Wearing Kids Clothing? $943 Brooks Brothers Haul (Kids Section)

Wearing Kids Clothing? $943 Brooks Brothers Haul (Kids Section)

Gentlemen, my name is Brock. You’re watching The Modest Man and today, we’re shopping in the kids section. I don’t have to tell you that if you’re below average height, it can be pretty tough to find clothes that actually fit and flatter your body type. One solution that you can try is to shop in the kids section, or the young men’s section, or the boys section, or even the women’s department. See if you can find clothes that fit there because obviously younger people and women tend to be smaller than adult men. So, that can be a great solution, it’s kind of hit or miss; and so in this series of videos, I’m going to be trying on clothes from the boys department for a bunch of different popular brands to see if we can find anything that actually fits and it’s worth your money. Real quick just to clear up some of the stigmas about, you know, buying kids clothes or boys clothes. There’s nothing wrong with it, you know fit is the most important aspect of style, your clothes have to fit or you’re just not going to look good; and to be honest, it’s a shame that most big major retailers don’t make clothes for shorter men. They completely ignore us, so you know, do what you have to do, you know, to find clothes that fit. Now, I do realize that it can be a little embarrassing, you know, especially if you, you know, if you have to go into a store and say “Hey! you know, where’s the kids department? Because nothing you make fits me.” You know, that can be a little awkward. So you know, these days you can buy everything online. So, I recommend just shopping online and that way you can just avoid that whole awkward situation. So, today we’re talking about Brooks Brothers. The Brooks Brothers, young men’s department. I’ve heard good things and never actually
tried it by myself. So, I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Brooks Brothers; and by a bunch of stuff, I mean, a bunch of stuff. And in case you’re wondering, this is what about $943 worth of Brooks Brothers boys clothes looks like. It’s pretty heavy but it’s not a huge box. So, I guess they packed it pretty tight and you know, Brooks Brothers is… It’s a higher-end brand, you know, so it’s going to be nice stuff, high quality stuff but it is a more expensive brand. So, let’s open up this box, let’s see what
these clothes look like, let’s see if they actually fit and if there’s anything worth keeping. Return label – that will come in handy. Let’s try this stuff on, see how it fits. All right! First up we have the Melton Peacoat in Navy, it’s a size extra large and as you can see, it’s pretty much too big all around. Sleeves are a little too long, length is good. Definitely too roomy through the body. So, yeah! It really fits more like an adult smaller medium, not going to work out. Next we have the dress shirt, is a non-iron, cotton broad cloth, striped, dress shirt, size 16. So I guess they use different sizing system for their dress shirts and this one’s not bad, this actually… This one fits okay, sleeves are a decent length, a little too roomy through sleeves but looks all right. And then we have the Blazer, on top of it. Two button, Prep Blazer, size 18. I could’ve gone the size 16 here, it’s a little roomy through the torso. We have a tie. This is a navy dot tie, it’s a size of large, which I think is their largest kids size and I believe this one is going to be a little too short. So, yeah, it’s just a little too short for me. I could probably use like a 56-inch tie maybe or a 54-inch tie. This is probably about 4 inches too short. Oh boy! I’ve started drinking, we got the green V-neck sweater. This is a cotton sweater, hunter green, size extra large and like a Peacoat just too big all around. Now, we have the plain front dress trousers in gray, this is size 18 and they’re not terrible, they’re unhemmed, unfinished. So, you know, obviously too long but they expect you to get them hemmed. They’re a little roomy through the leg, you know, it’s kind of a classic look I like more of a slim fit. They definitely fit in the seat though. With the Chino shorts, I don’t know. Are there kids big enough to wear these? I mean these are pretty baggy, way too long. So, I’m going to roll them up a little bit, see how they fit. But even then, they’re just too big. I mean they kind of fit like, maybe a Banana Republic’s small or like a Banana Republic size 30. Yeah! Not for me, I need a slimmer fit. Now, we have the corduroys, so these are the gray size 18 corduroys and they fit basically, like the trousers; too long, a little baggy for my taste. Not terrible but, you know, I prefer a slimmer fit. I’d have to get these probably taken in and tapered and also hemmed a little bit. So, you know, there’s $70, so I’m not going to pay for all those alterations. Yeah! They’re just too big in general. So, it’s not going to work out. And then we have the non-iron, mini check, sports shirt. This is extra large, so it’s a tent, you know, it’s as if I’m wearing a tent. Same deal with the long sleeve polo in
hunter green, size extra large. I should have ordered larges, you know, I ordered according to the size chart. I have a 35 inch chest, it said extra-large would fit me, and obviously, all this stuff is pretty over-sized, so… Yeah! Well, that didn’t really work out. As you could see, most of the stuff was too big and baggy. The only thing that was even close was the dress shirt. Even the tie, you know I had high hopes for the tie but the tie was way too short, which is weird because everything else is way too big. So… Anyway, I hope that helps you figure out whether or not Brooks Brothers kids section might be something you want to try out. If you have a different build that me, may be if you’re a little more built, you know, you could definitely try it out like I said, I’m 5’6”, about 120 pounds. If you like these videos where I shop the kids section, let me know what you want to see next. What brands or what stores I should try out; and if you found this helpful, give me a quick thumbs up and until next time, stay stylish!

