Wearing A Sweater In Hot Weather | How To Pull Off The Sweater Look In Warm Temperatures

Wearing A Sweater In Hot Weather | How To Pull Off The Sweater Look In Warm Temperatures

48 Replies to “Wearing A Sweater In Hot Weather | How To Pull Off The Sweater Look In Warm Temperatures”

  1. How do you wear a sweater in hot weather?

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  2. I don't want to wear any jacket in the summer you're crazy you should delete this video does it make any sense at all I don't feel like sweating my ass off for 4 months 5 months tank top t-shirt shorts sandals get with it people summer gear nice shades yeah yeah

  3. Just trying to think outside of the box here but would you think wearing a v-neck long sleeve t-shirt (like those manufactured by izod or lacoste) over the dress shirt might help? They are significantly lighter than sweaters and possibly will give the same look. What do you think?

  4. People who wear jackets or sweaters in nice weather are A. Insecure B. Have body Issues C. Flat out dumb as hell

  5. My three answers are 1. Just to make people ask that question, 2. They get cold easily, 3. It's their personal choice and they are allowed to wear what they want.

  6. It's an interesting question. Many people like the layering look but why should it be exclusive to winter or autumnal weather. Thanks Antonio, keep it up.

  7. I'll like you to put up a video on dress styles for dark skinned men. Thanks Antonio, you videos are great!!!!

  8. I need help, I'm 40 years old and I need help what to wear! I try to wear nice clothes but not wearing right. so I need help.

  9. Cause why would u wear a sweater when it's hot or don't make no sense cause then after that your gonna start to get hot and sweaty an then ur body is gonna start overheating

  10. Hello Antoneo centeno!
    im very glad to see ur video, i feel its really helpful to choose the right outfit. Could u please suggest me an outfit for my traveling from tropical to cold weather country, i have chosen v neck collard blue shirt with skinny black jeans n suede black shoes. im 27 years old size medium n waist 32. looking forward to hear from u

  11. I went to Cuba this summer, it was possible to wear t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt..but I wouldn't try to wear jeans e.g. That would really make you sweat.

  12. Great and really useful video! Could I possibly quote you in this video for an article I am writing? (You would get full recognition and I could embed this video too if you liked) Thanks!

  13. Yeah I live in Phoenix, AZ, I wear sweaters year 'round. Mostly because the office I work in keeps the temp so bleeping cold, but also because I'm willing to bet AZ is the melanoma capital of the world. I still get people that gawk though. "It's a 112, and you're wearing a sweater?"

  14. Love your videos? Any tips for organizing a closet? I have one closet for everything, and a second one just for putting off season clothes in.

  15. Antonio my man! In 2011 you made a video on break in the trousers. I'm curious whether or not your opinion has changed at all. As I look into GQ and the fashion trends, I see a lot of "no break" and cuffed trousers. I realize this channel is not about fashion, but classic mens style, but I still want to know your thoughts. Cheers Mate

  16. Hi Antonio can you advise  on how to pack our travel bags particularly our Suits  and shirts to get them in decent shape at destination for meetings.

  17. Hey, I do lots of commuting on my bicycle, 15 miles a day, and I really struggle in what to wear. I wear Lycra trousers/shorts and a Tshirt and coat. But this means I have to always carry a spare set of clothes…. Any suggestions?

  18. Hey Antonio how do I dress smart for the rain. I know there's not a lot of people out in the rain but I always like to look smart but also keep myself dry but I always seem to have a problem doing so, could you help me out?

  19. Great video Antonio, I'm moving from London, UK to Panama City, Panama and this cracks just what I was thinking about

  20. Excellent Video and relevant.  In March 2016 I will be going to Australia, including Cairns, on a trip.  I knew it would be hot, but not as hot as the video said (as well as the humidity).  I was going to try and avoid the "Hawaiian Shirt and cargo shorts" look, because I wanted to make a good impression while in another country.   However, I may have to give up the idea.  Nothing would make a worse impression than being passed out from the heat;)

  21. i spent my first 16 years growing up in the philippines. only time i wore sweaters was in my winter break in japan. i was not sure at the time on how to wear sweaters. then i lived in the US and i had a bigger problem because of the 4 seasons. after living in japan and US i finally figured out how to wear sweaters appropriate for various weathers and seasons. for some reason i prefer cotton only sweaters during fall or spring season. and in winter i like to wear either cashmere, cotton wool blended sweaters. one thing i like with sweaters is layering up, especially with a nice button up shirt underneath it.

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