Wearing Retro Korean School Uniforms (자막)국제커플 옛날 교복을 입고 이화벽화마을에 다녀오다

Wearing Retro Korean School Uniforms (자막)국제커플 옛날 교복을 입고 이화벽화마을에 다녀오다

boy yeah he likes one of my favorite dishes remember suck my favorite pungent today going to rain tonight that’s kind of cloudy today just you know bike riding tonight I wanted to come after work [Music] interesting before we get too old we want to do this maybe we already are – oh yeah this is the heiwa area we were here once before but we went to Noxon Park but today we’re just going to explore like the little side streets mm-hmm macaroon ice cream my legs but stronger for biking I’m already tired and just to clarify I’ve always wanted to say this we every spring and summer season when we start making videos that I’m wearing my you know spring summer wardrobe every time I get comments so like did you lose weight are you losing way did you get thinner no I did not lose weight I’m the exact same it’s just that I was wearing a lot of layers and I wintertime probably last year we came to ducks in part to film it actually very close from Knutson Park but we’re going to be wah Kalpana there I really wanted to try this 60s 70s Korean uniforms yeah this area is kind of for students right it’s around universities and they have these cool like little retro streets and stuff and there’s this one place where I’ve been seeing it I’ve been seeing more and more people doing it all right you can rent these retro school uniforms look at 60s and 70s and just like walk around and have a good time I’ve seen like groups of guys where I like the all-black like button ones and stuff yeah probably gonna be wearing this uniform that my dad used to wear ah so I never thought that I will wear one I’ve never worn a school uniform my life so this is my first experience Canada unless you go to like usually only private schools or like Catholic schools or something so enough right let’s go let’s write oh there’s the place there’s a place you see the mannequins red uniforms oh it’s cool I hope it fits me I’m pretty tall [Music] let’s get a full-body shot here Oh looks good this is what my dad used to wear I’ve seen pictures of your dad wearing that yeah the map oh yeah hey yeah you look nice too it’s super comfortable actually it’s like very loose haha it’s cool so short free I know in the pictures of everybody else it was like down here what hey Sarah like you shouldn’t it you should change your name to like sittin face would ya what kind of 60s next some sounds like sixties name look how low the ceilings are oh my gosh you look great those buttons well I’m glad we came now cuz it would have been really long that’s exactly why there’s no way we could do this like even in a couple weeks it’s probably gonna beat baseball pains are really cute though mm-hmm I like that little chalkboard look [Applause] I really wish I could have worn like a uniform like this it’s cool it’s like really comfortable and even fair yeah you don’t have to worry about what to wear that’s exactly what high schools you are stressful always like self-conscious of my body anyway but if everyone has to wear the same thing that doesn’t matter my wings to off yeah your whole piece is on your butt I guess we’re not the only ones who are wearing uniforms wearing hey we’re the good folks okay this is actually more fun than I would be it’s so you because it’s like all black so it would have been perfect anyway [Music] those vegetable traps [Music] I’m old hilarious that’s coal here though this neighborhood is really nice it’s very I really feel like we went back in time to like the nineteen sixties or seventies it’s really hot yeah and it’s black right I were I got the short sleeve what’s on okay I mean they have different options – yeah three different types of uniforms yeah but I won’t always wanted to try this long sleeves classic right yeah for the girls too they had you know the long sleeve one the same color and then they just had like the white blouse and with the scarf eyes and they have a red skirt and a white scarf you can choose and they have about a million different sizes so you can like try on each one and if it doesn’t fit you right you could try another one and it’s eight dollars or eight thousand law for two hours yes and ten dollars for the whole day yes that stands on Tower yeah you guys are look-alike yeah they’re funny that [Music] with every light breeze I feel nervous this is not as long as it’s supposed to be this place is actually residential area this is I mean became a touristy place but again like I’m sure not everyone will be probably happy and tourists coming here and being loud right that’s why we’re just kind of sticking with this mm-hmm area with the shops and you know the I mean it’s good to enjoy like this and walking around and looking and taking pictures but be mindful not to speak too loud right yes just be respectable yes some of these neighborhoods mmm all right get some ice cream oh yeah time for ice cream oh wait oh student q ho eating ice cream after class I can picture this is exactly the way you were – ha ha you know what I realize is that this close is just so Sara know my favorite part about this whole getup is look at this zipper ha I wish all my clothes I could just put my arms in and zip I would make my life so much easier hmm [Music] [Applause] Oh suits you – hey you kind of look like captain oh really yeah with my sailor yeah we have to give these up soon so when back home I said I want to wear that we actually asked we’re talking to the man who owns the place started in and he started at two years ago and it just really blew up but he said he wanted to create like that oh yeah like a experience for all ages students go there and they can experience kind of what their parents did when they went to school right huh and he said he even mention I heard him just like you know you know how like young vogue area has like you know people were humble mm-hmm and I wanted people to experience you know this kind of old-school culture in this area that’s such a unique idea though that’s really cool he’s really nice I don’t know what a cat booster is but I wanna see [Music] no matter that’s hot or cold his favorite gotcha [Music] hi gentlemen pause I took the suitcase out to pack away my winter sweaters in and I have not been able to move it for a week because he’s been sleeping on it all the time [Music]

