Wearing Online Dollar Store Makeup For A Week

Wearing Online Dollar Store Makeup For A Week

*Intro song* Hello, friends and welcome to another video. This week, I’m going to be wearing a full face of online dollar store makeup. So I’ve heard about this website “Shop Missa”, which is an online makeup store where everything costs one dollar. From primer, to foundation, to eyeliner, it’s all one dollar. Now they say that the reason that their costs are so low is because they have direct relationships with manufacturers. but whenever I see super low cost anything combined with the fact that it’s online, my spidey senses tingle. Now I’ve tried dollar store makeup pretty recently from the Japanese dollar store “Daiso” and I was pleasantly surprised by how much of the stuff ended up looking pretty good. But the lingering question that I had, and many of you had as well, is how well this very low cost makeup would perform over the course of the day, or even, let’s say, a week. So I thought “why not do both?” Try out online dollar store makeup for a week. We’ll see how long it lasts, and also how long my skin lasts. *Voiceover* Alright, let’s start shopping. It looks like it actually might not be “Shop Missa”, it might be “Shop Miss A”. But, I think I like “Shop Missa” better, I’m sorry. Tyler, do the song. *Tyler, offscreen* Shop Missa Yeah, see it wouldn’t work with “Shop Miss A”. *Tyler, offscreen* Shop Miss A *laughs* I’m gonna try and replace everything in my everyday makeup routine, So like complexion, cheek, eye, and lip products. I think let’s start with the face products, so I’m gonna click on face and body and go down to the concealer. Looks like we’ve got a few different things. Clean Color, Santee *Voiceover* Oooh, I remember that brand from Daiso. It looks like this brand, AOA, might be like their in-house brand and they have a lot of different colors of this “Wonder Cover” concealer. Lemme click on this one “classic ivory”. Not to be like Grammar Police, but they did misspell porcelain as “procelain”. So, Shop Missa, just letting you know. Classic ivory look a little bit too pink for me, but beige and light ivory both seem like colors that would work. Let’s open up light ivory, which is the one I want. Interesting! There is a different customer review star even thought it’s like the same product but just in a different color. Someone says “Yellow and too dark” Danielle says it’s great though, I’m gonna go with Danielle on this one and hope that Danielle is right. So I’m gonna add this one to the cart and also add beige to the cart. They are both only $1 and I feel like, you know, getting two will just hopefully ensure that one of them will match. I’m also gonna grab this color corrector in peach for my under eye bags. So let’s grab a foundation too while we’re at it. These look kind of exciting. Looks like anything close to my color is already sold out. So, uh, never mind. How about this thing? Oh, just kidding, those seem to be sold out too. It is available in “medium bisque”, but based on the swatches, I’m not sure that would work. That’s what I was thinking. Clam chowder. So let’s take a look at these ones down here. L.A. Colors Foundation It’s got three and a half stars based on 13 reviews. Ophelia says it’s amazing “heart” But Thalia, Brenda, and Allison do not like it. Let’s just give it a shot. Let’s go with this one, creamy beige, and then I’m also gonna get “natural” as well. On the plus side, these are both in stock. But, then again, on the con side, maybe the things that people like are sold out and this is kind of what’s left behind So why don’t we look for some other face stuff. I would say that loose setting powder is something that’s like pretty vital to my routine because I’m like an oily/combo gal, so I really bake it all down. Wait, is this it? It doesn’t look like they have any loose setting powder at all. Which is sad. How about this thing, “Kleanista Pressed Powder”? I think that people are using this as a literal foundation powder, but, it’s powder, and we need to get something to set it down. So I think we should maybe just go with this. Let’s see about some contour. Interesting, it says that it’s on sale for $1, but originally was listed as $39. I’m not sure I buy that, but I may buy this. 79 reviews and 4 stars–that’s pretty promising actually. Alright, I’m gonna add this to my cart and call that our contour product. I’m also going to pick up a bronzer while I’m at it. Alright, so let’s move on to the eyes. Currently, my liquid eyeliner is like the only product that I’m kind of like “holy grail-ish” about, so we’ll see how this eyeliner stacks up. So I’m looking specifically for a black, matte, liquid eyeliner. It’s hard to tell if this right here is like a brush or just a stick because the liquid eyeliner I used from Daiso ended up looking pretty good, but it did have kind of a sharp stick at the end. Like a quill. I mean, I feel like for this, we just have to pick one and go with it. This one looks as nice as any of them, and it seems to have pretty good reviews especially from Megan. So, Megan, lead me to the light. I’m gonna add this to the cart. And I’m also gonna grab this mascara which Sariah seems to like. She says “It’s average like any other mascara”. That sounds like a winner. So let’s do eye primer next just to help out the eyeliner stay where it’s supposed to be. Looks like they only have one listing for an eye primer. They’ve got 2 options, matte and shiny. I feel like usually I go for matte, so let’s do matte. And it’s sold out. So, never mind. Let’s go for frost then. I guess that’s fine. Alright, so let’s look for some eyebrow pencils that’s usually what I use one of the easier ones, like the beginner ones where you just