44 Replies to “Wearing The Ugliest Jeans In The World For A Week”

  1. HELLO LOVES! ah, what a night! what do you think of these "meme jeans" IRL? i thought they weren't that bad! but they were pretty sticky… (and i wish they had a bit of a longer inseam).

  2. guys i bought these cause i thought they were so cool and unique and it’s fking hard for me emotionally to drop that much cash but i said screw it. 2 days later i saw articles everywhere about how much ppl hated them. fast forward today i still love them but never had the guts to wear them because of all the internet hate. should i just turn them into shorts or not give a shit???

  3. im so desensitised to clothes because of you, so i dont think these jeans are bad jesus christ help

  4. There's an 80s movie about a jeans company that replaces back pockets with clear plastic. It's called So Fine. Gloriously cheesy in that amazing 80s way. These jeans brought that movie to mind.

  5. Okay here's a thing, even if you the ugliest makeup, you always you put it off. Idk why… Idk why life's unfair HAHAHAHAHA…. :–(((

  6. School dress codes be like: the shoulder isn’t inappropriate let’s make knees in appropriate

  7. I know I'm hella late but I think she should have tried a dry spray deodorant would have helped with the sticking because it's clear without any residue.

  8. Been watching old videos and they're all great, really enjoying them, but Crusty is still always the absolute star of the show. What a grizzled beauty.

  9. I genuinely think those jeans are cute. Idk why people consider it to be weird and disgusting??

  10. You should do a video where you wear all your bad makeup science and all of your ugliest clothes for one day

  11. The jeans are not UGLY….

    I really really love then… They look cute…. I wish i could buy then BUT I'm too younge. Like im 11 years old. Dont get me wrong but im from Romania and in Romania if you are 11 years old you are at 5th grade.
    Like if you are from Romania
    👇 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  12. I literally love these jeans so much like fr they're the best. I honestly don't see how they're ugly

  13. man, if not for the clear plastic i would've already seen these pants several times
    i know these specific girls that always wear jeans and i've seen them in knees-out jeans and also demon pants that look like the wish ones but denim edition

  14. I think they look good only because I like mom jeans, and they just look like mom jeans with rips. Even though it's not

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