Wearing Cuts Backwards & What do I Think Of Iron Legacy

Wearing Cuts Backwards & What do I Think Of Iron Legacy

oh man good morning good morning good
morning how is everyone got us a beautiful Sunday morning here
and we are in late summer late summer and in Georgia it’s the the it’s still
hot don’t get it wrong still hot as on MF but lady out head man
it’s sure good to see you I hope iron head is doing better I heard
from him and hope you two are doing better now it’s good to see you have
iron head give me a shout please don’t look all me boy you know this you you
get to doing this this thing and folks follow you and you never meet these
people personally like face to face but you develop friendships with so many
people around the world that you might not ever meet but their personalities
they ring forward through the social media platform and you get to know their
lives and what’s going on with them and you follow them and you see their videos
and their pictures and you have relationships with these people and you
care about these people their subscribers and you subscribe to them
and it’s just really an interesting way to that folks have come up with for us
to communicate with people all over the world that you never would have done
five hundred years ago but it started with the printing press letters people
have always had long-distance relationships so I value all my
relationships with all of you folks who watch me and listen to me and learn from
me and I learn from you I’ve learned more about motorcycle clubs starting
this channel then I ever knew before I started this channel I’ve learned more
from you guys and you’ve ever learned from me so
well that brings up the top of this story first of all for those of you
don’t know my name is black dragon I’m the former national president of the
mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club nation of which I led as the national
president for about eight years and I’ve been a fool I’ve been involved with my
motorcycle club from hanging around to full patch member over 30 years and I
started this channel to help folks understand really a lot of what was
going on as 99% motorcycle clubs with relationships especially where it
concerned violence that was happening on the biker set and a lot of negative
interactions with one-percenters I thought maybe I can clarify things and
make it better for a lot of you who couldn’t understand why you’re being
rolled upon and shot upon and all these kinds of things my first video was
called violence on the motorcycle set which I did on Facebook maybe close to
four four years ago four and a half years ago and then I switched to YouTube
about three years ago so here I am and I wanted to talk about an interesting
subject as always I’d like to thank you all for tuning in from wherever it is in
the world that you happen to be and I got a letter today or not a letter but
some sort of text message or something some correspondence and the guy was
asking me some questions that made me think back to you know where were we as
bike clubs before all the social media and before we had to deal with other
people’s opinions about things it’s more so now we our kids are killing
themselves suicide based on things somebody said on a social media post
their cyber bullying and cyber bullying is real and cyber bullying is you know
we never really seem to get out of high school stage cyber bullying is happening
to motorcycle clubs I’ve watched it happen
I’ve watched certain Facebook pages YouTube channels scare the SH ITI to
people bully them intimidate them all the way down to how you wear your colors
it has an advanced from high school and a lot of it comes from people that
you’re never going to see you’re never going to meet they hide behind screen
names and they pontificate out through a social media platform how you run your
motorcycle club and have you terrified that they’re going to swoop down from
Jedi Motors flying motorcycle jets and appear on the horizon of of your
motorcycle club to rein and regulate on you because you didn’t follow some
social media advice they kicked you and I have been guilty of falling prey to
such retardation and some of you guys you know you just put too much stock in
a black dragon walking on a track with his fat ass trying to lose weight like
what I have to think is so damned important and what I wanted to do with
this channel was teach ideas about brotherhood sisterhood motorcycle
clubbing as it is something that those of us that do it we love it so much it
becomes part of our lives and it is important to us
and because it is one of those things as it’s probably just as important as going
to church for some of us it’s a religion many of us call our meetings church
meetings so it’s an important thing it has a a big importance in our lives and
I wanted to tell you my ideas of how to live it better based on my experiences
but these are my experiences these are not necessarily your experiences and for
everything I tell you how to do there’s going to be 10,000 different ways to do
it and find success in it all motorcycle club protocol is local based on the
local people I promise you how you start a club in Decatur Illinois if there is a
Decatur Illinois is it Decatur Montana or something but how you
start a club in Decatur Illinois if there is a Decatur Illinois so it’s
different than how you start a club in Decatur Georgia how you start a club in
Marietta Georgia is going to be different than how you start a club in
Marietta California some of the differences will be stark some of the
differences will be minor but the protocols followed will be local so