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  1. A few years back, I tried this myself and ran into the same problem. I noticed the sizes were either too big or the dimensions were oddly disproportionate.

    Btw, these vids are getting better and better! Look forward to the next one

  2. Why did you buy every piece in XL ? I mean you know that you'r a smaller guy so why dont you try like a Large or medium size ? i know kids section but you've taken a look at kids these days? Some 14 year olds are all right pretty large so obviously companies produce also stuff that fits them ( L / XL )

  3. try h&m, i buy kids clothes there for me all the time ( im a female, and i like some of the mens clothing but in the adult section every thing is way too big for me)

  4. The idea of buying outfits online is great but for smaller men…I would rather recommend Asian brands. They are pretty good for smaller men with less after-purchase maintenance.

  5. Hey guys, I'm about 5-1 and fairly slim/lean but have the most difficult time finding shirts that fit. I have tried Peter Manning but wasn't what I was looking for. Any brand suggestions for regular clothes? Additionally, I'm from the Northern California and would love to find a suit store for me.. any suggestions Brock other than PMNYC? I go for the tight clothes look and keep up with fashion but it's just becoming so difficult. (No budget as long as it fits well)

  6. Thank you for sharing this. My personal experience tells me Brooks Brothers runs big! I'm 6‘1, 80KG, for their adult mens collection, I have to go S or XS. BTW, you have great taste, and your body looks hot. I wish I could slim down so I can have good body proportion like you.

  7. I have a question i'm 5'6" tall and very thin but i'm also 50 years old, what should i wear for a guy that is 50 years old and wants clothes that fit and look age appropriate

  8. +The Modest Man As an east asian man, being 5' 7'', clothes from East Asian companies (Japan, Korea) fit perfectly for shorter and younger trendier men, because the population there is generally shorter. Giordano, Uniqlo are just a few premium high quality but very great priced product lines! What about you give those a go?

  9. I live in India
    My height-5 feet 5.5 inches
    I shop in mens section …. never in boys section
    I never had to face any problem …. even I wear M size from mens section and everything fits me great …. maybe these brands make their sizes according to the countries they are selling their products in ….
    but wait …. few days ago I ordered Jeremy Scott jacket from adidas originals in M size and that fits great …. and Adidas sells maybe same sizes around the world ….
    I am so confused right now ….
    Whats your height btw ??

  10. I'm really enjoying your videos, as a short guy length of dress shirts is also a huge problem, keep up the great work, it will be nice if you do more videos helping shorter guys!! thanks

  11. Just found your channel brother! I love it. Ya really speak to me with your fashion for shorter men.

    I'm 5'6'' and 26 y/o, but my height and baby face make me look 18.

    I'm rooting for ya brother.

  12. what exactly is the average height or sizing that many clothing lines use, because Im 174cm(5'7 1/2 I think)
    and I almost never have a problem finding clothing anywhere, size S's or the occasional M in tops and size 29×30 jeans always fit,
    isnt the average height most retails use like 5'10??

  13. This used to be my problem. I'm 5'5 and I used to weigh just 127 lbs. I had to buy kids sizes and I was 21 years old. Lucky I looked like a 12-year-old then. I blended in pretty well in the kids department. Now I'm 31. The years did me a favour. So did weight lifting. I now weigh 154 lbs with good broad shoulders and chest. I can actually buy men's clothes now. All I need to do is get my pants hemmed and some button-downs shortened a little bit.

  14. I kind of hate being short but not having a short mans body. I have 22 inch shoulders so I can barely fit into Men's Large shirts.

  15. you should come to Europe! Particularly here in Spain, the population isn't as tall as in the US, im 5'7/5'8 and pretty much average size here (maybe just slightly smaller). No sizing issues here really. great videos btw, keep them coming 😉

  16. I'm 5'10 but I have the torso of a guy who's 6'4 and the legs of someone who's 5'5 and also a 34 inch waist with muscular legs. So I've never once in my entire life found any pair of jeans that has ever fit me well…

  17. im 5'4 and 115 lbs and i find Asos (they even make xxxs),topman, zara, riverisland, yesstyle(asian site) to be the perfect fit. Dont be afraid to check the women section

  18. Are there any stores that have specifically sized clothes for smaller people?
    I know there are stores and sections for tall and larger people, but what about the smaller people's?

