Wearing a wig in public FOR THE FIRST TIME

Wearing a wig in public FOR THE FIRST TIME

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  1. Can anyone give me tips on how to put a wig on? For beginners. Like the straps and stuff in the back.

  2. Why do pretty girls
    complaining about the look of bald men ?? when they got husband or boyfriend that is look bald?? ?lol

  3. ahh i remember my first time wearing a wig, i had just gotten a beautiful wig for like £2 from a local charity shop and i was in love <3 <3
    so in love that i immediately put it on and wore it for the entire day i went everywhere in that wig and i still wear it till this day (but its much rarer because i have like 6 or 7 wigs now and i wear them all on different days depending on my mood)

    edit// ah! i totally forgot to mention this kinda funny moment that happened while i was in a shop on that day i got that wig, i was walking around shopping and there was two old ladies and one of them im pretty sure noticed i was wearing a wig because i saw her look up at the top of my head and then she gave me like a knowing wink, it was the most weirdest moments of my life and i think about it to this day

  4. Hey honey bunch I bumped into your channel through watching a video of Ricky Dillon in you and I fell in love with you I think you are the most cutest person ever and let me tell you girl I literally went through the exact same thing what I dyed my hair cherry red it was horrible I'm still growing it out now but I kind of think the short hair LOL always know that you are stunning and amazing and you rock the short hair like a pro God bless you always… I had to subscribe

  5. In my non-important opinion, it shows that it is a wig. But people do not care about anyone except themselves. So…

  6. In Egyptian Times, people wear wigs to prevent from heat. And ofcourse if your Bald, you need wig not only for aesthetic purposes but for protecting your head from rhe heat of the sun. 😍

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