something black dragon is saying walking around a track in Stone Mountain Georgia
might not mean anything to you in Latvia Australia or some other place in
Australia or Latvia Georgia over there across the pond you know Americans don’t
know much about world geography sorry so anyway I got this interesting letter in
it I want it to I call them letters because I’m old okay you young people
call it email text messages I am immediate messages and things
but this guy says to me just paused one of your videos thanks for answering I’ve
been pondering about doing a hang around with a local chapter in the iron legacy
I’ve been doing a lot of research on the iron legacy the local chapter is very
laid back and they have no law enforcement in them I have concerns on a
national level but the local chapter seems to have things in better order I
know that somebody named Izod is not respected around other MC clubs and I
just wanted to get your thoughts on this so what I feel like when I read a letter
like this is that I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to educate
train help develop you folks on what true brotherhood and sisterhood is
really all about so I’m gonna try to do it in this video and titled something
like wearing your cut backwards and my thoughts on the iron Legacy I want to
try to tie this all in together so walk with me for a moment to the corner first
of all I want to go back to I want to add another question in one of my
brother’s a longtime viewer of my channel and I consider some of you folks
that view my channel like brothers and sisters as close to me as some of the
folks in my motorcycle club this brother was so close that he actually helped me
work on my sites and helped me get all my YouTube sites and my Facebook channel
and all that stuff he’s helped immensely with that just like Merlin and he sent
me a message the other day asking me what’s the proper
protocol for wearing your colors on an airplane while traveling and when I hear
questions like that I’m wondering do you want to know because you want to know
the protocol or are you worried about what somebody else is going to think and
one of the truly amazing things about motorcycle clubs that I found when I
first joined was that there were so many weird and wild and strange people that
these brothers acted in so many weird and wild strange ways and they just
didn’t give a damn about what other people thought they didn’t give a damn
about what other people thought about them they didn’t give a damn about what
other people thought about their motorcycle club they didn’t give a damn
about anything except how their brothers felt they were rude they’d fart in
public they belch on you they cursed they sleep out on the sleeper I remember
the first time I hung around with a brother called freight train he was wild
we hung out one night he had just gotten into my club we went to this party we
were dancing and everything so this lady comes out he pulls this lady this lady’s
hanging out with him dancing with him I had this little cute thing the lady
tells me you don’t want her you want my daughter and the lady brings her
daughter over beautiful and so now I’m like oh gosh what do i do do I throw the
daughter away I do like throw the other one away I had so make a long story
short my brother freight train and I we we wind up at this this lady’s house the
middle of the night and I had fallen asleep on my motorcycle and
I wake up and next to me on freight trains motorcycle in front of this
lady’s apartment in the middle of the parking lot flake-free chains getting
down with the lady on top of his motorcycle and I wake up I sit up and
he’s saying hey black dragon man you need to come over here and sample some
of this this is and I’m just like is this guy really getting down with this
woman in the middle of the parking lot I was
like the freight train of car could drive up anything can happen he didn’t
give a damn what anybody thought what anybody saw he was a biker he was living
his best biker life and having a great damn time he wasn’t on social media he
didn’t care what folks were gonna think about him these are the wild things that
happen in the motorcycle clubs when I was still a young man and you didn’t
have to have an endorsement nobody cared you well you didn’t care if they did
then comes this social media thing where you’re asking people what is the proper
way because I’m afraid if somebody cares I’ll never forget when I was a young man
in the motorcycle club we would take motorcycle club pictures together and
some guys would put their cuts on backwards to show their you know you
that’s that’s how you would show the name of your motorcycle club your patch
and they throw their cuts on backwards and stand up and take this picture and I
saw this happening motorcycle club after motorcycle club after motorcycle club
when 2530 years ago I’d see it all the time then sometime in the early the
middle 2000s 2010 maybe this one social media site came out and they started
putting people’s pictures on social media their whole motorcycle club and
laughing at him and talking about them and saying oh this is some dumb you
don’t put your cut on backwards and they were calling out these clubs and all
these other clubs and people who weren’t in clubs with all they’d laugh at these
folks I even found my club on that site and everybody all in one breath even
myself don’t wear your cut backwards it’s against the rules rules rules who
in the hell tells you how you wear your cut in pride you’re displaying pride and
someone else sees emcee every somebody else sees that you’ve done it the wrong