    Esp for those are really thin (17 BMI)

  19. I'm 5'4 (with shoes) and in boys, I wear size 18 pants but that's because I'm about 15 pounds heavier than you. If I were your size I'd stick to large/Medium shirts, 18 skinny fit pants and 16 regular fit. I would like to know what jeans you are wearing in the vid, those fit so well.

  20. I think its ridiculous thinking that people should fit clothes when its the other way around. Stop trying to look like those models you see on ads and go for what will look great for you. Clothes should work that way and thats what they're made for.

  21. Brock, would it be possible for you to re-make these videos with corrected sizes? I know a lot of the sizes were too big for you but I am wondering how many sizes you have to go down to get the right fit. Thanks for doing these by the way, we are almost the same size so it helps me a lot when looking for clothes!

  22. Why do big retails ignore short/below average height men? I really don't understand it, and quite frankly I think it's despicable!

  23. 5-2, 140 pounds, athletic build, thick legs/bottom heavy. In the past 15 years at my adult height (33 years old), I've probably spent about the same amount of money on clothes trying to find stuff that fits. After years and years of being disappointed and/or settling on brand new clothes that didn't fit right, I decided buying used on ebay was a better option. Way I see it, boys/teen clothes used on ebay aren't that worn out since most boys grow so fast at that age that they outgrow the clothes fairly quickly. After more experimentation without digging as deep into my wallet over the past recent years, here are my picks: American Eagle, J.Crew, Uniqlow, and Express for longsleeve button-front shirts, H&M, AE, and the gap for tees/polos, Levis and AE for jeans and pants, and blazer/suit jacket size is 38S.

  24. I don't understand size small should fit small guys under 5ft9 but they fit average people… what does small mean to people… I'm 5ft6 and small is way to big… but I'm a small guy? Not a midget

  25. I'm 5'8" and 125 lbs. I would recommend Express or Hollister for clothes. Express is great for dress clothes because they have slim fitting dress shirts and pants. Hollister is great for casual attire such as shorts and polo shirts.

  26. i’m 5’5 140 lb and boys xl is usually best for my frame but i think these brook brothers sizes are way bigger than mainstream brands. the look like more of a men’s small or medium. i can’t see kids wearing those. they are too big!

  27. Thanks for doing this video, this is an idea I never really considered before! I'm 5'4 and 160, so I've struggled with fit for years, believing things were always meant to be ill-fitting because of my size.

  28. Brock why don't you hit the weights and pack on some mass. Sure, you may be shorter than average, but it doesn't mean you have to be lanky. Check out alpham for instance…

  29. I like your Styles,cool outfits,please show us more combinations between dressy And casual informal,thanks

  30. These are made for kids who are 5 foot 9 and up hahaha, why don’t tall young teens just shop in adult stores?

  31. As a short, small guy, clothing definitely started fitting better when I began bulking up. After about 20lbs of gain, it became easy to find well-fitted clothing, slim fit, of course.

  32. Oh my, you sounded so defeated by the end 😂 I honestly had the same experience it would fit in some areas, but not proportionally.

  33. im late but bro it aint ur height its ur frame im 5'6 240 and look like a tank mate its just ur scrawny workout and ull be an animal zac efron and tom cruise are 5'7

  34. Might wanna check Japan / South Korean clothing lines. Small to medium will fit to you very well. (I know cuz I have similar build as you :D)

  35. `Great idea. I actually have a couple of things from the Brooks Brothers boys section. One thing to watch out for: a lot of the pockets are undersized which can present issues when trying to us them for things like wallets or phones.

  36. i've recently found out that in discount clothing stores where all the old clothing goes is usually where most of the smaller size things go since they don't get sold much so thats where i head off to tbh i found some pretty nice slim fit stuff that would cost a lot more if i had bought it in the original store.

  37. I'm 5'4" and 120 lbs. I'm a little bit more muscular build than you are. I've shopped at Brooks Brothers Boy's department for decades. I appreciate the higher quality of the clothing and the classic style works for me. I always get a decent fit with size 16. The pants typically need to be shortened. Brooks Brothers must think that 12 year-old boys are all legs. But everything else fits well. I can wear a size 16 sport coat and it doesn't make me look like I'm wearing Boy's clothing. Same thing with the suits. I do agree about the ties being too short. As an alternative, I found a family-owned store in Miami (Heritage House https://www.boyssuits.com) from which I order all of my dress shirts and ties. The casual Boy's clothing from Brook's always looks too young for me, so I stick with their dress clothes.

  38. Man… I actually had this happen to me yesterday, I just went I to a store, tried on a jacket I really liked and it fit perfectly…

    The size read "176/15 yrs old", I'm 27.

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