Wearing Korean Traditional Dress Hanbok & Gyeonbokgung Palace | DTV #15

Wearing Korean Traditional Dress Hanbok & Gyeonbokgung Palace | DTV #15

hi mom getting married today hey just like what you wanted from me I’ll show me I never get married [Music] good afternoon Huey once again this is your season so today we are to know because we’re going to this really cool place called con baño which means good means the box that goes to the colony they read people to rent a Korean traditional Def Con book for a few hours or even a day yes so we’re gonna wear a dress and go to this nearby Korean Palace costume before you used to be the main house during the Korean tools and dynasty so we’re very excited because we haven’t worn on before very long time and also we’re very sad to show you guys how Korean traditional just looks like we lost guy over in yo Kim explore what I mean [Music] and you can put yourself aside to offer more like this one said we’re mindful we’re never going to need this motion we can the top part cartel will be restricted I’m gonna be serving size do you wear like this you’re gonna go first in car yes between more like these concolor myself astonish we already found it online in Jerusalem I saw this girl wearing it this week that one is pretty green like this yeah yeah [Music] you wanna do like same top a different bottle thank you no I think that was good yellow yeah okay you can go it back okay yep I think I’ll shoot you it’s pretty that one’s for me that one for you can you guys think it will be good interesting and further change to the blue one the mint is also much better combination yeah yeah okay so this is their city walls you can see how they work looks like you’re getting corset [Music] you [Music] trace elements and affection to these nice come on I’ll go with orange number with this bed [Music] yeah I mean it just cool is it hot dog a hot rod shop oh you look like you’re inside a movie we’re like this every day yeah how can you pee you know it’s going to be one hell of a challenge to pee with this thing on [Music] a comment if you visit here with a traditional clothing are the inches is hi mom getting married today it’s like what you wanted from me I’ll still be imaginary so there is car be aware cuz there’s a lot of couples here hey girl work it that’s so ladylike [Music] now a lot of these tourists going to ask you guys to take a picture together which we just did so when that happens okay and then take a picture together because you’re basically providing your own country so yeah oh this is only right very practical for two washroom our does everyday look how ladylike she walk you you walk really weird sit guys I really think we should bring the humbles back into fashion because it’s just too beautiful to be not known by many people so we should bring this back into fashion guys over here I’ve ever come to Korea and want to experience wearing this Korean traditional dress handbook make sure check out the young Gonyo it’s really close friend rate on your life five minute walk that five minute walk you have all the imports description but for you guys to mature check it out just wanna throughout this once more before we say goodbye bye bye [Music] to reality to the darkest wing there are so kind enough to give us [Music]

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  1. hope you guys enjoyed this vlog 🐥✨ we had so much fun!!
    psss, going to buy some fabrics this weekend for our 2nd episode of DIY K-POP CLOSET ❤️

  2. I think you should consider bringing the traditional clothes and mixing them with the modern clothes in your way. You can make it a trend.

  3. You guys are freaking pretty with hanbok tho. I can't stop compliment you while i watch the vlog. 💜 you guys! 🐭

  4. Thank you guys a looooot for the info and amazing video!!! Hanbok is a real masterpiece ❤️5 years I lived in Seoul and didn't know about "Fox that goes to palace" place 🙆🏻 next time I'm in Korea I'll run there 😃 hugs from 🇮🇹

  5. This was such a great DTV! They're all great, but it was so cool to see some traditional Korean things, they were all so beautiful! Hanbok are so pretty aaaa and you two looked amazing <33

  6. I had tried on one too with super bold colors when I had visited Seoul! Looked soooo chic! My first thought when wearing it was "I can eat sooooo much and nobody will notice anything mwahahhahahahhahaha!" (Ok, I admit that the corset part was maybe not well adjusted haha!).

    You both looked amazing of course but most of all I LOOOOVE your sense of humor!
    Huge fan of yours 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  7. I can't believe this is the first time someone replied to me. Thank you! 💗💗💗💗💗💗😍😍😘😘

  8. i reallyyyyyy enjoy wantching your vlogssss, and still confuse whos who…? but still really enjoy watching you two😊💖

  9. 너무 예뻐요💕 말씀대로 한복이 생활에 녹아든다면 얼마나 예쁠까요! 영상에서 생활한복 다뤄보셔도 좋을 것 같아요! 오늘도 잘봤습니다😍😍😍

  10. so prettyyyyyyyyy !!! Could you make a tutorial video about it ? Maybe with a modern twist ? It would be awesome !

  11. Could you make a tutorial for a more modern hanbok? Or at least the top part? I would love to wear something like this

  12. So pretty and they do suit you!!! :3 <3
    As you were "exploring" the options I was like "I so wish to try one of these!!!". Seriously, they are amazing and so delicate. There is no way to not like these garments! ^ <3

  13. Your expression when you said "Hey mum, I'm getting married today just like what you wanted from me" is life 😂😂

  14. OMMMMMGG THIS WAS SOOOO PRETTY. Gosh I love the traditional korean clothing! Its stunning, and as a fabric lover I can see how much detail was put into each individual dress and its just such a dreammmm ahhhhhhhh. Its just so damn gorgeous!