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  1. Thank you for the views of these narrow winding streets filled with vibrant artwork. You both are pleasantly addictive!

  2. Such a beautiful video as always~ You guys look adorable in those uniforms, so pretty~♡♡ 💖✌

  3. I think you two look stunning and cute in those uniforms. In Germany, or at least the area in Germany where I live, we don't really have school uniforms. But I wouldn't mind to wear such a cute uniform at all. ^^ and I actually have a school uniform in my closet but I think it's a Japanese one 😀 I bought that one for a convention or something. Hope you have a nice week. 🙂

  4. man kyuho i have to teach you how to talk to women especially someone you love never say to your wife you look like a camel i know that wasnot your intent also when a women wear a hat say honey you look adorable not you look like a captain hahahahah ,sarah please excuse my korean brother we might not know how to express ourself but we have good heart 😊

  5. Thats a good idea with the school outfits. I'll have to try it the next time I'm out there. But if it is anything like clothes shopping for a large American like me, nothing will fit.

  6. 월요병 걸렸는데 영상 보고 힐링했어요 ㅠㅠ 저도 이화벽화마을 가볼래요! 두 분 다 옛 교복 진짜 잘 어울리세요 👍

  7. 10만구독자 카운터를 동영상볼때마다 했었는데 늦었지만 축하합니다.매번볼때마다 세라씨의 한국적인?아름다움에 놀랍니다. 한복에교복. 더욱좋은 영상으로 발전하시길 기원할게요

  8. You both look so adorable in your uniforms, and no worries about the 2nd part of dark circle surgery. We're just glad it well. : )

  9. Sarah have you ever considered modeling? I think you look good in everything you wear! I know in Japan they love models who are foreigners for some reason, is it same in Korea?

  10. It's comfy,but not able to do laundry at home.
    You have to bring it in to the laundry service every season and that means it slightly stinks at the end of the semester.

  11. 교복 마네킹ㅋㅋㅋ 밤에 보면 너무 무서울 것 같아요ㅎㅎ비모 자다가 꿈꿨나봐요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  12. 교복 투어 끝날때 세라언니의 아쉬움이 화면밖을 뚫고나올기세네요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    넘 귀여우심..
    교복 정말 잘 어울리세요:)♡♡♡

  13. How much was it to rent the costume and where is it? I would like to try it when me and my bf be going to South Korea soon

  14. 올만임돠~~~오~교복이 너무 잘어울리내요 ~세라님^^ 한복도 잘 어울리던대 ~이화벽화 마을이 어디 인가요?

  15. 어라~!! 새라씨가 세일러복 입고 난간에 기대 서서 남산 쪽을 바라보는 바로 그 곳, 어릴 때 제가 잠시 살던 동네네요. 이럴수가~^^ 재작년에 낙산공원에 간 적 있지만, 거기까진 못 가봐서~여전히 크게 변한 건 없는 것 같군요. 추억이 새록새록!  규호씨에게도 교복이 잘 어울리지만 새라씨에게도 세일러복이 거의 맞춤형 옷인 듯~ 정말 예쁘게 잘 어울립니다. 규호씨는 하복을 입었으면 시원했겠지만, 하복은 모양이 좀 안 나서^^

