I'm literally so excited. I'm also out of focus. I don't even care. Thats how savages be you know like we don't even care this is a different type of video Im actually gonna put effort into it and thats very different for me Because I'm such an amazing content creator. For this intro I'm just gonna be talking about what this video is gonna be about So if I talk a lot it's because I'm explaining it even though I don't really need to it's pretty self-explanatory But for this video, I'm gonna be doing a challenge video. Challenge What's that thing called? Star thing. Star thing challenge star thing. So this week I'm gonna be wearing makeup every single day I'm gonna be doing a shadow and eyelashes and not only that every day. It's gonna be a different color of the rainbow I'm gonna have to wake up like at six o'clock in the morning every single day this week and It's just gonna be a little little moment. Give me a little moment I'm gonna vlog a little bit at school each day I do my makeup and then I'll do like a little clip of me doing the makeup in my fit like the day efforts So good, like putting like effort into things is good. I Never do that, so it's good for me. No, thanks. I'm good pass Hopefully I don't get like laughed at or made fun of but if I do I'll just record it And I then I can show it to the police and then they will get them and then arrest them For being mean to me I'm talking a little quietly because I think I'm the only one awake. Today I'm gonna be going for a red glitter look. Ima try to talk normally because that's kind of ugly but so I just woke up obviously and it's like six o'clock Okay ima do my makeup now Short little story time so I started doing red glitter and I messed up so much on my eyeshadow and the glitter and it just looked so Gross and I was like can't go to school like thaat, you know I'm just doing like a really really really basic red liner and I felt super bad, but I technically still did eye shadow. Um but It just looked so bad. Also, there's like no actual red eye shadow that I own they're all like pink I'm gonna go eat avocado toast. Just kidding. i don't have avocados. Toast so this is my fit. Also just realized that this lowkey makes my teeth look super yellow Anyways, that's how we're doing, nothing too crazy. Okay, so I'm home now day one okay, I didn't really feel cute today because I didn't really like Wearing red lipstick day one is over and that's all I have to say about that. I will put pictures now My god, she is tired also my stomach just growled, did you hear that? Today is tuesday its orange day I was gonna do orange and yellow But I think I'm gonna do orange. and like forget yellow happened. Not a fan of yellow that much. After my hair dries Like some days there's the cute curly ones Some days there like the Shirley Temple ones. I don't even think Shirley Temples hair looked like that I don't even really know who that is for sure I'm pretty sure her hair was like Not the cutest. at least on me. My scoliosis is like really kicking in right now. So This is the first time my eyeliner has like ever been like pretty identical unless, I literally just can't see. Actually, they're not it's not really identical but it is cuz usually with this eye I do like a completely different way of eyeliner because for some reason I forget and do it when I get to this side also I look so busted. I'm not gonna show you guys the outfit because it's super basic is just like an orange Billie Eilish T-shirt and I got it because I love orange and I love Billie Eilish, so This what my makeup looks like, shes cuuute. Super basic but It's very colorful, which is nice Okay, Hasta luego I have not vloged at all today. I just realized. Okay, so we were in the bath room And Kaya didn't have any toilet paper in her stall so she was gonna get some from mine but she was like you're not giving me enough Let me just like pull myself. So I had like the toilet paper over me and she was like rolling it herself I'll put the video and I don't even think I'm like allowed to recording there. Oh, we're not Anyways vending machines I also have my camera low because I hate this. I'm getting water because i'm dehydrated Actually, I don't think I drank water at all today or yesterday Where is my dollar and she has a dollar? Vending machine Hall This what my makeup looks like today It stayed on pretty well Even cried a couple times today too, and it didn't not budge setting queen am i right ladies. So Orange day Made me feel cute a A lot of people commented on it Yes Okay, bye I almost did not wake up this morning when I was supposed to you well I woke up but then I like turn my my alarm off and then I almost like what I really went back to sleep But then for some reason I woke up right so I was falling asleep Super crazy I've only been doing this for like two days, but neither are the past two days. I've been super like dreading waking up but today was really bad like well Really really really wanna wear a hoodie. This is what my eyes look like um… Its actually pretty cute It's a little like not blended on the outer edges, but the shimmer is so pretty. It's the Kat von d one mmm It's kinda ugly. But …. I dOn'T eVeN cAre No, I You don't need to wear makeup to school I'm taking my makeup off because I'm planning on sleeping for the video Like there when that video plays I can't sleep with makeup on or I'll look stupid. Oh she was cute What if my eyelids stain ( feel you sis) she is so messy Natalie where are you going i Cannot believe my eyelids are green Hey buddies. Oh my god, I don't think I've