way somebody in another County in another state in another city somewhere
they ain’t paid a bill they haven’t bought one one one drink they haven’t
opened up one clubhouse they haven’t paid a damn thing they damn sure didn’t
pay for your cut they have no relevance to you here you
are so concerned about what they say so concern that you attack your club
members you attack your brothers and sisters you put yourselves down and
worse you change your conduct based on what a MSS oh I look at myself and I
think that I actually even wrote that in one of my books
I understand how tough peer pressure is I understand that even on social media
peer pressure can be tough and so here is my answer as to what I think about
the iron legacy based on this thing this this question dear reader subscriber fu
CK what the rest of the MC clubs have to say about your leadership the only thing
that should matter to you is how he is respected among the brothers in his MC
the MC you think you may want to join when you hear bad stuff about someone
always ask yourself what’s my own opinion about that person based on how
they’ve treated me if you don’t have an opinion then you haven’t spent enough
time with them if you don’t know enough then do some damn research and find out
don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and give a potential brother a shout
that’s what hanging around is all about or better yet roll up on your own two
wheels to his chapter if you have any doubts and ask for a few moments of his
time the coolest thing about motorcycle clubs is people love to ride and they
love to spend time with potential brothers tell them you’re a prospect
such-and-such of chapters such-and-such or hang around such as such and then ask
him for his time and you want to ask him specific things about himself that
you’ve heard about his behavior or politics it’s never hard to look a man
in the eyes a man who may be your brother one day will have no problems
answering your questions at least that’s how I played it when I was the national
president if any club you join any club you join has to be right with you to
hell if it ain’t right with anyone else especially all these fools you’re
listening to on social media including myself if the club has cops in it and
you don’t mind riding with cops that’s your business if it has cops and you hate cops then it
ain’t the club for you damn whether or not it’s the club for me we all have the
right to ride with a club that is right for us so what are my thoughts about
iron legacy in its leadership my only thought is they ain’t the Black Sabbath
motorcycle club nation and everybody else should want to be I don’t give a
damn I have no thoughts about them I have no thoughts about any club other
than my own we have a hard enough time keeping our act together to be worried
about somebody else’s get down what really matters my friend is what are
your thoughts about them what do you think about them because that’s the only
thing that matters and if you would possibly even consider joining an MC or
not joining an MC based on some shit I might say I think you’re not worthy to
ever put a full patch on of any Brotherhood you’d be too wishy-washy and
I wouldn’t want you in my crew don’t ask me what I think about the iron
legacy don’t ask me what I think about iron order don’t ask me what I think
about any of those clubs I think that whatever they got to do to make their
get down happen they’re doing that whether or not you like it so it ain’t
stopped them they snitch they’re still out iron legacy in there aren’t ordering
they’re doing their thing I’m not a dominant Club I’m not pushing down any
politics if I see you out on the highway I’m gonna shoot two fingers down like I
do everybody else if I’m passing your motorcycle club up I’m gonna pass it
with respect like I teach in my videos if I see you at the watering hole I’m
gonna tilt my hat to you and say how you doing I love everybody everybody that
treats me with respect will be given respect everybody that treats me
politely will be politely handled everybody that gives me a smile I’ll
smile I’ll smile back up until the time that you prove unworthy of such
considerations and then as John Wayne said in The Shootist
I’ll not accept these negative things too from others these are not things
that we do to others and these are not things that we shall tolerate being done
to us and I believe that philosophy I don’t have anything against anybody at
least not from the start I’m from Oklahoma and one of the greatest people
in Oklahoma was a man by the name of Will Rogers who famously said I never
met a man I didn’t like and a lot of people thought that what he meant by
that was he liked everybody which is not what he meant by
that at all what he meant by that is I don’t meet strangers everybody I meet is
potentially a friend and a bud someone cool to hang out with and even ride with
you don’t become somebody I didn’t like you don’t become a person I don’t like
until you become that person that I don’t like until you become that jerk
until you’ve done some sort of jerkish stuff and then we don’t have it get down
together at all ride for who you want to ride for if you
wake up in the parking lot and you got freight train next to you and he’s doing
some stuff you can’t stand roll on boy but if that’s your life if that’s your
cup of tea have a drink from it enjoy your motorcycle club your brothers
and your sisters for who and what they are one of the most incredible things I
found was that in the club the brothers could be who they were they
wanted to put their cut on backwards and pose for a picture who and the f4u who