go “merr, merp”. Looks like we’ve got some gels, some powders, some stencils, and we’ve got a product called the “Santee Eyebrow Sword” That sounds like something I want. So I’m just gonna get black brown and black kind of like mix them together, I feel like that makes sense. The fact that it’s called a sword, *clicks* is honestly enough for me to add that to the cart right now. So I guess actually all we have left right now is lips. So I wanna test out a liquid lipstick. Feel like, you know, $1 lipsticks are a danger zone for me. This looks like a nice color! Yeah, look it’s like a purple-pink nude. Like a little everyday but like a little exciting at the same time. Oh, and people seem to really like this one. Cristina says “very very good” with an extra “o”, so it’s “goood”. So, let’s get this and try it out. Okay, so I think that that is a full face of makeup products. Honestly, from what I’ve seen from the swatches online, and the reviews, I’m excited for some of these products, a couple of them had more mixed reviews, but I feel like we’re gonna find some gems. I’ve got a good feeling about it. Alright, so here are all of my $1 makeup items. These are my own brushes, but the rest of the stuff is my new, everyday makeup routine. For the next week. So, what I usually do to start off is eyebrows, so let’s take my eyebrow swords, which are, sadly, not called eyebrow swords on the actual packaging. On one side we’ve got a spoolie, and on the other side we’ve got the triangular pencil. Alright so I’m gonna dive right in. Spool it up, brush it down and then let’s see how the sword is doing. That looks pretty good. Yeah, I mean it looks maybe like a little bit almost like a mixture of a gel and a pencil. Like it feels really soft. That’s an eyebrow, I think. What do you think? *Tyler, offscreen* I mean you had an eyebrow before, but yeah. To be honest, I can never tell with eyebrows. This is the one that I did in black, and this one’s in black brown. On camera, you can’t really see a difference, so I guess I could go with either. But I do actually think that the black one, in person, kind of matches me a little bit more. But overall, definitely a useable eyebrow pencil. Or sword. I want an eyebrow sword, shield, and jousting stick please. So next I’m going to try the eye primer. It’s one of those thing I feel like I wouldn’t necessarily want my eyelids to be shimmery every single day of my life, but it looks cute. Alright, so now I’m gonna move on to the complexion products. Let’s open this up and just go in the bags. Pack your bags, let’s wake up the face. Okay, that looks about the right color. It’s a little greasy, almost like a Ben Nye stage makeup. But I feel like the coverage is pretty good. I mean the interesting thing is it’s kind of almost getting more orange and like more spread out the more I touch it with my finger. So over the course of the week, I feel like I’m just going to use this one a little sparingly. Alright, so let’s get another concealer going. So this one is light ivory. Let’s see what beige looks like. They look pretty similar to be honest. I think that light ivory is probably gonna be the better match. This feels also like a little bit on the greasy side, but it seems a little less like crazy pigmented. Like I feel like the peach was just like “I’M HERE”. It is not the easiest, easiest to blend out, but it’s definitely workable. Alright, so that’s concealer. So, next I think we’re gonna tackle foundation, which I also have two of. Oh, also I’ve already put primer on. So don’t worry. This is creamy beige. and this one’s natural. I think that creamy beige looks a little bit closer to the concealer color, so I think let’s go with creamy beige for now, but I feel like we can substitute them both in. It smells a lot like Coppertone Sunscreen and I seem to be going through it pretty fast. It does look nice, actually though on the face but, it seems to kind of be pretty watery. But for a dollar, I feel like we can definitely make it work. Alright, so I think that that is gonna conclude my foundation portion. I think that I’m maybe a little bit orangey compared to my double chin, but I think that the concealer is kind of skewing it that way and also the peachy color corrector which kind of migrated across the face. Next I’m gonna set everything down with our pressed powder. I am a little bit shiny right now, so hopefully this will help me. I mean I’m not sure exactly what to say because it seems like fine powder foundation, I’m just worried about it as setting powder. Alright so let’s do contour next. My contour kit looks pretty legit. I feel like from the looks of it, I’ll probably be using this one on the bottom right. Just gonna get some on there Suck in like a fish, and go to town. It’s a little bit red. Maybe I should try this cooler toned color. Ah, yeah I think that one’s gonna be better. So we’re gonna use the one in the middle actually for the rest of the week. Before I blend that in, I’m gonna also add my sun glow shimmer bronzer. Oh that’s kinda nice. Definitely shimmery. And then blend it in with a little bit more of that pressed powder foundation. So we’ve got eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick left. So I’m gonna go in with my eyeliner. It looks a bit like the quill I was describing; It seems to be more of a stick than a brush. It almost feels like rubbery. So it doesn’t feel as sharp as the one I tried from the Daiso video. Okay, let me dip back in. There we go. I would say that from my first impressions, it seems like if I get the product on my eye, like it looks pretty good actually. But if I’m trying to draw with the tip, it’s actually hard to get product off. It’s actually a lot easier to get product off the sides of