whether it's something like giving away sneakers to the less fortunate there's always I always want to inspire you guys and I always want you guys to come to the top with me because some of you have been following me for two three years now you saw I came up from literally nothing so this is probably one of my proudest days of my entire life when you guys are gonna show so much love man I just can't wait just to get all of you in it's gonna be awesome so shots is ablaze and fam I love you all I know this is an insane flex and I'm sorry for those of you that don't like it but for those who do like it and for those who do like seeing stuff like this I'm glad you you know you're supporting it so I love you all the haters the people that watch the people that don't watch the people first time watching always been watching thank you showing so much love always we're at the mark supply booth right now what's going on today is we're gonna get giving away who emceeing backpacks today and then a couple tomorrow probably three today maybe two tomorrow whatever it is all you have to do is just buy my merch and you get a raffle ticket and Mark supply is sponsoring this giveaway so once again shout out to mark supply March supply is absolutely killing it you guys have got to check them out I'll leave their information down below in the description because they're definitely a big factor in today giving you guys that chance to win some MCM I've been trying to you know give back like I've been saying so let's get that good I see from trying to get like your big bro and you already know I had to cop something from the March supply booth we are hitting it with my fourth piece of go yard ever in my life much more to come hopefully wishing you all success – don't worry you have to trust them because this entropy stuff guys that they do to authenticate their materials it's nuts they really are killing stuff right now mark supply is the new wave of where to buy all your leather goods I promise you ruin my beer all got the Gucci since I didn't buy anything in yesterday's vlog from Gucci or anything like that I just wasn't feeling it but if they would have had this definitely would a cop you already know mark supply holding your boy down I'll leave a link down below in the description with a code for you guys to go ahead and purchase one for yourself gonna be on a discount all right so my homie William right here just wanted to show some love you know I got to show some love for the fan love we got three pieces of merch right here and he's wearing one thank you so much of course bro shout out to my homie Dmitri this is the greatest or at least one of the greatest handmade gifts I have ever received on this channel like this is gonna go up in the room we are an hour and 45 minutes in you guys are freaking awesome like you guys are killing it Richard bro I told this man all the time I tell this man never to bring me gifts cuz you know I feel bad but he insists he insists so my god you already know I'm gonna be putting this to hell if it means you are there go my guys thank you so much it really does mean a lot and let me get you something let me get yourself no happy birthday we'll all right so Quinn and I are about to do the MCM book bag raffle that's all you buy merch and we we're gonna be giving away two right now and then tomorrow we're also gonna be giving away probably one or two more two five seven four Hey Hey for five and a half hours I have not left the booth one other than they go to the bathroom I freaking love you guys you guys are awesome let's go ahead and give away this MCM backpack and keep putting it out content for this vlog you like the olive yeah yeah let's get it ro congratulations man you have anything to say shout out to blaze and gram for helping out with merch today sits Maya step-grandma alright yes and then also shout out bill sir they're all ready now have any words of wisdom yes I'm the bill stone that's it that's it alright well I was walking for approximately six seconds and then I was stopped and then I was able to buy these so I have turtle boobs again third pair of turtledoves it's been a really hot minute thank you bro you know I gotta hook up losing their you already know you already know I mean Eli I was supposed to buy these from Eli but Eli sold them and then he's like neither selling back to you even buying some right now would you just copy the new phone case about the other day yeah I got one I actually look at this got the Louie Chaplin brothers with the reversible I've known Ryan for what something close to that and I made I lost this bet to him when I made him sign a contract that every time I had to see him I had to put his link in the description his link is in the description however I also did this guess himself so make sure you guys will see this once we're back in the room [Applause] all right I just got this awesome maybe you guys go check on our guys they gave me a retail price thank you guys this is their card this is their card right here they gave this to me for retail might as well show some love to the young resellers thank you the young sellers never know maybe with your camera you might pick it up and do the same thing from their newspaper to show you word 1bn so basically