look this busted in a long time. That's so important I took off my makeup in fourth period which was my last period like the last 30 minutes of class because I Wanted to sleep because I took Advil that made me tired. Yeah, tomorrow's blue I'm excited for blue, but my eyelids are literally gonna stain I My fit is gonna be cute tomorrow I think so, so i'm excited for her ew, eW ew why do I look so bad. I don't think I can look at myself anymore Okay, um tomorrow's Monday. No, no thursday and it's blue super liT Okay, hey guys, it's Thursday it's blue day she is so cute So i woke up late today and I went to sleep really late but i have red bull It's also the sugar-free one and it's disgusting but Yolo am I right? I can't put my camera anywhere because I cleaned up my vanity So I have no junk to put it on I have to make another hole on this belt like now but I need to straighten my hair first I'm gonna get um Hey guys, it's Rachel. I'm at lunch with kaya my best friend. So we're at lunch right now. Oh oh My god introduce yourselves Yeah that was it for Blue day, um tomorrow supposed to be purple I Don't have anything purple though So I'm probably just gonna wear my Ariana Grande no tears up the cry sweatshirt because I've been wanting to wear it and I haven't been able to And I also have an AP test tomorrow. So Oh – study for that, yeah I should do that a little nervous to wake up tomorrow morning that early to do my makeup because I don't want to be that tired But I also have a Red Bull so I will drink that That's ugly, okay Adios Okay, so I don't have mascara on my lower lashline But this is probably my favorite look so far. It's really messy when you zoom in, but obviously it's purple day, and I added a little bit of blue because Purple was really hard to blend out I don't really know why I usually don't do purples but like it just wasn't working So I added blue to make it look better I think and there's like blue liner on my waterline So it's super cute so I don't have a lip liner on I don't have mascara on so I'm about to fix that have an AP test and like Less than an hour I didn't go to school soon, but I'm officially makeup really fast I'm also not wearing a cute fit today because I don't have any purple whatsoever And I also was like, okay, I'm doing makeup today and I'm taking a test. So I'll just dress comfortably because I Want to be really comfortable when I fail it and I don't have any sort of my phone So I might not have luck at school today But yeah, it's so pretty. Like I usually don't like like the things I do like I don't like But this is cute also I think that the Red Bull literally make mean like superhuman Because every single time I drink it and I do makeup my makeup always turns out good yesterday I carpool to and it turned out good. So Basically, that's it. And I'm always gonna drink redbull now and I love our bull so much. It's a good morning I pooped and I did my makeup and I'm ready to fail my test. Um, I studied last night. I I understand most no I Understand some things but those things are probably not gonna be the test about fingers crossed ladies I really hope the I pass but if not, it's okay. Mmm Okay, you have to be in the mushroom to eat and then I go to school Okay, so that was the end of day 5 Red light on my camera. I think that's good. I don't know what it is, but I'm lucky worried lucky worried I just watched infinity war for a second time so lucky. Ah, umm. So yeah, this is purple day into purple day I feel like this was the best eyeshadow day Um my opinion though, not very relevant, but I think it was a pretty good Pretty fun challenge like I'm glad I did it and I really hope that this video turns out good so I didn't really look up to see if anyone else have does before I don't think anyone has but I'm not really gonna look it up either because I Didn't takes inspiration from anyone and if it's the case that someone else said it before me then Olga super insecure and feel less creative so Oh wait, hold on. Oh my gosh urban. Okay. Ah They put my name on a singing spring This is my favorite setting spray also if any of you guys wonder where I make them in school But your look too scared because you're like, oh, I don't want to air a lot because people are gonna say something People literally you're not gonna say a single thing. They don't really care if you really want to wear makeup school I feel like you should go for it because it's super fun And if you feel like like a bad be legs walking in they're always super funny to me how I look an AP class or a piece his Wearing his makeup which by the way, I definitely fail that test. What you sitting there Touching my face like fixing my lash just sitting there family They're like really know very fast that the more I think go out the liver. There's like just no way unless You like switch my text on accident with someone else's but yeah, peace out and wear makeup to school it out hmm so tired Okay. Hi. Oh, my camera is just now dying. Oh my gosh. She's so strong. She lasted just oh, oh wait It's mine


  1. it’s great if you wear eyeshadow to school everyday!! props to you but i don’t and this video was kinda different for me so there’s no need for anyone to be booty tickled because i called it a *challenge*😂 i usually don’t wear eyeshadow to school or colored eyeshadow at all so it was kind of a challenge for ME but ANYWAY BYE

  2. Idk how I came across this video but I'm so glad I did lol you are funny and you're makeup skills are amazing!! Definitely subscribing!

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