the tip. So now that I finished off my second eye for eyeliner, I’m just gonna put my mascara on really quick. They say comb for longer lashes, but I don’t really understand how you’re supposed to comb. But first I’m just gonna use the normal brush on my lashes. I think think mascara actually is pretty nice. You know it just seems to be like coating my lashes with some black stuff so that’s always good. Oh that can’t be right. That looks stu-oh! Oooooh. *Tyler, offscreen* That looks like you’re just pushing your eyelid around. *Safiya* Yeah, that’s kind of how it feels. This thing seems to have make a couple of my eyelashes just stick straight up in the air, But I like the mascara. Alright so the last thing that we have to do is lips. Okay, It definitely looks like I’m gonna to be needing to do a couple of coats to like get it to be a full, opaque, lip color. But I do like how it feels. Also, it looks like the butthole coverage is pretty good. And that’s always a priority for me. Alright, so I think with the completion of the lipstick, this is our finished Shop Missa makeup look. I’m gonna be wearing this makeup look all day and then also for the rest of the week. So I’m gonna check back in in a couple of hours. Alright, I’m back. I’ve just been sitting in the other room editing and I think that I have reached some grease levels. I’m Sandra Dee. The biggest issue right off the bat was the powder situation. Everything else seems to be okay though so I think that the problem starts, and probably stops, with the fact that I tried to use that pressed powder foundation as setting powder. I’m getting close to the time where I would usually take my makeup off and I think that I’ve re-powdered my face so many times that like I have just a layer of powder on it. So after that first day, I decided to introduce a true setting powder just to kind of like give everything a shot. Okay, so I’ve been wearing my makeup for a couple of hours already and I think it’s definitely working better with some setting powder on. and I think that everything is seeming to be a little more satin looking rather than straight up wet. Over the course of the week, I actually eliminating the color corrector and the concealer from my routine almost entirely. Just because they seemed to be pretty oil based and didn’t really like to stay on my skin very well. These adjustments definitely helped keep the oil more in check and later in the week, we tested it out a bit with some spicy curry sweats. Okay, so we just finished dinner that was a little spicier than necessary. But, I think overall my makeup is still chilling. I will say, however, my nose is a-runnin’. Besides the liquid complexion products, I did have a couple of products I really liked. The big winner of this week was the eyebrow pencil It’s actually pretty similar to the one I use currently which is this one. I definitely go through the formula a little bit faster because it’s kind of like softer, but in application, they’re pretty similar. And this one’s like 20 times cheaper. So, I’m very pleased with this. A couple of other things I actually really liked included the eyeliner and the lipstick. For the eyeliner, once you get it on your face, it really doesn’t come off or fade. It almost turns into a little layer in itself. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you kind of have to dip the tip into the liquid a few times to really get enough for the whole wing but once you get it on, it’s good. The lipstick was also pretty good. It does dry a little wrinkly, but it’s pretty comfortable, and it seems to be a good dupe for a couple of my favorite lipsticks. In this lighting they don’t seem to be perfect color dupes, also I really messed up that swatch. But they are in that same color family and I would say that this lipstick is not decidedly worst than those. You know it just takes a couple layers and I feel like I’m pretty much good to go for most of the day. I don’t see anything. Smooth. Stain-free. It’s not bullet proof, it does come off a little bit with eating but you can just put it right back on. Just layer it and it’ll be fine. So besides how the makeup was, the other big test for this week was how my skin would do. Most of my skin issues have been while I’m wearing the makeup how much oil I’ve been producing. But in terms of breakouts, I think that we’re doing pretty okay. Maybe I have one pimple kind of over here that’s forming like nothing that’s too bad or catastrophic. Overall, I don’t think I would recommend the complexion products like the concealer or the foundation, that said, I did only try out one type of concealer and one type of foundation, so if you could do a little more trial and error, and maybe hit up the site when things weren’t as sold out as when I bought stuff, you might be able to find something that works. I would say that the contour kit, the bronzer, and the eyeshadow primer were kind of in the middle. Oh, and the mascara. It’s fine. I think it’s mostly just cute. The products that I definitely would recommend, though are the eyebrow pencil, the eyeliner, and the lipstick. All in all, I think I would buy from Shop Missa again. I probably won’t go for anymore face products, but I am interested to see what other lipsticks they have. Because I did see some other colors on their website and this was $1. And it had pretty good butthole coverage. And that’s priceless. Thank you guys so much for watching, if you liked that video, make sure to smash that like button. And if you want to see more videos like this, make sure to smash that subscribe button. A big shout out to Amburly for watching, Thanks for watching Amburly, and I will see you guys next time.

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