Wearing My Wedding Dress in Public for a Day!!

Wearing My Wedding Dress in Public for a Day!!

(royal music) – Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. Today, I just really wanted
to do something silly and fun and a little bit
ridiculous so I’m wearing my wedding dress for the entire day today. So, my one year wedding
anniversary is tomorrow and I wanted to do something really fun to commemorate it and celebrate
it and I feel like as women we spend all this money
on one dress for one day. We only wear it that one time. You put it in a closet. Maybe you preserve it. Maybe you donate it. But you know what, I think
this dress deserves to get some more use than one
day, so yeah, let’s go! (upbeat music) This is a lot of skirt. (laughing) Oh my gosh, this is hot! Alright, so I was gonna
drive and my videographer Ruben who’s filming me for
today was gonna drive his car but this much skirt, as
you guys saw, I think might be a little bit dangerous. I didn’t have full movement
in my arms so I’m gonna take shotgun in Rubens car
and we’ll head to Starbucks to start the day. Literally, I’m already getting
so many stares and we’re not inside Starbucks, so let’s go. (upbeat music) I just caught a glimpse of
myself in the reflection of the Starbucks and
I can’t stop laughing. (laughing) This is the most ridiculous
video idea I’ve ever had. Oh, thank you! I feel really pretty. You look great too. It’s my wedding dress actually. Yeah. Oh thank you. No, a year ago but I just
really like the dress. (royal music) So, it turns out the Barista is a Sierra Schultzzie subscriber! (laughing) She’s like, wait you’re YouTuber. I watch your videos. Is this for a video? I was like, girl you get the sneak peak. You get to see your
Starbucks in the video so that was really cool. (laughing) I just tripped over the train of my dress. Definitely not functional
for everyday wear but I feel like a princess so it’s worth it. (instrumental music) I can’t take myself seriously
but I actually do need to get some groceries, so
let’s go to the food aisle. (instrumental music) (royal music) Oh, thank you. Yeah, this is just to get out the stains in my wedding dress. Probably gonna make a
lot more on this dress considering what we have
planned to go to next. So, yeah, this we’re gonna need. So my one year anniversary
is tomorrow and I feel like people only wear their
wedding dress once so I wanted to wear it again. Thank you! So, I’m gonna wear it all day. Please. (laughing) Thank you. Have a nice day. Thank you. One more thing. Hair ties. I feel like because I’m
not wearing my veil I look more like a princess
than I do like a bride but, I mean, I’m not complaining. I would love to be a princess
every day of my life. Oh my heart. Did you hear what that little girl said? I walked by and she turns to her Mom and she goes she’s pretty. This is the most self
confidence boosting day ever. I should just wear this dress everyday. Like, I feel pretty in it. People tell me I’m pretty. This is great. I love Target. I love my wedding dress. Dang it, I forget my reusable bags. (clicks fingers) (upbeat music) Good, how are you? Oh, thanks. It’s my wedding dress. No, I got married a year ago. Yeah, just wearing it. You know what? I think when that little
boy said Mommy look, a princess, I like peaked in life. I’m literally wearing my
wedding dress in Target for a YouTube video and
being called a princess. It does not get any better than that. So, yeah there were some awkward stares. Confused stares, but the
little kids who were just like all smiley at my wedding
dress, that was my favorite. (singing) Da-da-dada, da-da-dada, I’m
gonna get me some nachos. Oh my gosh, that guy
just went over a curb. (wedding march music) I’m ready to eat. This is great. This was a great idea. Originally, I was thinking
Veggie Grill but I feel like for a wedding dress,
Taco Bell is, you know more appropriate. A little bit fancier. Oh, man! I have a belly full of Taco Bell. I like never eat fast food. If I eat out it’s like
Veggie Grill or maybe a Wendy’s baked potato. So, yeah this is not
something my tummy is used to. I feel a little bit sick
to my stomach, which is perfect because we are
about to go ride go karts. I know, I know. You’re thinking, Sierra,
how are you gonna ride a go kart with all of this? Well, haven’t really
thought about that yet but we will figure it out when we get there. Okay. So, before we head into the
go kart place, I have a hoop skirt on under this and I
think I’m gonna take it off because I’m more likely to
be able to ride the go karts if I have less poof. So, let’s figure out how to get this off. (dance music) Alright, no complications. No problem with the wedding dress. The girl was like, oh that’s super cool. Have fun. So, got my head sock. Should probably take my
little half up-do out and get ready to Princess Peach it up. (dance music) Thanks! Yeah, this old thing, it’s nothing. It’s my every day. It’s a casual day. Yeah, bumming it. Really, I’m the first? Oh yay. Alright, so there’s no
one else here to race in this race so I am doing it solo. Princess Peach is gonna
take first place on this one for sure. (dance music) Am I good to go? Woo-hoo! (dance music) That was so fun. I already love driving go
karts but literally being in a wedding dress and
I was the only racer so I did get first. (dance music) Oh man, that was so fun. Oh my gosh. I expected that they might not let me go because of my dress. Like, I was a little nervous
about that but they could not have been more thrilled. The General Manager
asked to take my picture. The guy who was handing
out the helmets was like, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I think I expected a little bit more, like judgemental and confused stares
and I did get a few of those but mostly what I got is
like smiles and people just like laughing because, I
mean, it’s ridiculous, right? But like, wedding dresses
make everyone happy. I mean, especially me, the
person who’s wearing it but I think they just make
everyone smile a little bit more. They’re so fun and I wish
this was like, in style. That I could just wear a
wedding dress everyday. Except maybe I’d need pockets. But other than that, kinda digging it. So, that I think is where we
are going to end this video. It’s about six o’clock
so I’m gonna go home. I’m gonna change outta my dress. Get in some jammies and enjoy my evening. So, if you wanna see the
rest of my day make sure to go over to my vlog channel. It will be linked in the description. So, thank you for watching and I will see you guys next time. Bye. Or, sorry. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. (upbeat music)