right now I'm with Jacob and the homie oh oh hey guys we're going to take this fire ass photo in New York with our matching Ortega tattoo and we kind of just had to and then after that I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys what I got I probably get in do some other stuff too but as of right now I'm just making this photo all right guys we're bout to take our photo in Times Square then we're gonna get some pizza pizza now after pizza we're gonna hit back up the room and I'm gonna show you guys everybody guys so we are back home in North Carolina I'm really sorry for number one the delay on this video I just got back from traveling and I was super tired and number two I said I would do in the room but after the room like we just took a bunch of pictures and we went back out and took more pictures so I am not really vlogging kind of material so instead I figured I would just show you everything when I got home so like I showed you guys in the video one of my pickups that I'm really pleased with is my third pair of Yeezy v1 turtle doves in a size 9 so these are beautiful I really do like these a lot and look at the bottoms guys I paid $800 that's what Eve I was selling them for so 800 for a really clean s pair of turtledoves not bad it also comes with the Barney's receipt but I don't know where that's at so Barneys New York so you already know they're legit the next thing I got from that booth of those young resellers so shout out to the young resellers is this supreme speaker I have not owned a supreme speaker surprisingly out of all my accessories that I do own practice open I think this came out this year so oh this is a nifty little speaker this is dope I'm definitely gonna have to give this a try it's really small it's about the size of my hand so this is dope thank you Glenview kicks shout to the young resellers moving it along we had some really awesome fan art these were some of my favorites right here I'm very grateful for all of your fan art and everything so you guys will see it on the wall of fan art ego ahead and show them what it looks like we have a lot of fan art and we're so there's just a lot to get through but these were my three favorite pieces so thank you to you guys and then from Ryan's booth life of a high beast we have I've always wanted these they're just I never justified paying the price for them comes in a really nice little case right here check that out it's like an embroidery and everything you open it up you have these supreme go like this for them I'm not very good at it max you know anything about these no no like when you go like this try it like this [Applause] we have this new undercover supreme sticker which I do have but I like this one a lot so I got a double up and a factory brick of 150 supreme stickers this is awesome what I might do is I might supply you guys these at my booth and then I'm gonna sign them for you too so if you don't have anything for me to sign you can get one of these supreme stickers and I can sign it for you something in the future to think about it future sneaker cons but for right now that's the ID I have in my head and also from mark supply which I showed you guys a little earlier in the vlog but we're gonna recap it anyways got this Gucci bangle print belt I really do like this belt a lot and I like it more than the belt that I originally bought from Gucci and we also have this new edition of go yard we have the go yard orange card holder slash wallet so you open it up like this so it's like that you also got it like that and you have one in the front and this just has just a little folder for the card so mark supply thank you this is awesome and also shout out to mark supply tube for sponsoring that giveaway that was freaking awesome that we got to give back to you guys and we have more in the day to sneaker come vlog but that's gonna wrap it up for this sneaker con day one vlog I really hope you enjoyed if you did enjoy please make sure you smash that like button and drop a comment down below and what your thoughts were on this video we have some new merchandise so you guys can go to shop blazing Ericom to get that and i'll see you guys in another video stay positive shot to the blaze and fam I love you guys thank you for watching peace


  1. thank y’all for always showing so much love. ➕➕➕ . just a reminder too new merchandise hit the brand new merch shop! www.shopblazendary.com ☔️

  2. Hi @Blazenday! I am a big fan I was a 2017 sub until my googlr account got hacked. I am 12 years old and I would like you to do something for me if you really support yours fans. Can you buy me 300,000 credits on imvu on phone or pc. I liked all your vids and I think I deserve something like you do hmu at insta @lil._.darnell I want to flex on all my haters just like you do :)!

  3. Duuude love your videos!!❤️ i know it sounds maybe silly, but please! The vulcanized off white sneaks(white) is my absolutely favourite shoe. Please buy the shoes for me😂 I can’t effort them. I would jump around in happiness for a week straight if I got these shoes! My size is 43 in eu sizes. Please dude. And it could probably also be a fun video. I beg you, sneakergod. Would you make me worlds happiest boy?:)

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