  15. I used to hate wearing hanboks when I was younger but now that I see you guys in them, I really want to try one on again LOL they are breathtaking! 😍❤✨

  16. hanboks are so gorgeous!! 😍 i've been in love with them since the first historical kdrama i watched lol
    but thank you for sharing this place with us!! this place is definitely going to be on my bucketlist of places to go to in south korea!!

  17. Your palace is so nice! ^^ QQ true crib haha, but on serious not you looked so beautiful in those hanboks! The colors were so pretty 😍 I have one at home (couldn't afford to by one so together with my mom we made one at home 😀 so it's safe to say that mine is a "hanbok inspired" dress more than hanbok itself but I really love it & I wish I could wear it not only on special events on my Uni :D) can't wait for another DTV >3<

  18. 1년?2년전에는 한국어 자막이 없어 구독 못했었는데 오랜만에 방문했더니 자막이 생겼네요!! 그때 diy 영상 유익하게 봤었는데 지금은 더 재밋는 영상들이 늘어서 무척 반가워요^^ 구독하고 갈게요 자주자주 올려주세요~~!

  19. Wow. I've been watching for ages but never commented before but I had to jump in with how jealous I am of those beautiful outfits! Why don't us British girls have a cool traditional outfit like that? I'd love to look that pretty! Rock it, ladies! Xxx

  20. OMGGGGGGGG this is the first vid I watched, and you are already my fav youtubers 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Qwon was so full of energy in this vlog, I love it! You guys are so cute and really looked beautiful in the traditional clothes.

  22. I've always wanted to wear hanbok, is it comfortable? I really want to give it a try.If only I lived in Korea 😭😭😭😭You girls looked amazingggggg, your hair went so well with the ones you chose, you looked like princesses not even kidding

  23. Hanbok reminds me so much of the norwegian bunad, except the hanbok is a lot more glamorous-looking lol

  24. This summer me and my friends are in Korea and we planned to wear hanbok and watching this has got me sooo excited❤ thanks guys 🤗

  25. u guys are soo freaking adorable, reminds me of strong woman do bong soon…..WAIT! THEY ARE THE TWINS FROM MR AHN AND BONGSOON'S CHILDREN….

  26. I'm trying to find the location but I can't read Koreran and Naver map TwT
    How to get there? Thank you if someone answer. TT

  27. Hey guys, can someone tell me, if they also offer really big hanbok for very tall people? or people who are overweight? i think the skirt looks bad if its not long enough >_< maybe there is a special store that offers stuff for tall/big people? Any help would be highly appreciated! <3

  28. I was doing a DTV marathon and I've only watched this for the 1st time. I missed the chance to rent a hanbok when I went there in Gyeongbokgung Palace, 'cause we actually dont know where to rent 😂 but I got the chance to take a pic with girls on a hanbok

    P.S. You guys are so pretty!! Funny how Qjin is like me saying to my mom that i'm never gonna get married

  29. imma be a weardass bitch and since im missing prom cos im going to korea, imma go on the day of prom and post pics of me in this AHAHAHAHH

  30. you can actually rent the hanboks anywhere and just head out to the palace? or there is a specific place for you to rent them?

  31. FAKE hanbok!! This look like copied Chinese traditional pattern and style.
    True korean traditional dress was white , and show her nipples.

  32. After renting the hanbok at the fox place, do i get free entry to all the 3 palaces? Or just Gyeonbokgung Palace? 🙂

  33. In my opinion, every country should go back wearing traditional clothes! They are so beautiful!

    I’m Polish and I wish to wear the Polish traditional dress but sadly I can’t. A) it’s to expensive and B) I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere with it.

    Ah, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Slavic, etc traditional dresses are so well made and gorgeous…

  34. Hi, I'm going to visit Seoul next month and going to rent a Hanbok from the place you've recommended in this video! Because you guys look super adorable!! :3 Though I was wondering, is the hair-styling done for free?

  35. haha…loved this. You're right: the hanbok is too beautiful not to be brought back into fashion. Too bad Korea is losing so much of its traditions to mindless modern Western culture. Keep on representing Korea. You're both very cute/weird/wonderful. Love your sarcastic comments and incredible (literally) hair 😉 xxx

  36. Waaa so beautifull..
    Btw, Would you please to let me know where is the piano stairs is? What station and exit no? Thank youuu

  37. I would really like to try this, I’m going to Korea this August, but I’m so scared I’ll walk in and they won’t have my size!😱 I’m not from Korea I’m American so you know America and Americans sizing lol

  38. Omgggg Qjin looks so hot with that grey short hair how come I’ve never seen this ,this hair color and style should make a comeback 💕💕

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