  16. You guys look great in those clothes! And lmao "We are NOT putting that in!" "We are DEFINITELY putting that in!"

  17. 안녕하세요 처음으로 영상 볼러왔습니다 감상후 구독 눌렀습니다 새라님 교복 잘얼울리네요 ㅎㅎ다음에 꼭 볼러오겠습니다 보니까 남성분도 교복 멋지셔요 ㅎㅎ

  18. I wish America had uniforms like this I have to wear ugly polo shirts and khakis but I get around it by wearing a button down shirt and like black or khaki skinny jeans

  19. Great video! You guys both looked great in the old school uniforms. It reminded me of all the anime I watched when I was younger 🙂

  20. 낙타표정 세라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무 귀여워요. 빼지않고 넣어주셔서 감사합니다ㅋㅋㅋ
    엄마, 아빠와 함께 옛날 교복 입어보는 경험 특별할 것 같아요. 기회되면 가보고 싶네요~

  21. omg please post more of these. I came to Korea a week ago after 3.5 years and everything is so brand new. your videos help so much!

  22. Ohh I was just there a few weeks ago and this is such a revelation! Haha because I was being a creep while capturing some people wearing those uniforms on camera, but now I finally know where they came from! I should've know earlier and rented one too ;o btw your video's are really really aesthetically pleasing!

  23. 세라복(sailor's uniform)은 수병의 제복에서 처음 남녀 아동용으로 만들어 진 것은 영국이었는데 일본에서 그걸 교복으로 만들었고 일제강점기의 영향으로 1980년대 초까지 한국 여학생들의 교복이었죠.. 지금 다시 교복을 입는데 세라복이 일본식이라고 기피하는 듯한데.. 원래 영국의 것이고 세라복도 교복으로 많이 채택되면 좋겠습니다.

  24. 세라님은 한국어는 배울계획은 없으신건가요? 한국에서 사실동안 은 불편하지 않으실까해서요 시댁과의소통도 그렇고 영상에서 한국말을 시도하는 장면을 한번도 못봐서 조금 아쉽네요

  25. Who else was thinking about the movie My Sassy Girl throughout this video? There's a funny scene in the movie where the two characters dress up as high school students and go to bars, smoke and drink.

  26. 이 영상보니까 동갑내기 과외하기/. 말죽거리잔혹사 영화가 생각하네요 ㅎㅎ 꼭 같이 보길 바랍니다

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  28. sarah i LOVE your outfits! especially in the summer 🙂 they're so simple and pretty and suit you so well!

  29. 아무 생각들이 없네… (난 20년 가까이 고뇌하는 문제의식이지만)
    국제결혼은 한국뿐 아니고 모든 나라들이 해선 안될
    자연질서를 거스러는 짓이쟎아…
    호랑이와 사자를 인위적으로 교배시켜 탄생한
    라이거를 봐라, 그것이 자연질서를 거스러는 짓이란걸 알수있는 점은
    라이거는 생식능력이 없다는 점이야. 신이 만든 각각의 종이 있는데,
    그 고유의 종이 사라지면 자연생태계는 개판이
    될것이란건 초딩도 알수있는 사실.

    개가 각각의 고유 품종이 있고 어떤 고유품종의 특징을 좋아해서
    사람들이 그품종의 개를 선택해서 개를 키우는건데
    개가 전부 다 같이 잡종견이라고 생각해봐라… 얼마나 끔찍하겠냐…

    짐승도 그런데 문화와 감정과 수많은 정신적 유산들을 가지고있는 인간,
    그 민족들이 각기 가진 고유의 정체성, 고유의 문화가 미국, 브라질처럼
    모든 혼혈인들로 인해 사라진다면 얼마나 끔찍한 재앙이고 지옥이겠냐고…

  30. 예전 생각나네요 ㅎ 유니폼이 4개나 되었어요 한학기에 ㅎ :지금 규호가 입고있는 교복하고 그외 체육복,교련복,실습복 ㅋㅋ
    아버지 세대랑 비슷하겠네요 저보다 형님뻘될지 모르겠어요 60년대에 태어낫거든요 잘보고 가요 행복 계속 이어가시길 ㅎ

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