29 Replies to “Wearing MAKEUP On A DATE!!!! | Louie's Life”

  1. Girlllll I saw u in a ad of smashbox and I was like omfgggg that’s my bitch over here 😂😂👏👏👏

  2. New subscriber and i love ur personality u have me cracking up.. Im so glad i found ur channel!!

  3. Can someone put me up to date, did he broke up with his bf?. Im lost its been a while since i watch him so im out of touch with the Chismes! jaja. And also why did they broke up?

  4. Te amo louie ❤
    You do makeup, muy bein !!!
    Pieces aser una Fortnite video? Porfa.
    Si dices que si mo fortnite es Dani_exxtra
    Una mas ves te amo 😋

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