100 Replies to “Wearing My Wedding Dress in Public for a Day!!”

  1. I went to Tops in my wedding dress and everybody stared at me as I waited for my husband. I wonder if they thought I was a runaway bride

  2. I thought this was going to be a ridiculous click bait video but it was actually very pleasant and funny. Her confidence made my day ☺️

  3. I loved when she said "No, a year ago but I just love this dress" like she wears it all the time! I love this girl

  4. I have to agree with this kid at 3:16 you do look like a princess. So gorgeous. 💜💜💜 Lol you are so brave.

  5. Getting married in 3 months and accidentally found this video after telling my Mom and fiance that I want to go to Walmart and McDs in my dress to get the "full use" from my dress lol.. Never thought of just wearing it for a full day just doing random things. I love this so much! Best randomly suggested video that I've actually watched lol

  6. Congrats on making me snort while I laughed watching this. It doesnt happen often and has to be pretty funny. I hate drawing attention to myself so kudos to your bravery

  7. You know I’ve been really nervous about my wedding dress being too fancy for a backyard wedding.. and you’re video just helped my nerves a lot.. thank you !

  8. Idk if the thing in the back is suppose to be there or if it was just accidentally tucked in all day but it was giving me the worst anxiety for some reason lmfao

  9. The chest looks like it doesn't fit at all but it did on your wedding day and you look the same size. Confusing.

  10. I gotta be honest, you were one of those YouTubers that kept popping up in the recommended and I tried so hard to not be a fan (I spend way too much time watching YouTube vids I try not to sub to more people 😂) but I can’t stop clicking on your videos. Your personality is infectious!

  11. When people ask you if you just got married, you should say, no I got married a year ago and I haven't taken it off since

  12. Great idea! Wished I had done that on my one year but that was 25 years ago. Now my dress lays in a box like a coffin preserved and sealed tight. 😂

  13. Sierra you’re so fat! You should start your weight loss journey and make videos. I’m currently doing Keto and snake diet and so far I’ve lost 40 pounds. You’re pretty but you are definitely fat. Please watch Cole Snake Diet, that guy is brutal but super encouraging… he has completely changed my life and taught me that it is my duty to fat shame people!

  14. Such a fun video. I wish I had saved my debutant dress because I would now fit back into it. Just so I could dye and up cycle it into a special occasion dress.

  15. You crazy princess 👸 lol wish I had the guts to do that but mind you I got married in black so I’d be more of a witch 🧙‍♀️ for the day lol xxxx

  16. I know this video is kinda old, but I absolutely loved it, made me so happy! I’m 18 and not planning on getting married right now, but this makes me want to, when I do get married, find a wedding dress I truly love and wear it every year on my wedding anniversary!! Would be a great way to relive the memories and get some use out of the dress 🙂

  17. Seeing a white dress (especially a wedding dress) with a red drink, not even me and 8 months ago, that still makes me anxious

  18. I went to Starbucks after the send off at my wedding and the baristas thought we were coming from prom

  19. I can't even, you going around that track is hilarious! You did look beautiful and like a princess! Love ya!

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