25 Replies to “Wearing Our Traditions—Costumes Through the Eyes of Shen Yun Dancers”

  1. the problem with the chinese. they are always into this massive backdrops causing the dancers to almost disappear into the set.

  2. I like the costumes because its diffrent then all the costumes that people wear in their conutries world wide i love the asian clothes ownly also the amirecan clothese its

  3. Hold onto your dream and save your money. I am 75 Years old and will get to see it for the very first time!

  4. Count me in. I don't care hat I'm not Chinese and I don't care that I'm American without dancing experience. I'll just do it. Even if the path of the dancer is difficult. I don't care. It doesn't mean I won't try.

  5. +ShenYunTV Thanks for the behind-the-scenes snippet. One particularly harrowing task in ballet is re-enacting notable battles and duels, where the choreographers need as thorough knowledge of wu shu as the armorers outfitting the dancers against on-stage accidents, and "kills" have to roll off-stage and not trip the still-engaged. Many types of polearms were used by rank and file in these historic battles, including the Guandao (a sword-halberd, ancestor of the Japanese Naginata) and Qinglongji (a spear with a crescent parrying blade). Archers, wielding simple composite bows for stand-off volleys and direct shots, also packed Liuyedao as mélée weapons against the threat of an enemy charge.

  6. 神韵 将启发 中国人的善念和对传统文化的重新认识 我爱你们 爱神韵的所有 愿各位早日回国!重塑中华!

  7. Merci! Les couleurs des costumes sont pures et extraordinairement enchanteresses ! Elles illuminent un chemin vers un ailleurs prometteur 🙂 
    Avec tout mon soutien de France !

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