are you to say my show of respect is a show of disrespect in your eyes you
ain’t paying no bills over here my show of pride remember when the football
players were banned from doing a dance in the end zone some of you guys are too
young to remember that you had the good stuff shirts who just thought it was too
showy they just figured you should run your touchdown and walk back to the
huddle and pick up your briefcase and so they were able to get it banned for a
while that you couldn’t do a jig in the endzone because it didn’t meet their
expectation of what a jubilant celebration should be where I come from
when we do something great we do a jig dance slap hands we’re happy we like to
expose our happiness outside to some other person that’s showboating and
unworthy of professional sport ISM tell you what you do bro when I’m doing my
jig in the Internet are what I’m doing my jig in the ends
avert your eyes and then when my jig is done watch me make another touchdown my
desired way of celebration has not a damn thing to do with you it’s only the
rules that me and my club brothers come up with that shouldn’t matter to us not caring about no other clubs in terms
of what I think about them I don’t wake up I’ve seen this too I’ve seen it I’ve
seen it on the Internet guys right hi man that iron order I hate them
they came into the world the wrong way they shit on the beliefs of which I have
I will never respect them don’t don’t don’t respect them they stop
riding one damn motorcycle because of what you think now all the talk I heard about people
what they’re gonna do to them and blah blah blah then bros are ready they’re
ready and they continue to ride so no I have I have no thoughts on that I’m my
thoughts or how do I keep my own folks riding and happy and I got so much stuff
going on in my own psycho Club the last thing I have time for is yours have a good day sir so that’s it
I got 97 of y’all on here in 20 likes you guys do know that when you like my
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dragon national president okay any questions for me before I check out got
the stickers going oh great mama roll you guys I’m gonna
have these stickers man they’re making stickers for me I can’t wait to show
them to you not in church today going to a funeral
I’m sorry pastor Erin I hope that you know you find closure in the funeral I’m
so sorry to hear about July’s mr. Schneider it’s good to see you sir thank
you so much for tuning in and following me for so long so I think that’s it good
it’s hot as hell I’m ready to get off of this track I have a question why isn’t
the National protocols why isn’t there
national protocols for all bikers just for the same reason there’s not really
national product there’s a saying all politics are local and I believe that’s
that’s the truth everywhere you go even though there’s a
national kind of politic or protocol they’re still going to be the way we do
it in Louisiana or the way we do it in Afghanistan or yeah what they what they
do over there in New York is fine but you’re in Jersey now and we do things a
little different over here boy you done found yourself the wrong place to be
we’re down here Ozark Oklahoma we don’t do it like them
Yankees over there so that’s just the way protocol is what’s up core riders MC
Tabora North Carolina thank you guys so much for tuning in all right then let us
know your comments in the description below oh my god guys I got this
incredible amazing news about my kidneys I’ve been out here working out I was at
almost the what’s it called the dialysis level you know when you go on dialysis
you have like a five year life expectancy and I have doubled the
function in my kidneys in about three months
I have doubled the function and I am most excited it’s been you guys know I
was doing my vegetarian thing and eating differently and I’m eating better and
I’m working out walking as best I can so I just want to thank you guys for
hanging with me through all of this thank you for all you do from the Scholz
MC san diego iron sculls wow man I miss San Diego I’ll be in San Diego in
February just a good one black dragon support laws 153 thank you I’m most cool don’t PayPal or anything
like that how do I send you a check post office box nine three one seven nine two
Norcross Georgia three zero zero zero three bunch media group make the check
payable to John E bunch the second if you don’t mind congratulations black dragon you’re
getting healthy I’m trying man I’m trying alright this look at this tries
got me soaking wet man you guys were with me I mean you saw I was working out
I’m walking I’m walking I’m limping and carrying on but I’m still walking I
write my friends thanks for tuning in and absolutely get skinny and air for
Swan I definitely will ride with you guys I’ll be in Northern California very
soon y’all take care am I still a vegan so I failed at that
after three months I almost starved to death two and a half months I almost
start to death but my brother my club brother down in a Florida has taken over
my feeding and my eating he is a vegan for real and I just spent time with him
down in the Pensacola chapter and he has taken over and he’s making my meal plans
and my blood brother who lives in Germany right now is
another vegan and he has taken over as well if you go to my facebook page he is
so critical about everything I post up his name is David bunch and he is a
little asshole so between David and my brother old
school I hope to transition to complete veganism that is my goal so that’s
what’s going on with me alright folks thanks for tuning in and of course get
skinny you

