hey guys I am back with another prank I will be doing if you guys see by the title wearing a short dress prank on husband so my husband is Eric when we prank him this afternoon late afternoon I'm gonna be pranking him with this dress guys it is super short I'll show you guys in a minute anyways I am gonna be seeing a couple of friends tonight or dinner a little late dinner we might go out for a couple of drinks I might am i not depending on how I feel because I got to get back home to my baby but I will be telling while I and actually Derrick already knows about this what he does not know is I'm gonna be wearing this extremely short dress he's never ever seen me wear this short like this short of a dress before so he's gonna be like I don't even know how he's gonna react all I know he's gonna be probably like what the heck where do you think you're going with this short dress I'm probably gonna be telling him while I'm pranking him that we have decided to go out for a few drinks and he probably might get a little bit who knows jealous if you guys watched my jealous jealous prank you understand what I'm talking about I'm also going to spike it up or is that even a word I'm gonna even take this prank to an extreme and say that we we're not gonna allow any rings basically the girls and I decided to take off our ends and just you know take him off and hopefully that would give him like a hopefully you'll pass out but I'm just curious to see his reaction oh my look and also when I tell him that no ring slap would so if you use this channel definitely subscribe to give this video a thumbs up make sure to share our videos and yeah thank you so much and I will see you guys in a few moments oh by the way let me show you real quickly what's how did how short the dress is I have to go way back so this is how short the dress is nice can you see it look at the back I can't even I can't even bend over it's it's pretty short yeah it's definitely short guys yeah hopefully that's we dock this is Samantha oh the dress there we go much better okay so this is the length of the dress it's just it's it's fairly short I need to figure out a place to put this thing cuz I don't want it to be super Tower whoa whoa wait you think this one value could put link around no no silly yeah wait a second hold on up forget about the bag right now let's talk about this dress oh god here we go yeah oh my goodness but wait a second you said this girls night out tonight you told me five you girls really do you think this is appropriate attire for girls night out this is beautiful I know it's only girls but but you know I'm sure they're gonna be guys there to a restaurant let's get back to that dress now hey it's why is it so short does it have to be that short yeah that's ridiculous why don't you uh why don't you add a couple of inches on to the dress how about that babe there's no add beautiful I love it I like it but I don't like the fact that you're going out with like several girls and you know there would be guys there and I'm not there and I don't need anyone checking you out and you know I don't need you looking like that that's all I think it's adorable you look good in it but either way I mean I know it's sure but you'll like it though no I like you I know I like it yeah but only because like if I'm around if I'm there but now if I'm not around and it's not good because again like I said like you know you and your girls that's one thing but then I know some guys will be there so I was gonna hit on you they're gonna like just yeah I don't know and also though like so obvious saying a little bit later because we're gonna get drinks to you having drinks after dinner yeah what am i coded in one twos I wasn't sure it was on a state but I think we're gonna go downtown like just Soho that part like in that area I've been there before it's really nice I mean it's so you're going somewhere after dinner drinks yes the girls with dancing but I probably won't dance oh he just drinks just drinks I'm just having drinks and I'll be back why are you looking at me like from up to down Ruth you're not dinner's one thing yeah and then you know that's fine with your friends whatever and then after that you as a group come back make sure each other gets back to the train station or you guys are going safely and then am home but now I lead night drinks I don't think so it's not that late I'll be home at one end no that's no absolutely I don't care I know that's no that's more than late babe no absolutely no no no that dress no guys geysers I'm a guy I know what guys think how they act how they behave and everything I hate it I definitely cannot bend down cuz they'll be like whoa like let you think of it if I cannot I have to like yeah you know I know how about you just nobody just lose the dress completely how about that how many were something else all right how about you just wear something else because now I don't I don't like this now it's a nice dress but only if I'm around no how about a weird smell anywhere shirt I don't think actually maybe I could wear so it was just even this Oh like I could wear a shirt with this one yeah that might be better yeah but it's also the same length as a dress because this actually goes over my stomach so it's actually gonna be a little shorter than the dress itself not good not good babe I love this I'm one way and one more thing what just come I wanted to tell you I'm scared to tell you so um one more thing what so don't be mad don't be scared just dinner for a minute I wanna do this don't be mad don't be scared but what do you like that big okay so you know Lizzie is married yes but you know definitely you then Stephanie okay so what we did was because to make her feel comfortable we say we're gonna take of our ratings so we all think that's really funny no it's like a it's like a pact okay so we get a mohawk we go off linking so we take off our ends and then we'll like single for a night I don't care what it is you can just hold onto this no you're gonna keep it on and then you know after then when I get on all the single ladies no come here come on stop actually it's too hot for this babe all right take off just take it all off come on no babe I'm gonna wait this dress no you're not gonna wear the dress put on the ring you're gonna wear them right there now you're not going to get there keep it on and change your dress right now come on seriously it's not short no I know it's beautiful but no only beautiful was me not well not alone or with other people like that it's I'm gonna clean that bathroom why are you still fighting with me on this one cause I love it ridiculous you know what next time I go out I'm just gonna wear nothing do you make nothing you want to bite people huh what a blind people mmm it love to see my body I have to do that body I might help no it's girl see see my getting to the truth no listen I'm gonna go downstairs when I come back I'll guttered I have a changed alright guys should I have a change too I've never put the camera there before dang now you know all these odds I'm gonna have to be more creative nowadays it's just like a little longer when you're going downstairs ice figured out I don't do it that long bye guys we gotta I'm still going out actually yeah she's going out yeah you're gonna wear that same for real for real this was supposed to be a prank but wow this was supposed to be a prank which is a prank but I'm four over here going out and I'm for real for real wearing this short dress babe we'll only if I'm there no you're not being that you're not gonna be there though babe yeah anyway guys if you enjoyed this prank definitely give this video a thumbs up let's see how crazy during god you ain't jealous me I don't get so jealous it's my woman maybe I saw die it's my woman it's coming someone's got a tummy stop it I bet the guys at the restaurant will not see I have a tub GOG you know like your sex cuz you're not wearing this dress I am guys I'm out he's out and I'm out I'll see you guys soon – love you guys bye

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  1. Ruth, you're AWESOME!! Bawaaaaaaaaahaahaahaaaaa!!!πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’˜πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸΎβœ”βœŒπŸΎπŸ’š

  2. 🎼🎼🎼🎀 all the single ladies, All the single ladies 🀣🀣🀣🀣. Ruth is silly . You looked lovely by the way !

  3. I love that Ruth’s african accent comes through sometimes. Lololol Derrick is stressed to say the least. Funny video πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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