67 Replies to “Wearing Cuts Backwards & What do I Think Of Iron Legacy”

  1. Yo, BD, concerniong all bullying—be alert and aware to what people are doing around you.Quite much threats are empty rantings of wimps likely jealous of you. Unless they're acted on, ignore thjem Like Flavor Flave says, If it don't apply, let it fly. Equally ignore pushy advice of jerks tryiong to push you around so you do things their way. Harriet Seibert PS good look on your weight loss efforts. I'll be joining you in my weight loss efforts as soon as I get over this tummy bug. Harriet Seibert

  2. Good stuff BD!! You are looking good too! So, I think we should see your jig to open the next segment!!! Nice nod to Hollywood, that’s a good cat right there! Keep it up!

  3. Yo, BD—Like you said, If in doubt, check it out. My health and bad reflexes precludes me from driving any motorcycle. What I live for is keeping my eye on situations, and if I see injustice happening, I'll speak out against it. I say live and let live. You may never pass by NBC [nothing but corn, south eastern N C], but if you do and our paths cross [and you're not busy], we can share a meal together at our local Burger King.Remember, this is nbc [nothing but corn rural NC. Harriet Seibert

  4. Good Morning Black Dragon 🐉, Thats great news about your Kidneys. Excellent information about Iron Legacy. Agreed if something doesn’t affect you directly why concern yourself.

  5. Shipmate, It is with great sorrow and pain that I report the passing of my Brother Ken Merriam aka Chrome from his injuries after he was run over by a female drug addict. I am sad and mad at the same time. I will miss him and may he RIP. Senior Chief

  6. I'm looking at this recorded LiveBD and ignoringly following the cowboy/redskins game they have on Fox here in Union City. Sigh

    That's why YT is a good thing. The small guys can have highly specific 'unfiltered' content which beats the broadcast humdrum offerings.

    Good to see ya pounding the pavement. keep it up.

  7. My wife recommends you watch the documentary “Forks over Knives”. Of corse I try to eat as healthy as possible but I’m not a vegan. She’s a nurse and a Brest cancer survivor, like your brother sometimes also a pain in the ass… lol..
    Keep taking care of yourself. You are a very uniquely valuable person.

  8. Absolutely Black Dragon, it is about enjoying life to the full and as Shakespeare said 'Life is but fleeting',every moment is precious. Opinions are like noses, everyone has one! Hope you, Tia and Braveheart have a great Sunday 🙂

  9. Hi John!
    Good to hear that ya health is uprising. Keep on ya work on it and get skinnnnnny!!!! 😉
    Regards from Black Forest /Germany

    P. S. People 'n MCs should focus on themselves, not f-book, instacrap or else. These stuff is just a communication tool. Real life' s out there, not on screen!

  10. Great to see you still walking and talking John!
    I’ve never cared what others thought nor have I ever liked following someone else’s ideas about being a biker. I am who I am and do what I do. If others don’t like it…. screw em

  11. I’m so glad your doing great I had prostate cancer finally got tired of the biopsies and had it removed today is 6 months and I’m still pushing along

  12. "Give what you get."

    Everybody you meet starts out "neutral." Their attitude and demeanor determine what future interactions will be like, because they'll be getting from you the same as what they throw your way.

  13. Definitely glad you're doing better, I live in Augusta GA and look forward to meeting you in person someday. I am the President of the Down South Burners MC Military Chapter DSBMMC, loyal member of DSB Nation; God's Spirit be with you my brother!

  14. Very well written letter, nice to see you being open, honest and very real. I was tiring of the cross-channel yammering, but this is the dude I subbed for.

  15. If you're bullied over the internet, you're a puzzy. We're all grown here and not snow flakes. What are they going to do, reach thru the screen and choke you or trave lacross country? FOH—man dafck up

  16. Black Dragon…glad to see your out and walking . Back in the day, 1960’s…no cell phones, no computers, no brake-down trucks, we didn’t care what anyone thought !!! We road hard, and had tools in the back pocket. We helped each other. When passing another club, we waved with respect ✊ and road on ! Be your own man in your club. Chicago, then…. Arizona ,now… “Ride Tight, Be Safe “ Rico. 😎🌴🌵🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  19. Just started watching and following you recently. Love your channel man! You seem like a real, legit man… I respect that. Id love to get you over to Europe so you can do some videos on clubs and riding in other countries. Let me know when we can go!

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  21. Hey black dragon listening to you and what you’re saying about peoples opinions! here’s my two cents ( if people talk good about you GOOD. when people talk bad about you you’re on their mind and that’s good.) 🕶 get skinny brother.

  22. Just got back from Few'n in Houston. Saw some BSMC Bros there. I'd like to THANK them all for the support.

    Much Love and Respect,
    AR Few Crew

  23. Mr. Black Dragon, what ya all said in your video is straight up. GIVE RESPECT GET RESPECT! It has done me well since 1978 when I started right out of high school. Ya, Hollywood is a great guy

  24. In Hollywood and black dragon I trust💯. Internet keyboard warrior is a troll with nothing going in their life. I’ve called a couple of them out as they commented on my comment, I simply asked where do they live and they had no comment. Btw Decatur Illinois does exist. Congrats on your health.

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